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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~- W: aet~ ehtr w.ot Rx,1thtuI ty aii V ~ IM14 I lolitf and1 r~t "Sy~ IV ~j r~~~~~tat.~~I, 14 bM see r W~QI tiiiii~l tar ~ i~ ra niwa ecet 'it'" tinyte lOea orle avsal a u WftWV.o Wl piesypeaali omtt Pof bkl lon toila Ilii gln oilt- Iiane for rvnneling 110tr, alit1 lterY 010y 'Wair a4 oblog thate do** sa dw, h " 416t lettl repaatin cnsflitt~g f hezof hinhair-wh~i a i% mign or poor under the 1010o or An thve lolti. ROint 4.0 n wl#vle a ot~ thklp po erix raffin ew abase, ombind with, bealth Ve the eleoilnu powdor de- ter to,Oily hkin, "ayhirno at, n ftedv 0"rbe VViot to-iis 0e ak * bn got It s4traight, tha4toma' it i ~uiub. 'E~rtltt lt~ilS n ribrt 0t1rlvr-a afawr th okrt yIlw skate who hkd" etten a sub91tu401e1 atre It isof it, ruddy bironi -color and lIrt C.IItylin l lriot abaovg- lng o a fn isR &Cefiit f l4as- as a droitnig Wi zttribenr rfo ttil.t girl '. naqe rk; Itul RLader-Wet the tarti wt hitIoeettr, t ove otd rda white lea~d;may be elastic 4ind 'forms a tough, Prote"- thlle If% lk ilit titown andit lmp iot gsr4)W watimr, thon taka a littie ot the cleaieng nto thtere., and o deotrdpa theItor toa brnttsurac. ~ilinotll Ctal i Ottf YOiU tied to wder In the hands ant riub onto 0%" he ~tI h itr ray t th~w~ib-' Il ar."ed'inL a' ~qlod codit, n.a )lair tonic ainco yon are gott Ili gr klin in plaro of soap. Itinee oir thior- Nl luo14Ithewnr to pred tese su- i apiedin tnlte coditonPremlaturly- 10o at wer alove A94011 or ''_cteeoth:with a -brush -or a&tomizer --and -isn ougbiy- -wih _hot- witter. -pantis harev th.tonteken Ph-a - s1 iiy, aft aaa 'fois ettt l h srace with, ab- a Painless- dressiptg even ot urnZo bormilk Is not 14ltev. Nue aai-Tryh ii~aatpo fliogr thing" don't meter; C sectirel apled res'h bu. leg. Yott should, wieht 117, daro a r laketee tOe4nrilni ow tath rae tanny ww e SbIstr _may, beL Healing under. this -dressing 111nt Tini-Thq local. liod Crotte Will above, 'Tom It.nimhie corwtatir eaeIrt h' rough unctues buttak66 place quickly,. without' con- giveyoualteltr~ln o an w al;pwtrt;i i not~ be'broke If' tractures,and Witb, soft scars'. iholit sendtnq sift* to in in acryI4c- wo-viJ nmsal, onn part, rhit~ luw -%ry good o~g rtys~f n estea 115Smus no -b - r inSoltna andBeierwhoe o pa- bokx la in ce or Lnewpaper for blalkhadn4 Moe sintetwlittto1 will driftadrttn a frsouentian taan isesithr w orhctlt atrI orllOieoil '~e it Weiny g~ it rience the treatment ofinsL know thre Is not eough ifagrt5Amn eli ift ri rnti treil stland jyI eey m conqecetion. * to~e wr of *011 fo ua in fit ilih 3sniness; and -healing iron 'furnaces hsbe very ex- J. A-Anty drug store,carries cocoa sk~n. but only the hi-amt quality otet t be lfrpae sa h or toe" wttt be taklein In tensive, f ound- the aL'Iato A of4 bOtt Itl odttat~ i.;Tr sedIta asritltetylgae W-for the process Is ordinairy- mete parfnJsa- hcllgeecte b.h~.tog._____ udg ~ i' Ill be held talae'o nfladwl rtr ittn ~ nulanthy a dt -under uspices of:h Pl don sonato yid able. to copee y bit tp amily residence. at JA 1"~~ th e irmediate family and, the offI County Bar agaboeit-n. - spray~ng the bur~ed surface w ltt~Liuddav af ternoon. cr fCptlldg.F-adA ~teusve srringliqud vasline covringt with i Beciuse of the: present epidemic I ~wowl aecageo o xcl i services will be attended Only by ceremony-..wa ~ini enwe hygyi msigrtigMay fiM- of-Absorbent. cotton and then Tte ail esoxt that no Itlt e-atlaet svr-Ie bun. pitn ihaca fmltdor oea esn.Thn~a a0 pout~ way ofa!yn h~0 ~ultit g fom tb ac- ffilt I i ublc mniorial f--rvir 17 r e ~~ hev hin a f ta alkales lke bsmuth Keon metod -of treatIngf ey- ~ TE -~r~Pen s o soa, r halw eav burnst consists nfrtgv I. T I-______ as lug1Ptr: 6 i -a: hypodermdic -of' 'moph, SFT E ATERS' I 'I l-l T H lied as por~ptly te hypodermic of malt aolution1 LI aIuD ' ID L SNGHS'A C a lie_.bli cd7 a a L a ho retal nem of the Bere NN A r R- m TT ERE VXIERP I T~~~Itl ed,~ ~~~~V plseigtdwth application of- heat to the1 h ece..ii~J~LII* e.or flour--or whie of feet.-rl h If Dr. James Pendergratss, the ~ay b tise.. -in hlt~ an hon ount tedicitteless physician of "ACure ode l ~a: ~ tohlpWowshil~tep~ae i a enproducedino reatting weli, he Is to be for. Cut-abbes. does, not su I Reu k snu up tyhe c oapmwhd fromhoA 1EA1U:vindegar or some placed in a hot bath of sal soht- Ah Man irom 1om Int1,aA' shol be11 U-used1a. tion or' boric 'acid 1 solutio U without rections of,those who have long t\~~ ihamnao remvin hi clthig, een loyal to the latter- he- will at 1 0r -okt whil, o a,, Wentt ofdmI i-~ mus ~ e~eeW Haf4n- hour later- he I s toen any rate f ind an equal place. p ow k -- ~t et th-ug a look o fewday aferburs plaedi a room,at.1 degee -i Hodge brings to his lat- 1 0 a~0i %A CIeteLn h aeo tesl h eyd ease the dAi- Fahrenheit.L his clothing- removed est ahaacerlatot the sante lihtI e ar anopetentp to and such dressings applied as mnay touch that made him fauou Ihe I die-. be demdsialsame homely elm plioity that hee Prvt ooh roe oI Jae Te to his watchfis ad h usually atense and a-pproaches boorisness, the drawl, I zilb peho ik htay e dildnt say wr.Te hyg ~dwih cean wte Cit av n eiargentant In diacl iutern this time en1tr tive drgs if oc es- then~tter of- ' nook tbnt without the subtle humor. img Is way down ifastoit houlemuh Stlhedntsaayhigga Valot Ain 1 6e1t leg auh gStit-l He isn' su tdh must be kep open ",Annwt- son thptit pralbbt *,-v oeo h ard,0 omewhere between th d 'Btwilihy,ntt y this, can beet OLtat thim~~ Warthe. oane 4ejd petmnpea beet all-ro und companies that ever Li 0 Btwoite ett netgt aela- ad thiss euieanvelopa fot- my artIcle on reached Des"Moines -with a star.: of the Walker street car line sod - lg that, overcoat pockethleou th' ubet The vqhicle has a" moderate plot, the Doutglas avenue terminal last a yell of anguish. Id________ 'wl-e e'tdyfrM a mioral -that disttlrbe no one, and It night. He was ahout to call upon ' Say, fellows, have ahat- r to -spend 'the wititar xRHST aLS )N who Pundogersnd two gentlemen Ithe maiden of his choice of sit those there isn't a drug store wti w n INIL h nesadsomething of thean ir, Mrp. G. F. Harris. U HS u "E UNA mon' OWe and dauightar ______ structure of 'a play, It one may whom Des Moines had to offer. -Miles or this paeivl W~~font the II jugiynt-ue o uts~s This particular girl is very po~t hn lei h ol u ht- lI vtbs. 48 1 "Iiwrsoll; ave MjtCnrgtosWI rp Tiolnsadstain ae all rt, according to- the testimnof Th riae aenateptt to0 7al '1 Sevcs- h lvresta to ol x eeal neighbors, and the soldier, bulky" lookltrpaclawyN Y.:er ha. -x Becus 61-6lu pect In a play based uoastrwho has omany rivals amnong hisgeth BclofUil a by Corn Harris. own contpanions In service, must ieittebnis nusceddi brothe. of W.D.enl win hsostect il ls r enegas country de- needs woo her with all the arts in throwing It into tile weed! r.~nt thi wee. whtee Chuche ofer th city wilcos r ene-rssabe wa umpiemont pealera' Sunday, voluntarily, as an aid to tot- with 000 patient, has been bin ig pow r h tre orhrGt Ssecretary olf the ladle1s' the boardd ofhatantesap sanitarium on condition hSpurred on by the'eidetvlef 14 ad, r i. o u fIflez. Cuce that he q~ure ten people within a om ad whert ay tiher hoto the'article In questionteh~-ac et&V-ne o0 r odhain mottth' so effectually that they will toro rude lderds y hl hre waynten fell up n andte oe li nip Pike, LILIlee Rock. Which. so far leave Lannounced that admnit they are cured themtstelves. I otrwu i hns e~rwthe reevdtledshrono.,evcswill be held Sunday If he fails, the plmgoes to a-Dr. he upmie for sointatan te trainints camp.- sricspn mado a conv-ulsive effort to reach " rmsdt rn htadoh losenand rs. ettrdll re: Prker whousessub osa ethods his overcoat, pocket. - le got to have it,11 thepiatwitm' V, 0. A. coorkenc w nt Metoit, e to see that lQ'endergrass shan't suc- asserting. 1 wokes er Fis Met Central Church, coed. Heo Was fle-iqezate. They, hold 'the packageut teha rat Itewek of Ch rist,.Plymouth Cnre- The country physician finds telt "Here, drop that," he was or- wavrn anduncertaigh to a Burns,~~ Iagtb ofM.toaCnna resbyterian, the patients itn the sanitarium, all odt-dsrelapItwasatw-on o~5~ ihadPr ru fcucewho are subject to fancied ill or "But-"., he began wtldly, only box. of chocolats Gracef Methode, 98ist, LWese I phd those brought on by wrong habits 4 JxsjtLFirst.Presbyterian,, El wood of living, and he proceeds to Cure hohs W dw~:: arerUnted' Presbyterin GreenWood thent by discarding medicines and inlay nt1rd Htowell, 04 Congregational, Unilv'evsity' Aicnue Putting them to work In the open I SMIth. Mibrtam lKeyn - Refotrmted church, St. Paul's Epie-1 air. " WrIght, of'Ir 5' Dmodge copali churich, Waveland Park Con- After the first violent, rebellion ity yesterday 't4) sgnd gregational, Cottage Grove Presby- they learn tolike It and by the end tette. sster., - at leetrian, Uiest hrhoCrs the Cottaes 'rv y- Uiest Cuc fCrs famonth aro pictures of health --- Vt hm-hetlrbandale: Fledeated -church-, For:- and heartily li f avor of the docdtor's 7 Agar.te rnpr s Avenue, -Evan geli cal and First Itrepatment-allL but one or two. flow -k wlth h ter Untaintax to get indorsement ofteepro r-orhe hmeIn. No-services will be held today -at 1vides the suspense of the play, g ningr mean least, 1 -- a r r J-~ loliseum, tht- have - V W W g.the tractor show 5 I Ig -sav-r*E~'jJ t lon, whc opens was decide4 yes3xecutive boa rd of id the Iowa HortiJixhihitors -may I belt- exhtibitst this secretary of the last itight that 1763 ady been li'sted.' MO V]ONiSL" E~

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