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ï~~-M m -1 m of iceiver n Proposes to Gut. Schedule on Rodman Street-Others Will Operate as at Present. LONDON, Dec. 18.-The American battleship squadr attached to the British Grand fleet displayed 'a spirit. of comradeship throughout its period of service, declared AdIhr Sir David Beatty, the commander-in-chief of the Grand fleet a farewell address on board the U. S. S. New York, on Dec.the day the squadron was detached from the Grand fleet. A hands were mustered on the forecastle to hear him. rhe hearing on the petition of the After thanking the American officers and men for the co-operation, he receiver of the Bay State Street Rail- adkdnht t coe h~ ceiver of the Bay State Street Rmarked that both the British and the iN r BAN U ay company to discontinue certain Americans were disappointed at nitot U IL. was yesterday postponed to Dac. having been able to inmeet the Germanr L) by order of Judge Morton In t's e flect. He declared that the day thePLA CESBA N Grman fleet surrendered was a "pitnited Stes Disct ort. ful day to see.' He said he haddalvays llsbury, the Aattorney for the rc- had misgivings that the Germans iver, told the court that the receiver-- would never come out for a finish flgst )w proposed to operate certain lines and these misgivings had beenSEMBLIES the routes which he had asked leav strengthened b the coming of the discontinue, the receiver desiring to American squadron. Admiral Beattys ake a trial under the new schedule apt-ech follows: fares proposed by the Public Servie "I could not let the sixth battle Bard o Health Deems t Inad,mmission. Â~ squadron go without coming on boardB The result so far as concerns FPall 'the New York and saying something of iver is that the receiver does not now t.hat Ifeel at this moment of your It- visable That They Be Hleld in tend to discontinue any line, but is p.rture. I had Intended to ask Admiral operate them all. With reference to Rodman to permit me to say somele line, however, the Rodman str'et I thing to the representatives of all the Schools, Because of Preyv-e, he proposes to operate only during slips of the sixth battle squadron on ish hours. board his flagship, but the exigencies The receiver also conceded that the cf the service have not permitted it. alence of Influenza. rovidence and Fall River line need TIl-erefore,as Admiral Rodman has said, it be discontinued, as the local co:i- what I say to you I hope you will vrotions in regard to receipts from n ulgate to your comrades in the otier r-ilght take the line out of the clss s ilps) aind also to your comrades of the Owing to the possibilities of infehich was not paying the so-called Atlantic fleet.ina os ea osi lie ot npu lerating expenses. Counsel for tn,. "'What I say. I hope you will unde:'- tion and spread of influenza, the pub. ty is arranging to take up with the stand comnes front the heart, not only 1e schools will not be allowed to hold unsel for the receiver, the matter of try heart, but the hearts of your corn- any assembly exercises Friday of this new schedule on the Rodman stre,-, rades of theGFand flel. I want flr:3t week when the schools will close for ute, in order to ascertain if a <' all to thank you, Admiral ltodm: e, w redule can be obtalned acceptable to and te captains and oficers and.the Christmas and New Year's holie people who use that line. At.n ip's companies. of this nianugniiu:-at bys. This was decided upon at a 'aring. the city of Fall R1iver was,'ep- squadron for the wivondlor!ul co-opera- mietiig of the Board of Health, held sented by Charles R. Cummings, E sq., tion and loyalty you hav given nr Tuesdlay afternoon.. Swansea & Seekonk Railway cor- and admirals and assistance you While the meeting was in session,;t tny by Israel Brayton, Esq.; Som'r- h ve given ns in every duty you havet.inciipal of one of the schools calld L by Fernald L. Hanson. Esq., aurd lad to undertake. The support whi h up, Agent Morriss on the telephone and ansea, by L. E'. Wood. Esq. yiou have shown is that of ttue( com- ianiled to know if there would be e.ny The hearing on the petition of flie rideship and in time of stress that is oliectiulon to the holding of closing exceiver for the discontinuance of the worth a very great deal. Orcises of the whole school in the asecial school lickets for school chtl- German Surrender Disappointing. smbly hall. The agent reported this 'en, which was aesigued for todav n L to the meeting and also stated that he ston hasV ws9 lasged feo tayity, "I kpow quite well that you, as v-3ll had been given to understand that t ha.. 7ortn -alemg sad lthat tieC ey durt Britishl comrades. were bitterld.; sich assemblies wertobe hold in other at er stould await the de terminapa hdisappointed at not being able to give.chools. It was deemed Inadvisable to the redeiver's eteifn 0r a lPno eeffect to that efficiency you have so al:ow such a thing to go on at this scortinue the oper ation of tte rout well malntrainod. tt was a-most di-- time, owing to the increased number of tines ot the Vaunton division which al13ointing day. It was a pitiful dlay I-tiuenza cases which are being reported is proposed to discontinue are. to see those great ships coming in like firott day to day. The attention of tkevtile-Newv Bedford, Bay street sheep being herded by dogs to thetr.Spt. Pelisle was called to the maILr tunton, City square--Oakt str".,t, l'(.i without an effort on anVbody's a nd h,. agreed to notify all school prinunton, City hall-Winthrop stret art. t it was a day everbody ould Ial.s not to hold such assembly exeru Cnton. yBr dgewater-t ao ywair,' -Ii roidof. ossng. ideatera a lt at always had certain nigivingA. e members of thte Health board 01d Wt \v 1 tll ills ixth 1b;ttlle S(Il t(lt 1 1! tencd to a very len~gthy report. lma~le MAYOR KAY INTERESTED bcan part of the Grantl fleet, thi<-e b l. Thomas 1. Maloney on his reMAYsgiKiYiy woe,' lotibly.irtigthen-A. -nt visit to Cthicago, where he was it Mayor Kay said today that-the sitga- 'tnt I knew thin they wouli throw p Llttinditce at meutittgs of the [nl,-,stloi made by Judge Morton that e, litn...\pp:1re., the s ixth tat.,tioal Association of Dairy and Milk e city aid the street railwa%, co n- tle sqinairon wasi tl e straw that l:isl)pectors and also at meetings of the iny in the matter of continuitg set-- bro It he caniel's Public iealth association. ce on some of the local lines was 'How,"vr. (tie iisaptoillttentit ilat [,Ills against the department in ftorthy of deep consideration and hi tle (rand t.t.-tas unable to strik Nor of the Board of Hospital Trusteas dicatted that l;e would take thiSttheir blow fir thl freedom tf the for treatment o'f piatients at the lay atter up in the very near future vorld. is ',OunteracteId )y the- fact that I sew hospital to the amount of $7500 ith a. view to making some financial it was Iiir pre.stige alone that Tl;proximnately, were approved, 'tnd -rang-mentc wberekv It Noult t)e Itroug-ht aboit this acihievement. 1,:lls of $2500 for various services ren- - )ssgble to keep the streets ears rut- "IDuring thi( last 12 mnonths yout dered to the department in on at lines - hav'e bel witlt us we llave learnod to with the recent epidemic of influenza know ea-ih othr v ry well. We hav, -ere also approved. JoIa net to r lpet eatih other. I want nYS i ito to take back amessage to the At- 26 INFLUENZA CASES ilntic fleet that you have left a vety arm place in tie harts cf the (Iran ARE REPORTED TODAY fleet which c-annot be tilleil until you ARE REPORTED TODAY come back oi send another squadron For the 24-hour period ending at to represent you. You have given us noon today, the Board of Health reBO-N AR sample of the Atlntic fleet which, 1 ports 26 cases of and no deaths from think, the Atlantic fleet, efficient as it influenza. BA Is, will find it very hard to reproduce. Asks to be Remembered. flflll I uniderstand that you are now go- flhIifl leave. There Is a duty to perform in LOSS $40 0 nu t orlad witee ustoge TORONTO~ OUICE bringing your President to these T R N O P LC waters and then you will return to your own shores. And I hope that in iiii iii BOSTON, Dec. 18.-The Boston the sunshine, which, Admiral Rodman "EIII ea tells me, always shines there, you will 0., wts destroyed by flr early to- Northsea. r i my, The loss is estimated at $400,000, "This is a queer place, as you have - III N I i I he. fire is believed to have started found, but you are not the first to find n '\m lirhted clrarette" thar -s em',ie,,,. "... -...... -.rica the BeaUift r. 4daps addre, ey re.cited 'Thret QuI$ ey re de're Butterfly,".Most 1 salg "Rule - as a- decidedly fitr ises saluted the rica," Th'are w e throughou t t ring the past few Wg was in, prog the world was: That meant lit fo, moneSisnd,- -Ii Bonds; It meant Le coal, wool, su oUr Allie's;, and o d to carry on. they hid uidei

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