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ï~~ / WEEK-- LY BUcLLETlIN OF THE ST. LOUIS MEDICAL SOCIETY *Powell knd The Nlie.o S leder ifts...~ t opo I aibw vol. 14. No. 18. APRIL 29, 1920 $1.00 per Annum Entered as second class matter October 4, 1907, at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo., under the Act of Congress, March 3, 1879 Meeting of the General Society BARTSCHER AUDITORIUM 3523 PINE STREET Cyrus E. Burford, Pres. Arthur Gundlach, Secy. Meeting convenes at 8:30 p. in. Scientific Program at 8:45 p. in. Bell: Lindell 815 Kinloch: Central 6837 Tuesday, May 4, 1920 Obstructions of the Colon...............................................................................Dr. Olney A. Ambrose Discussion by Dr. Willard Bartlett A Clinical Consideration of the Spastic Colon.....Dr. R. V. Powell Observations On The Motility of Pars Pylorica and the First Part of the Duodenum As Ob served Experimentally in the Dog...........................................................................D r. H om er W heelon Discussion by Drs. J. E. Thomas and Frank D. Gorham. of Dr. Gundlach. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Dr. Krebs reported for the Membership Committee recommending the following applicants for active membership, all of whom were unanimously elected: Drs. Homer T. Clay, City Hospital; Thomas E. Edwards, 2603 S. Broadway; Jules H. Gerard, City Hospital No. 1; Wm. W. Hoyt, 401 Humboldt Bldg.; Wm. J. Langan, Jr., Lister Building; Anthony R. Reyes, Missouri Pacific Hospital; Frank J. Smith, 3624 S. Broadway; Homer Wheelon, Bethesda Hospital; Lloyd O. Helmes, City Hospital. The applications of Drs. Ralph E. Niedringhaus and Albert L. Hertel were rejected. Dr. Tuttle reported for the Necrology Committee. On motion the report was received. Dr. Tuttle was instructed to have a special obituary prepared for Dr. Koetter including a detailed account of all of his official activities as connected with organized medicine, the obituary to be read before the General Society and a copy sent to Dr. Koetter's widow. Dr. Hill reported orally for the Ethics Committee. On motion the report was received. The reports of the Program Committee, Library Committee and Bartscher Fund Committee were read by the acting secretary and on motion adopted. Dr. Hamel moved that the Committee on Health and Public Instruction be instructed to assist the Ethics Coinmittee in securing information concerning the Arcade Hospital. Seconded and carried. Dr. Engelbach read the report of the Finance Committee. On motion the report was received. Dr. Smith discussed the report protesting against the manner in which the income from the Bartscher Fund is being diverted. Dr. Hamel moved that the Library Committee be in ca) C0. 0 ~0 U a) -Q E (a (a C 0 -C 0 C O U a-) U Ca) E 0 a) 0. U Q), C 0 a, a) Meeting of the Council MARCH 10, 1920 The meeting was called to order at 9:00 p. m. by the chairman, Dr. Cyrus E. Burford. Dr. Gayler was appointed acting secretary in the absence

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