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Page  1 ï~~ 4IIE Orvi~cc at Wilbur Cpeace and "tictory to 3e Celebrat r.r to epicture to 3Be sent to 4en in ervi Peacp sad victory Is to be celebrated in the service. Mt. Tabor has 9 Inthe home coming service Sunday on its flag, four of which are The Wilbur Methodist church congre-Inrng tM.Tao Prbyei. The pastor wl pa n'Ih ation plans an evening service or Sun Mt Tabor Presbyterian lenge of Pea e daylonan7.3o'clockatvthe 'MSulnahCommittee Busy Raising Funds church. In the joyous reunion the In the evening day at 1:30 o'clock at the Multnomah church will not forget the boys "over turned from a year with the army hotel This is an extra service as a to Lift Indebtedness at there," as the relatives of the honor will tell of his wonderful experie Jubilee recognition of the concluding.,roll boys will be guests of the church and will show trophies gathere of the 1war The pastor, Dr. Short. says St. Dadds. at the service. At the close of the France and Flanders. Special Pat tlortland Pastors Will Return t be a patriotic hummer because morning worship the congregation will music will be rendered. Those of the various features that will be in- group In front of the church, where a have read Mr. Lockleys' stories dat Thanks for Victory Over the troduced: he would not divulge all of A redecorated and improved house group picture will be taken to send as a The Journal will no doubt be inter. them, but said, " dhomusic will he Just of worship will greet members of St. Christmas greeting to the boys who are in seeing and hearing the writer. Forces of Hated Autocracy. what a Portland audience would expect ae of the quartet we have; the address on Davide Episcopal church when they "Katching the Kaiser" will not be sleep return to their church Sunday morning CELEBRATION TO BE DOUBLE producing, to say the least, and the con- to Join in the "double thanksgiing" LE1gregational singing of some of our pop- service which the rector, Rev. Thomas,PA RIOJIC SPECI ular melodies will prove inspiring." Jenkins, has planned. During the time The morning hour of worship has been the church has been closed by the health ' City Will Give Thanks for De- changed to 10:30. and th'subject frorder the vestry has had the interior this Sunday morning will be Thcleaned and the walls redecorated. A liverance From Ravages of Source of Life's esues*" The Sunday committ e of m.E has also b..n at work school will hold Its session at 12 165 and commtteIofmenhasAlsobee atwor ll the new officers will be in charge. raising the last of the debt resting on Plague; Plan Special usicant e ga t da t church buildinj. They report splen ______ hactiites fth i retsten thustrc c n id progress anff hope to report all the activities of h thea usiasticcongre- money pledged by Sunday. r. Waldo, Mayor Baker, Civil First Methodist Church Sunday will be Jubilation. Victory and Both junior and adult choirs will be,, 'hanksgiving Sunday in all Portland's. at their worts, having made special prep- and Military Authorities to Be Celebrate Geat ictory.. churches. Prayers an4 songs of thanks aration for the resumption of the serv-.iehddat 4 gratitude will rise! from every altar ice on Sunday. The special thanksgiv- ar - worship pver the cessation of hostil- ng will be for the cessation of hostil itie and the dawn of peace. Pastors. Rose tities and the dawn of peace. Special e pnday school superintendepts and ' _prayers will be said for the government, A great thanksgiving and patriotic First Methodist church will celel tug peoples' leaders all announce President Wilson and the peace confer- service has been arranged for Sunday the great war victory at its services onderfully inspiring meetings for the The spirit of victory and thanksgiving ence. In the evening the special thanks- day morning. There will be ep oebbath will prevail in all the renewed services giving will be for the abatement of the night at the First Baptist church. Dr. music of a patriotic nature at both n of the Rise City Park Community epidemic. Prayers will be said for all Waldo, the pastor, will have charge of ing and evening services. Sunday 3bThe chimes of churchhellswilloncecu DrRobert H. Milligan, pastor. those still sick and also for all who have the meeting. Several distinguished men, be Jubilation and victory day. tfir b hecard on Sunday morning W.H H. St. Clair, superintendent of the died as victims of the disease. The rec- representing different parts of Port- Joshua Stansfield will speak un Sunday school, announces that the On tar will preach on "Life Under the Ban." Victory of Right. The evening se all to attend their chosen place of wr- to Berlin" contest which was postponed ' land's civic and political life, will be will be a continuation of the mur ship, where a double celebration will be on account of the ban, will begin and. present and will deliver short addresses special theme. Patriotic, church held, first over the suppression of au- will e carried forwar on a more elab- RerAmong these ll w be Mayor George L. martial airs will e sung by the tocracy and, second, over the eradica.. orate scaie than was first proposed. R g lr vc sgreI~ation. tion of a frightful plague. Church The subject of Dr. Milligan's Sunday Baker, Lieutenant David Watts, com- Saturday evening the free salt hymns of a patriotic and martial nature morning sermon will be "The Meaning A F e C u manding officer of Portland Barracks; dormitory will be reopened and so' will enliven many of the services, and of Victory." In the evening the doctor Chaplain Burton F. Bronson of Van- from Vancouver or Camp Lewis ar ministers, keyed to the highest note over will preach the first of a series of ser- vited to oc ~tlie joyful' news of victory, will, as nev- mons on "The War and Prayer." the Regular services will be held in the couver Barracks. Dr. Waldo will also honor occupy from fise..:ide oyul nes f icor, wll a nv-mon o Te arandPrye, hehonor of thebyfrmFstMh er befre, have an opportunity of subject of'the ist sermon being. "Both First Friends church, Sunday. In the speak. The stringed orchestra of the church who are now In the ranks. preach ng the gospel of peace and of Sides Praying." Special music will be morning the pastor will deal with the One Hundred Fifth squadron will be love for our fellowmen. rendered by the quartet. effects of the closing han a thechurch present and wil open the service withDr _____________ I teeenn pot's praise service peetBoydl pnth eviewt Reunlon for Members will be held commemorating the fact that music. The temple quartet will give f 'After being deprived of the privilege at while an exceptionally large number of some choice selections. Honor will be Qf worship so long, it will be a great the members of the church have suffered done to the seryice flag, which repre- On eat again to enter the place of player, ur 1 o by the epidemic, all are recovering. The -snts 89 men in the service, one of whom.a well as to meet our friends," said Church of Nazaren congregation will enjoy for the first time was recently killed in action and another Ir. D, Lester Fields, the nag pastor of the use of a new heating plant installed of whom died of influensa- The First Presbterian chi he Rose City Park M.. church, who during the closing ban. A flag saluting service will be partic- Twelfth and Alder, will be open Ir to preach Sunday morning and eve- The First Church of the Nazarene will ipated in and the general public is in. o ie Sunday and weekday acti Rev. Mr Fields has been spend- celebrate the closing of the war and the,a'o, vited to come and enjoy this service. Pa- beginning tomorrow. The pastor, the past few weeks visiting tlie opening of the church services on Sun- triotic songs will be sung by the con- John H. Boyd, will preach in the n day with a great people's poise se~vice gregation.. ing a sermon suggested by the hour embers of his congregation. He also t o'clock. Sunday sc rall at A i A grand reunion service has been Program for Tomorrow." At as conducted several funerate and 9:45 and another rally by the young planned for the morning in honor of the there will be a service of praise,eddings. folks at 6:30. closing the day with a - reassembling after being debarred from thanksgiving. Professor E. E. Cou There will be a general celebration of sermon by Pastor Davis appropriate to worship on account of the epidemic for the organist, has prepared a ep events and a reunion of the members the day. Rev. Harold.H. Griffis will onduct a the last five weeks. Dr. Waldo and his program of introductory music of Spd friends of Westminster Presbyte-.'_patriotic service in keeping with the tri- classmate, Re. Bruce Kinney. D. D., su- ous and triumphant masterpieces tikn church Sunday morning and eve- Will Speak at Arleta umph of the American Idea and in ree- perintendent of the Midland division of, the organ. This recital begfhs at.sing. Dr. Edward H. Pence will preach. ognition of 20 stars recently added to the American Baptist Home Mission so- The subject of the evening sermo A. special home coming service and Rev. Bruce Kinney, D. D., ditrict the church's service flag at the First ciety, will have charge of the service. "Our Part in WinnIng Peace." peace celebration is planned at Univer- superintendentoof the American Babtist Christian church. A full program of Both the pastor and his friend will de tW Park Methodist church, where Rev. Home Mission society, is to preach Sun- music will be rendered by the church liver short addresses and a delightful By using perforsted plates ins t'T. Abbett is pastor. day evening at Arleta Baptist church. quartet. The Bible school will resume and fraternal spirit will doubtless be of gauze to keep dangerous gases At the Church of Our Father (Uni- Dr. Kinney came to Portland to atend its sessions at9:45 a. m. and the'Chris- manifested and many of the members reaching the flame, an English a trian) the pastor, Rev. William G. the funeral of the late Dr. C4 A. tian Endeavor society at 6:30 p. m. The of said congregation will be ready to tist believes he has improved ltot. Jr., will preach on "The Victory Wooddy. pastor will preach af both services. greet each other after the long absence. miner's safety lamp. aid the Great Debt." the Sunday' - _5' YOF CHURCH SERVICES IN PORTLAND tfrtSnay of December. 4'I R C Bess' Fell Supplies Text 25h. ' St. Ciseet-'-S. Smith awe. and Newton-- at 5 p. in., Satwurday, 10:10 A. m. Sunday, 10, Toniiy-Virginia and Nebraekai-ReS ' Germany's collapee, as seen in the 25t Sunday After Trnm Se~lite Pathe, e. 5, 10.80, 7:80. is Posrtland acsademy bldg., 13th and Meet- dore FP. Smith. pator-elect. 10, 11. 7:1( lht of prophecy, will be explained by Uniform Sunday School Lasso Sated Hear-E. 1th and Center - Sew. 0. go sry. IteUgious schoo Sto classa AsasRs ohn S. sl.G.' 1 Iev. Alexander Beers in his Sunday ' Jao len Fro His Angry Sro e," St. Agath---. 15th and Mier - Rev J. 41Jonst Ahawia Sholon-P'ark snd C.lay 5een~ *ay Advetis A..norning sermon at,the First Methodist or "God Fooinsti HS Wandering Chilirn. C..mmineky. 5, 10:10, 7:30. sta.-Ra..bbi - sue, Friday, 8 p. a.. Not-tslr.ris tti eoi hurch. The sermon will deal particu- Ger. 28:10-22. St tnsas(oih-ayadadFi-Stra.9.'are heldM Satu rayo. tidnoi rl wt oniin ofollow the close Gelden Tent: "He hath not dealt hus Sew. 8'. Matthew. 8, 10:80, 7:80. Lstter Day Saints Central--E. 11th and Everet-L. K. of te wr, a sen bythepastr er eriar sn, nor rewarded s aceorlit St. Joseph (German) -ith end Couch--ew- Church of Jesus Christ of Letter Day Saints- son, paeler. 11:'1. the light of fulfilled scripture. B u 8 n t n D-Rv.E 5hadMdsn 0:0 br reu a,1t n Special Thatnksgiving services are an- Young Peoples opie5 ral estra. 8, '0:80, 7:30. Leten~ Mlontailla--E. 80th and EKesreti-Eld Runced by Rev. C. H. Johnston for Cbristles Eodeavor R Ieforma That Need tClare-Captl Htill-frncisean Fathers' St. Jnmes-B.dePr e Jecn-Morning. Cee t.G I t.an8thae-dr arkh Coreiongand evenrngha Bnptiyst Union - "Mtaidsg Demoeracy Saf 'hi. Charle-S. 88d and Alber tsRe J P ins. "A Nation Facing New Reswponsiiities." Huontington. 11. PakCngeaina hrh. Tog teCutr hrh. s.85:1. O-Flynn. 5, 10:80. - t Paula-E. 12th end Clnton-See. A. St. Johne--Central awe. and Charlesi Al members and friends of Centenary Junior Criie Kndeewor -"eus I the At! Saints-E. 39th end Chuteu-Rev. Father OarI Saiore-E. 10th and Grant-ew. 14. Eld. Tahr-E. 80th sad Belmont-Eldt Methodist church are urged to partici- -irisotrthLeetse-"Thue Ur:ge1cy of,Jeat llsm Cronin. 8. 10:30. A. Christenaen. 11. T. Hiliert. 1I. pate in the Sunday services by the new eauTh rneofaretFrand" (ini My Chum Week.) Matt, 2:1-5, Christian Trinity-Williasin and Graham-ew. J. A. Albina-Skidmore and Mallr--Ree. yastor, Rev..1. C. Rollins. Special serv- 8.14. First--Park and Columbta--Rew. Harold H. 7:0 English, "shat te Luthera Curch te 8 andloaeisan Oge b ihLsoppi Wee of reunion, and rejoicing are -gs Grifi. 11. "The Mteaniog of Victory". 7.45. America." thaer. It. Manne4. - "Seth Sides Prayiog." Bethlehem Norwegian--14th and Davis-ew. twtsArp 'A service, of thanksgiving and pralse.est-hil T ban Topo Sew Ken isK 1th and Taylr-Sew.o~d 10.H wlem atter. tpc"Watch Ye" 8..srwlce Corps No. 1-241 Aehst-Adjutant I is announced for the Laurelwood Con- peacs oelebration. 11. 7:45.. 7 -,"Peophecies Conoernsa the Present." Grace-ngllit-Mason and Albina. 10.30. Genge. 11. 1:15,8. 8 ~ rgational church, Sunday morning, Rant IbMs-EK. 2Oth and Salmon--Re.W Monstarlla--. 76th and Hoyt-ew. J. B. preaching by Sew. Preum ofsChicago- - I418Il~rOAiio )rs. J. J. Handeaker, pastor. iises. 11. "Getting Above the Fog":46, Jenkis. 1t, S.HasiltoenChapel-PtSOs ted Gu-Se. "Â~ ":t the reopening of services at Wood- 'The. Message of the Bone." RSosdney Awnuse-Rodney. and Enott,-Rev. J. F.. Epplng. Ch, "Tas in Ti is R of Peae. t chee wIll be a oe-an and Kott - R ebley. F hor.ley.H11. "Jesus and His Bible." 5. Bethet Norwegian IFree)-Wygant and Rod- New hu ay Jefers ]I+toitcuc hr ilb tJ err.1,"The Peace of Go" a,"h.Kn' ih."nor-Sew. S. A. Sorreth. 11, a. William S.Soe.1."Nw lea rodof -spontaneops prayer by the da pn od" Woodlawe--a. 7th ted LUbert r-Sew, Joseph Mekman Seothorod omilidl h egton., "A Stainless Arleta - Sew en. Garnet 'Medley. o1 a),Boyd. 11, "Usfaltering Co ienoe"; 7:30,, enenry- an R.J.C.Wear Work Driwe." ~'Wlllesug an hou f 1srough. the Tender Meroinee at Our ad"; "The. Sternal Chrit." Centenaey -*K. 9th sd Pine -RSew. J. C.Uitia 11il be sung,+hand a chorus of,*. pecigbRnBueKne,1. Chrtetlan Meenae Rolins. 11. "Old Truths and New Facts." 7:30. Church of OrFte-Boda n f omn "willsing,"When the detriet superin teentof the Ameriea n tis Lesson subjiet: "Mortals and Immortals." "The New Day Tbat Is to Be Feceng the Tutors." hi-re. W.. Eliot Jr. 11, "The vi t mMarching Home." The pas- Icm, Mission naciety. Frst---19th ard Everett 11, 8. Centrai-vancouwer and Frg-ew. A. t. and the Oreal Debt" peach.tlwary -E. 8th and Grant - Rev.. E. Seeebd-. 6th and Molladay. 11, 8. Maeles. 11, 7:80. United 5rstbre eac. _. _ T1.cmas. 11, 7:45. Third-E. 12th and Salmon. 11. Clinn Key-E. 40th and Powell e Conference ilenoe-. 40th and Main - Re. 0. Fourth-Vancouver are. and Emerson. 11,. Jh Parsons. onald. [altette. 11, 7:4. ' Ffth--62dat. and 421 ave.. E. 11. Epworth--26th and Satier. Preaching by Dr. Frt-. 15th and Morrison-Re yr SatrW ll H l ellwood Bethany -- Rev. T. J. Broom field. Sixth--Masonic Temple. 388 Tamhm1. 11 a A. L. H aowarth and Dr. W illiam W5allace Young- f'ark. 11. "mrc' ead;8 ui.Se rlh o T e3T.World's Greatest Need" Second-E. thl sod Sumner. See. LwOiervice 11/2 0/2 0 0 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R N M Ipgm,;;ete it. Obedience-":. 1L 'Thir-I7th - t. and 32d aee. i I -

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