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ï~~*50,000 *32,Q00 W2$38000 re,meets t e;(65.ntlicotts in* oth'eridepdrtI States Goal A dminis-- iestablished, requiring borne" or "all-rdail" coal. is Light Company has I which at Mystic Wharf s for shipment to added cost of coal in ousand cubic feet. -is now operate to the adid Gas Compmies-which npany were permitted to -educe the selling price of per thousand cubic feet. this Company will forthLIGHT COMPANY, EORGE S. MOTLEY, President. NEW HOSPITAL TO BEPUT IN COMMISSIC IN City and. State' Combine" Forces~j. to 'Fight Ep'idemicmasNo StepsOverlooked, Staff of Physicians and N'ursest'o'Be Form ed for Hosp'ital 125 Beds Secured-To Erect Tents Also-124 New Cases Yesterday-148 Deaths. Undr thediretolf Mayor Thomp-summoed and be "tup rady foruse son.te newhospitatlenVepseet aveneear t'he hospital. The mtills sill b eecassed at snce wshich has been rushed to esae of fer a list of available wmen she could sesmicompltls drigithe pastieek be Usedito ssist the nure. A numwsill at once be eqeipped ewith beds,. ber of sees mill be needed also t c hospital staff lostallea snd everything as erderlies. Wemen whe flae sbeen lraised or pailllily tiaised forsecs - put Inresadines. s t 'eeive 5 ansay leg ci4 esemmoned to be ready fercpatients as cae be boused tbere. tion if seeded. To Pcovide EsseseNeC7 Quares. Tbhe Red Croseswill he saked to preside the esees masks is theetent Aseoehination ferces mde til fsh e seeded. sheets and plsew 'csess sil eity's deparotet of hoeiih.tbs 'Staeshosyliti &steet. ac o sRid tensinlg Beati el. Hlelth- 1the Public Scfseptyeoce ln aoy eay that ecnbe devisedl. Comteeancd ibhelie (Cossewilliundertake to co-oper-ate ooiode iteac. M5t.r Iue.Neede5d. tesforthose sert'Ossel itllltb pee lslbomeantiesownesofsmtoret toesis. Thiswsetbe gist eftthe eseet- lees ariec0ied hal thetimtefeerithem Ing ofe lbsiblice SateiY Commeitee'. s t oluntieerthebelcasefee geneserexecuive cmmi lee astltht, Thevic Is noee A ftest of ceas iseseded maeyor peided. Dr.Cl.SFITieoc f eash ty o carry nuersescand.eldes the Sie boced toes pic es. frea. e toscseuner tesuspersisis crnnte~.14hospefssi lihat iee- loci of the I,oeill ssild. Thtus fsrfees eltoeIIIayespe thetclcesiv avgseeof hbes ccieoeerc'. It Inbelieved tht the dieselelhutIt I.% iipisid haerilytmsny dsott eappreitethe need end libely thatsirih goeciie caneome. the vsliofthin iserep orecctbsp wtsild it is ni safe ttyet toeessutitetbet lbs tastes is offecroheice i.If eec haep lb. coos os hewne,1.3110 i5055is a ecrlhatinisavaileble or that peu crt lep55c0105Ii'sesspislee i 16ex- wsub is toemae tiiatesorecasdsp er trlecetlesm. r t ltilicsess Iiei te stltllltstdilchtm esseel, ie Ati Is i stso. t Is -eek s. ite eoe to 'illees A. ditchslt tppirent tht llteesetc f the ec. lic1ntthe McsesebsettsCttontMils. vdiltes I sotyess eethe fetloii bst Ssie'5eedd sill55 5 tieThe developmenttof5 tshe spitel illS. '.de -4ee. t h.%,tr, Ak- A - - - A _ -.I- hl ~~TY. ST-ILL ~D THREE-MILLIONT MEET LOPANUT Subscriptions Saturday la e Total Trifle Shor l our. Milion--Bai& Aconmodati 6* uyersbut Big Outeponriug of Money IsRequired. Liberty Loan-Must Be Subscribed In Spite of influenz a'Epide Mi C Becseofstthe peasiling epidemitc 55 Is difficutsnd Is lels.totPssisbtlee-or5Liberty lsscavasertoasPe-eeed wtt heir we-seEin.rste teesfor. she influensa In hstdtsa Pse- e seed St the geat financial drtve. This msst set he. Whoever yes aes. wtherever 7ou maytlie~t, yourdt tat esetoescommunicate wth hbak eotwth.pssss Ltber5tees en committee sand havsepyour suscriptton plssed. Dstn't waittfor aSlicto. Don't mae Itssneessryfore-. e to rhese you sse-sss IheLibertpty osbscrisption line. Yes an elp anssd ne-o r lietsor# your Individua ss stance- is requir-ed. sDon't get Inssssss sa in yourse-cethooks but lteyoureesets petofpatrtotlcsusbarreiittag he temensdoslytp estasgtss. There it 5so qtstestlue agsast that.. As these ae anse5puhlic sthse-ings It~Imossible ttalesk tothe peoplte. Why not sektlt sssseesaey to talkt-Actos seakteder thans words. in raFe-ss t he Peeple'hae enise throah sk sour er sto wa ad In thesmeanwehtle hess ssffesed untetd msststetme. hst IPe-sse ham not qtstt. In Amsericasire5 you going t etssssonlenzsa epidemice,"setop e,,eri'ssce. I.sgosts stite eorth emlstltng. Youre-duty inst nbe ssh etetdtp.,5555it.Y LOAN COS5IMIT5'n5. For Loellttand NorthSMiddlesex (County. iteieee hadSechtdbhsla-c'Loell hasis fcst eak aceme. trpleliseaabit on Saturday ttiscitp lstsd ebeoutewhat It got tegebher Is thbs ecise three mweeks of lbs Aprit drice. woulllld ists crossed the fees millilon But there Is a lsegsead titreyetpe stack In lbs Fightineg FoerthLiberty I befoe ethe Loelel Quota ISsectees. logo drive. [foitcom singior dhils mete w i t hewl As I tured ut te Loellnot 0- to the ballenht Ibthabeefailed tat ws $3,57,60 andthe nmber.1110 i55555res5onse etb'wile Is lbs midst people etebscibiog lthrotgh lbs hanks of Its meostprsspseos stra. wes 36t8t This meanstatlmost an Theiltuesza epidesmsisInhurting even te0 esoseesubscribed Is the the drive set onlyIn towsell bet Is hbns onSaturday. Is fct. it in true th. e twsaofthe North IMiddlesex and It in the eperctefeer sy bask Lih rty leas Diserct. Tttspepes msf teiat. 'po's poqeetih ave done 1th ei ut esbscet'h their qusls4s.Is this dlstrit m n a eek In Lowell thee ma. miththe.nlspiratioles i~e et eves Ufoesthe came be fore. test of In and In masny oseave s t-h Ite akscn a ta teyhvetic INo hus o ose;aitobset the I I i i I ilsd. Lass, John e&sneyear *William and six months. WAGNER-Is this csty.Ot. 5at bet,)n at 3I hbe. 542bMarlborough street. Mt's. r.W.Cl- Gshcgtsanss M Wagner, aged 35,t. Burill I li. 6 monstsd it dae. sos. I Ilibietseviesswilte he kd at ber hom e Sday cfte'eson ts 2.30 o'clock. St. Jeb's risstip ase e itpeefelly invited to 1ates Id. hishoSec, Lillian Grimess Ward.aged 2t years. i's cherch formerly of thitscip, Paltetek's YOUNG-ic ibis sipy, Oet. 4, at the em wtibe hbet 1ofhee Paenet*,e. e7eGoehest te dae toI street. Msrie Young, eged ot day.. Met. SEVENTH VESSEL held teem LAUNCHED ON PASSAIC Ytung &I I o'clock. NEWARK. N.. Git,4.-The Foetsd. Beeril clith Cc..ewhsihoperates it wooden shipbuiling paitit o the Aitlsticad 4. ab SL Pestle coses. ltdy deliteeed to the a(Maretin)igoerne'msetI soseth tecesel se-01 nonth andd ticted en tse aliielrier at Keace. sield at her ep. The said holds lbs rescrd foc itret, OSut. wosoden sh I iunch~ings en the AtlasIL. issed.s tic and flee the h~bmeigeesy tFleet pesennsidodeis thie estern die. stetsmthi oiisfrspsd insprodcitlocf this '1. Tisettlse lyre of caft. so 4. at the Te get What peU wall(. iwhen 701t 7-oslteey's mast it. Isp Ceesiec-Citi ce-s las ted. MARKE - - Auctioneer MAKTSTREET, LGWELL*ASS. ix" Sale of Real Estate ISER it,.1Sib, AT 2 F. M., PELliAbS, N. H. enssofrom lbthe Pt ci iourt Of 1lliiicbssecegh L eblscesustionto he resal oseofilthe' ilae dSLsee eric of 11 ascret of 10011, hessos. bhrneansouto tillage, pese an ed essidla.iod The lsod is i of fruiltcreepse leittostliandcwoodenosugh Isrmto lee led on0h0lb mrntesoth roatd, ote ml 'sieleelsic cas arcesi tissor lk ciii is eb time willisell tome hossehiold fIe hiss Thit sbehoesfet-thepeeshiee. lootrmest he paid ac imIthand p-esofsle. other Grder, MRS. SUISIE A. dAGUIRNE. Admioittril. sae is' offcered foe Iste it needed. city havceresached tlbsrlimit. Patent s LIS MA, poort0l t rofts to edey is to be a' buge VoI&steblk qe ~bderition wil betleket to the hospital It P mtsisihhhegh1eslss1es ac abi ltsas thee bad sesh smeand the caim 1ttee stsutste$tiis ntW-tke mustheI obeatSbrougth'lit tosethe.isIni me a perted It the drioe last Apci tw-kiile he." cis 'S~t.h09& iclhiry hoeiotInw ll iped Is grand tstat of- moeesibed CONTIPUED ON PAGSE IrinG lic Sefety Cilstlee ewill be set lit) And thet-sIs abseltelytpsnobane It. As the Pi'sckcvllleIon1 A.The a efn(the tbeet laree hobtti here: 25 eots mhicb lbs.eei''cepecstlee Theyiere fisl] tosoverfingte. Isntlit e- 5 tho rtl(.SsftyCrmivolte wllhe stt telto and fro assfain ot il-tL'souai A lm ost utrciea and bnroiwiettlndilel'intthsemPatgpb hie the,,II~tclllllol paitienltsiet, ete115e hetplsitet Thee mill givec26tesihe rieghstlon..Soms i rmOo MrsArliir.1 ~i if lbs.a epar-ide mil t Io thtealeuio "I'mtity Italians D ~rve on at Laon fenteshedteitfeteikdits anaeti st oring bofle aeledon Ietise stcotal beetisitr longtsellsoetenrsd all foeitntoceondetrse~li e hadnon bseen selrsi h%, 11A Ietl C5' t ee ities te seed bthrn reqenlnr he n,'.%.r t;ir a suer-No ndu Alrm.Alies Undeterred by Strong Resistance and Peace Offers itlsisisot he heepril~li torthe lime The cotihles cfeli ecommittees t is so: ben. InsA(Jisor t ot- Dtrc Sielies undui i e riti.ti.?111it dlost tt riic eit ia i mill dtisl e oct ortpsicianes foS-m the et-esite eerIkhe' tif se ot 1111 etts lAmericans WinTia cAron the steit 'Sfor ttees so 1 t t i n hit bee. ttetensd todgy andte l e i bt litle", ril eery picceeinn lis taken eeefid petles ___StUp__ to ue h clymystfe nStruggles. As a hiislt Iss r it se li the tent at lb s be-ieceete ('1i will he 5250T5N555O15ONPAcr ip555._ K h Aacae'ePos tes)trlteeri, the FrecheFitd Serbian _17\1N ~seitd hlsts.~Ie- coes tethtt%-(- lt-ed cAesice-Geemee abir kie eiintorig fo pece.ihs -.n held r i ttote e a lelthe ltte eion lute THE SABBATH REAL DAY OF iIla sa ctit eIot h pesec. 5th5 s mp tiisecbedi ls REST IN LOWELL YESTERDAY o pioirt e'mr tol r li 11,1 IIN.AMUN CNTARES hard pieio-il bill-I BdhtloofllIAmerAcMn thic ighnott mmrtmitsi eesttns the's tl fi n nie pnDufHo-oii n With Church Services Omitted Altogether or 4lreatly Cur= ieilytr I ll o i)mreLI l im;l~ireloi eptlatheadquterstor sai r I t ir the adt ele,eIt iel lse sserlleold eptlcss o. The Germatts werce tailed, and Stores Closed Tight, City Was Quiet- l1ntn liln ~oronor. ispre rning iIoope,Itotn e Saturday Night a Strange One. enatee hog h aiir of tit''Aeianfoc odI vlo e of Aiem eeil Ai tIi 'sef% e r P Ile d hI- l p Itisle II J a im & tt4o eSan I._ nilm to thi'siie sist1P14. cice o 7 irn i'sst m setlsued Ibis morin gt. scom adihec InOt 5Icriiie ilt w retoi trido pile,. It lse-to r ei r.eele ea -cettduet in tn oliso litee-iken eoples.sobeyed board of healths reqettil.ts iRi t tile oser. Hacd sgheIehstatkensWtiestek~igthe mood isInthIt et stiff Geesste!! (hePtilicai l toelloo tea- qietett500dleetwithin thte meioy or coled Mente. hstcandlReaievottIs"smaeteesistance.Thee nstofeeopics 51'51socesel -is. od eoehe- tIsA leel Ikinsh~et SInst isediatee eselsile toletiet i-i el-se elseted b tl ost seeal tivey in -tlFN svenh rly,-and ave Thse Fel~ti Iho h511551 th epaieeoo I 1eitsse baes teceght lip treth te. 1ess o II 1 114! heedquartes and bot e pter eosee ssnpafunesor sssiositcand icsiiof, aprise. iioideilitheshnerpiol rtleeis1t hilel ig's 111eit1f1ont1 -skingl hsli bci esst leces ilei Ihet hthomlies elleys. ber cosin. feorin ftotes- ighly Istyocltnnii.1;1. si 1he' BERLIN ADMITSA holy alm so-nad Itsel abou lhe s.ti 'ofls.' houses. stnd lt Is sigcd- tiee soil, tfro m ihich the*y Tlo st-sI S A ac.ant-idiisy wt iednded ia dae isitmeot 51tores. The Ctifit'ti'lt~lou111t isi 0o1h1BeejIscPoeV o IrRnd' Ito1.AMERICAN ADVANCE o! real gae ol.ii ir~sIt nsnorfileisoii-tlStchitilelaretoIt Bt-Ilith hteie I Suet Sunsdeyst. however. oeer hail act i t by iletis. aetlitf ie lsmlif-d littloia, sNearsioe. I IlIItIl.I.N. OGtl6. (Via tsssdoei.-Gc(orbs s se itc t iciqtiliti lb..h hs cty Withinl atnlhour. ie-Ic) en erld i tostitmwhicht basse trot i leli.til lomli teeti t eelit lilscete555-t~d eaili i~listdeiO-oct-c cile areasetot e etit neIoisv. testis tithlcamtt aitil tie sees lbs Loelbadorhrtmn stties. hbepmrti sor ut een~l 0houcsAmericanes from IthleitoisIithe rom wistrss-rliig1k towarild thirlcheadqeltpchurcihervoicswete oeilited thee soda b"he 'hanstd policetdepactmentes wesreiecet.hsItilassmeuth.eflJ~asttaa ith, saly s eoetet tittelcet sttifsed fcelatsss csclosed. and. with aele-ssd. b -b pscii Itrste, Inthttis hogun aes effess oil 1st epplrensllyIday meilire already histscl ip orersoffinse.. bee as Its objectls ive t lshissof tile I teica niestpyeterday contined tbe tybiotrifue telintrticte. people 1 ie ee ige-cd Wosrd. wock pretiouesly hegune Libeliii hes hetot tlil tlitieit bItteenthe At-- geneally kestiedist1home. Usder Ill sarranemetthe hellish fel. it-te blitet-atleeoPis Feres andlSSglonn lIIteshC eesei rtv o. rttpeb Deay GeuinlyQueet. depatmetcoemmuniceted stub thee baseniersIty bats captuedtiIt mlstepote.The Amet-istn arses ie-i Praceticyalt of tbe Protels cstst ls pet.sedstrlo ld eranositeatio. nI!teefwootehIhis -aottoeoSeci'as cches cacelsied thiricservic.aSeibelssetes. thevectislemofce ed nsaly h ldGta iisstine. s esilbs -mnorth ofeigboroslse ble the servicessof Roman Catholiecethurch. t lsesat a6eo'clobk. Inws a. more he sevstandsittiItseesmno gt Im~probableo' l tiiis leeot ea st-s made brief ine 5'eucsea5t the difftcelt mattei to geltentoech wilhthIat the Germans ass p ceparie1Ic eltIf mILDPNCB _____ot_______eher Intercests,5c eirs etseremast-.withdriawal Inscrseequseeofthis co-WL EI AUDAY _______________________that bad so telephottes. It cemainedsotaflna moeet nbt bhich Inthol ON y. fee the police d epectmeet to assume rrtssdagainst them frt-e hee. sldetj. O BERHLIN ]XCHANGF3 'PTavc qad ns Le.IthelsssL11ie-eatedi. nCENEVA.Ot. S--As' Indeseribable Pete te tOs~ets Moere. Cooey.p ONsil. 'Throes e latot oertatlee. f et Its casio ti cssdethrake out en SUBSCRBE No signd to he saoons.and t e et ily seems detinitelylbeeated teom l lbs tpestinig tB06Nik ae Nascisllen SUBSCRIBEle. aslirnoiceiof the Gematnmenlace. forharceyphase or Mesis-h. 5hipptietyarstm etcon 1 lt o&ds ato.Al g Is t aeial rmdbc.the, seems. pesysmhae espeeisliy Wtere affestsii 0101 ck. -Likewseswr hog a n-FRESNO!Y AO 'e-e-s' tttses~clli elise eeslss.tee. tesAronneaoeegntsnclc-at Dec are man ASTERIDAM, C Pisted Psesel.-TI tor-warded by 1.0 chasncsllorPricie dest Wllsee' tbee eemeet folleows: "The Ger-mae the pesident oP tabs is hand the acquaint alt the this rtses.sod plenIPOtseteiatis openlieg segetiati It' acsepts theI he President stf his messagsetoCc Is his later pises his epeeche of St Peace ttcgotialion "With ave bloodshed, toeGe queststht Imeed acmistico op land It Is anuc takesF. similar at PRINCE MAX COPENTIAGZ9 lmIiiae of Baden Germi United Statc snewest peacse0o' hellee while Pt-si esnd epAoeys to othe hasie lbs pcssitiesl hi Washinigltnit ibtetesitLof be the 1tilti Ols1i Plaily,.hoe fortesof tlbsGl dsonthien. ftee tradeiglul Is It reested Ill With aetedetees * ste estli hi~ii perform -pyr5o~ and bowling allops On 1 eir wsard Is titanic struggles. septrInce b ~ * eats wets direcesd is ' solely lbs nemeroes villagss co-sise the Ali T. elected oesof eec beaetiful mesemeetal fesa -IEI pieces Iletedseadlbhcpdiden.swithtaalad peseletheeemyac highlr plesed. We can ds tbs eSmse fctm*rls eot let -YOU, FIGHTt-e tOeRTs etc 11 avpe sodei LALNTSOK1:4 L5WVLL FI iN OCieb.o Glad to (Eset. Asse ierlss. both of wlts haefes I hn5ocok ituk the gre i rssed at bsstscal poins. Orsl ade,snes:e s~m ~ ~ I LIBERTY LOAN I anutfld oufr ayq the Ikrenttros a cmeldte A to H a l y 31Ts5OeNteKE OTttritly Istot'e Is the board's order. wtdiem teem the 5flsahaiII~tt r t* W1t0 AedasmS A wheeer Tsown. Residence aura Cinch voluntarly p s es theit- doc.s I a em eties hi sr Govenmen talm e nt * Marks draw their Psil1 week's 7d~ Weekl Paymnts.and wsere glad *e quit. toc etteJLec i thsm wet-s shemociKfrttsymttems st 1A~ thldses.. en wasted. to get home D U0 I 'et~e~spfo thesatmest.:r~su s sl5Ubarsa It wshno~l ne tim e eWhile'5 It55/ wat-es _, eerall s 'nwa hat-da ttha whes Qf big taieh. sam.f thoaotthe gfb~ao thaI lbs sa. what staff'ha.s he lastPV-Sices.' lon e eto altdbes *55{ that b-t txact ht Caleb - - - - - - - -..... I MC. (8 &1 ~ w ts Ist l e e e -nti pbslice ofies jjvyt ot at' y t ~it eelp lseaeese.upone he lsee &ta d ae-h aSet.ct1 PLUJMBERS' AND STElPs.i ec e t r,.3utl5900 1NWMONW In o~tdaf on, Ftem et sddelayh ht7S:. 7%a -.ero the 0a wIt t BON4 accF1TESodintt6 aspIc t L is 1~ire de Pessh ___ Bokma hdnt~q.e.1* tes oldtimil aed Is"11- ~ e'clock gents," san liehld;\ aPo-se es s s e1 i109es0' MERlRItspe 0ST

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