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ï~~ lWeI, Sag ~' Pi ~ Bo ~LLO n Voice H orn. ~ite Your Inspection of the Most roelous Musical Instrument - Q1POIIPO?&. tplays the piano-reproduces the u man voice, or any instrument, singly or in combination. polpoeis the music sensation of the It combines. the.wonderful Apollq Player no- and a high-grade Talking ifachine. hin one case, under the control of one person. BE, JPEN THIS WEEK "A Tailor-Made Man' at the American and "A Cure for Curablel" at the Jefferson. For the first time In a lng while all of the downtows theaters will be opefl thet week. The American pre sents tonight th. highly sucessful tarce."A Tailler-Made Man;" th. Shubert-Jefferson offers Williame Hedge In "A Cure for Curables," ned the Shubet-arrick taker over the GIriffith war photoplay Hearts of the Werld" which ran five weeks at the Ameerican. "A Taller-Made Man" was adapt ed by tihs lite Harry Jamee Smith free, a work ef the Hungarian playwright, Gabriel Dregely, "The -Well-Fitting Dress Coat,"hot Smith woo clover enough to saturate it with Americanisme. Pitot of the Play. It relates the adventures of one John Paut Dart, whe storts eut a tailor's aseistant, comes into the possesson of a dress suit given him to press, attends a reveption In the horrowoed garment, meets a great financier, hluffs his way through three acts, and in the fourth roeo as a power to the world of grout of faire. to "A Cure fQgCurahies' William litueois itoldlihave found a het terr veh iptt for his familiar talente than een'The Man From Home." It woo written hy Hodge himself and Earl Derr iggers, after a story hr Con-a Harris. The, actor his the part of Dr., Pendergas, to whomano eccentric old hypoehoodriac of an uncle has. hequeathed a oanitarium on condi tion that he cures 10 patients to 10 days. What with dexterous Inge ntyhe went ahout keeping the reb ellious patients at thn asylum in the first place, and thee vuring them without their knowledge. is oet forth to the play. "Oh, Loto!" a Muitwt Comedy. To the Shuhert-Jefferson nect week comes another of the smart musical comediea from the Princese Theater to New Turk,."Oh. Locke" with the Dolly Sisters and Haorry Foo at the head ef the cast. The Amer, vcan, during Thanhsgiving week, will present 'The Country Cousin," hy Booth Tarkiogmen and Julian Street. with Alexander Carlisle in the lead tog part. The Orpheum this meek features a St. Louis actress, Cecil Cunning-, ham. and Horace Goldin, in pulieg Illusions. Jim Toney an d Ann Nor man have a sing and comedy torn. Dorns and Frablee present a eew act. "The ltallae Front.~ Charles Irwin, formerly of ths-tcyal loots kitten Fesiteers sod wiener of the Distinguished Serrrce Medal, appears with Eunice tBrnham ItoCommn Through the Rye." At tee Grand this week "Hotel do Fiddle." a emlnatueo muolcal comedy, aod several other acts; 01 toe Stondard, "Dlue Birds,~ a mu sical burlesque. SIMONDS REVIEWS" FOCW'S STRATEGY IN LAST BA'TTLE PSem Weesessgea.o aidingklim, than Dehonoy, then Kiog Albert, Pismer and Degoutys French army in Flandees. Theo. as the month Inds, Pershisig and Oouraod } again. Now beane Ipe m oled the dates. Lu detndordd struclln March 21; he was 0,naattd.kan...e.nn Irat it i Th k Rainbow a;bg8 The Apollophone offers musical effects and results that are truly marvelous. The combination of the talking-machine with the player-piano makes it the instrument without a musical limit. (HEST FA AR and Th others Heard Apo11oj You. can play 'a record of a Haod world-famous vocalist-put in a Godow music roll hand-played by an equal- Cars ly great pianist arid have onc ac- Poderei company the other-thus.bringing MaudI the genius of the world's greatest Farr artists into your home, Other instrument Like It ib Player Piano gives absolutely realistic -Lindis' guiishab s-from the hand playing amists. Th~ talking-m eehini re-creates the feast artist~ and the playing of every musical,under the asn. I lays any kind of records. ~"Ayer-piano it e.;J~had with the regular yraction, aeralte bI foot pedals, or with rtul Artapo o e gatooeae 14.4~ ca ctooeae E WO.RLD RTIST$ tousaodo of Can. Be on the phone: IBauer rky Powell Hoffman 44 iece Adam nod Bed n Suite Dave etLi A Bedeoom S-toeuch an, te1IImabs a moebhs-4teeliated gift,ad TU'D tae ot 511>nsalri tisoofferediat averyespeciairtee suitoeon- " siots of idrebr, rhiffooetIl i mrroe deems late b n em we nog 15km soad br-i; all in the Ihr ttol Adam w In somwaR... Peroed.," ryK1jccmxl at... 1 0! it csmre Is and me e tisn 5.1 tIoio nV$es a R ete.. We sare' t$e. { o r,ame.K-1t "it mi -. I. 3,# - I I' 1~hpsDaven Con be eosv4rted itt a eomfor at a epomenk'n notice, Every ho~ hav e e.. bilsvoaveette, a cer 5a,l be 511 sslsbss-ti ' l.oo reu ge of either a' l yerneasns hear. te won4ce of both, r or, Talkieg-M chineairApollophon. aL e.toms Sandt feDl 08/21/2006 0821206LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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