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JOHNS MaId=Yu course.t days for paying taxes, and on these two money Is going fora~ worthy cause." ___________________ n, days bu 7,0.0 was received by According to, an agreement atu _ ______________________ an~r~itcfa-1010 clerks: time the bet was made, the winner waR srp,:, __n_________train_ to turn over the $5 won to the Amer- a1~nm ennA~of Tri f5 ~,. " Special Fi, and Sat our 41 Box!eanreFed Cross for the 'Belgian. relief t1IIIM~ 5~U.4.I~ ~.J t B ROKEN~H N{onj ims iao.. veusna &, and yesterday Brunner handed te METINMST. LOUIS MONDAY' FK Otforwarded. Fi'nal i'.rageements for the eighth fifi prayr+apite WOILIOannual convention of the Nation~l ld- i ' > d, o d o f p: he apon WOIL O SOLDIERS tail Shoe Dealers' Assocatio wl ich Jhi t. j a bt i a ' ' nal W'.C. T:U le oout r FO RS will open Monday and continue unit I e il et th x t1 nx{T c., 14 1 ocuetEASED..FROM RISON ednesday night, 'were announced y e n l Lx - S- ^ or xbe ni gt 1, i. ]tb ora. 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