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ï~~ DESETLET* EVENING NEWS WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16 191[S A~~ ~ ~~ IMJPRYN Open Forum For Discussion of SH~1DOW or Proposed Mijne Tax Amendment - Dl Propose ore in the Jdevelopment of a paying Bu~' Anedmet o Tx hino. It wold:eemthereforethat PLAN S medmn tiTx thela senuhiexcd from Metalife ius e he riner. But It Is now proposed a~srgggrroza to have th people place in the con- well tiulnapermanent aesomettof Editor Deseret News: mining prop~erty which ohall be un-z'Er The1olorrnb it reatin t Lahangeable, The anseasor is to be leg Theefollowing wth relationhtorelieved of the duty of assessing ouch And ~gents f Stat Board of theproposed amendment to see- property,an th teBorOfrr tion four, article thirteen of the Con- EqosllzatlÂ~"jothassesa and a oth Health Tell Employees stitutlon of Ithe State it, respeetforlly quittzlflrs a t a s esxe and decltre 00a sumite:.. A~IA. by" the flat of the Constitution. All grey How to Avoid Influenza The amendment Is as followrs: other property in the state Is to be -E rySopn"Ugd l~Section 4. All metallferous assessed and taxed "in Proportion to a -Eary Soppng rge. I uinr o, sln~b ciirts, oth Itsvalue, to tbe ascertaIned sax pro- frer - j yJw" h tt oado. placer and rock in place shatl be eqitalIrallon tnuet acess and tar the U assessed at $5.0 per acreradI ns aoerat' minrgclaim,"at v l basedaon somev mulpeoratb-mvaut-cur N an effort to prevent partial or- addltlop thereto at a value hosed tbpsed oftHue mnetianle roceed'u coplte shtdws f arou multiple or subustlple thereof,' A multiple a y be defitned tsh Ilarge industrial plants In the state of time net annual proceeds there- asa.a number produced bymt-a asarsuto teIfissa p- of, All other mines or minng bielying another by a whole number- moo 3etieminng and a sob'tnultlple Is a number which ta cicagnsf tae state- boesrc4 of claims and other valuable, mineral dvdsaohrWthu eanetent teali _are - naki ptrstotsal vists"to ande nohrwthu emidr be planrts, dietrl brtlgposters telling depostits, Including lands contain- Of coarse, there to a sub-multiple for andf bow to preven tthe 4ise a nd whatL leg coal or hydro-earbons, shalt ety'ry It itte. Suppoese the net pro- et4!o do if it!a contracted, and -also n- be aessed at their full value. All ceeds In a given caxe are,10000. 'To Ott rview-logtse: empltoy aes d te value on a sub'multlple of I rereto ep a3 h ne o achinery us ed In sining and all this amount nright result In a soss-mn lividual and pereonal.atatnion to.the property or surface, Improvements nient upon a valuation not to exceedmn ob ect, upon or apputrtenanlt to mines or #t60,0.0 To multiply the sums of lierene n mining. claims, and the value of resuit in 1101 gtting nweea e~Tpr s been t 1a gpnlhws~ anp surface upsmade of mining the actual net prcesIs>h hoe~~ slbo eon account obf theas acle of worrk- claims,; or mining property for number to be employed In raining the - rg force, so inftlous ltls mald. ohrisnnilgpsehal amnount for taxation to meet the views;tiet: Jflasin pro r*th>i tlg r e y tr# esees t-ul aueohesat tthe board of equalization would be in Th-tatte atleast 2, and.may by an Indefinite of ch e lws scmbers 'of p zios as board of etiaIsxation shall as number whereby a result reaching to bitt employed, large: pexeea es of.the seas and tax all property -herein the stars Is obtined. The tax for atny' ob: ores pay he caugsht with the dl.res nmrae.povddtattea- one year aessessed against a umise'the rimulta neously, thnus. nessltatlng eae, rvddta theax showing $100,000 net proceeds may bt' ~y - hotdown of the factory' or store. 5te- sealnent of 45.00 per acre and the assessed upon $1,000,t00,ur a greater 'be ral, instances of tis kind' have been asessmnent of tine value of any sum. Atty flat under the forms satm olt -sported to Dr. -T. 3, 5eatty state use other thain for mining poe- sanctity of law, whether pronoun~ed zealli comisspionAer, by persons res- by a. legislature, or by the people In 'see.rninrg froms the. e sna 11' offQiia pees salb aea rvdd the form of a constitutional amend- Mar dvies. by lawv." moent, which purports to enmpower the '-ril Asy Plsos wder a lUrsT.eroWd 55'- Existing constitutional and sia- taxIng officer to so strike at properly cies rebles, par-ticulsely wihin doors,' is rights, Is unworthy of a free people. 'at 1 t-tory provisions whicortob able to provre a preli f oe Hof -in.- ~c r ob The fact that it Is indoreed by some they ecbon..r - eve, i-Iseo of y- co ns drdIn this connections arcenscialistic educators, or tine repreuen- lidi stide form of ta l e ess-o mid that as follows: - otven, of a great political party It,fr is does lnot uelis.that. he has it- p tto- Aricl Iiconventon assembled,5 of so cotmee- 'itra naysped-bs maayÂ~ throughaout ContlquonAtcl euese Their's i4 but a cr-y for the fp Ins crowd, smn4 104 muh schne.-- ection 1._- Inherent andina,-idtepoliation of the property of citheim Iice. is ensue caress 'ts lisnehie rights. All men have, tine In-order that thoc burdens of taxatiot T' - t~si~laSlosa.-mierent aesnd " inalienabie right. may be-shifted to a special class and.:lpis Without' a plpte shnltdo ief, -to acquire, psesand bu siness,..The -snantfest.-I-jstce"uir-nr nat.!, sndsa.woldbe pssss the proposed "amendment should lup- tiec Main. e sys D4, ital.beIt is m - protect property. -pIeal Ito- all fair minded people, and cne is to prevt seem ahdais ss = Setlosi 7.No person shall bho-particularly to the 'Mormon" people, pa: sgs by s-.g sra sweeping order, LL deprwved of Ilie liberty ar prop- Who have always been characterized ts ati$r 114 sznp 1s, In the ig s rosssee erty. without t b poeso W o y irunir retesitindofthir ien eeopatltlyerowt ds a eep l. dupocssofla, property:rights of ali other sadtsrto uchl~ ca.: Dr. Rel ty points iout, thse Awicle 'V E. hsiiyt-uf~ n ppressivea tax- nha nA nui aMl ok-out to-r h15is Secton '26. ' The legislature ias.atipes.--hager to -protect l'theeeven hd ne V avoidi s fom enctngan aanst sepoll: tlon they should' be swlift "ial i& o-prohIbited frm ea tingay141 pi.o ir 3.t prevent 1an indefensible act of tyr-zecta to do' youtr Iurehasug swlyar~b, en private or special law s In tine anny and oppression. against any. to, boat 150sto$ee *""not crowded t tmSdam.following oases ~ pyrin mthe state.: - rr sr intt o spreadizna the: intsetnon " lc~ -This amendment,- might: be, adopted liet ro.,e l nqas uttatalreels ~ '~by less-than a majority of all the' dccy' -orh lnoin of sohp'lingsa present is taxes.: ' tort ct-tahe-state, that- its by a majority per, oe.! 'Ito" all a tloorinad that -duo-- Ar e;exhxr.of -thnos votIng at tle election, 01 tes nlf the'ep~idspnl'ales fors --nd CnS-' et 2.Alpoeryi hs adooted, (if valId)it-will,sot be;tne' with b9eto;AlprpryI hsI-o ppR% tloulsped oer enete sas ntIxepfndrte as cord with other provisions of the con=.ecl:b a opo~ie+s ofor hetlel ti~,ntenxi tesun'or.ths, s tittioni..t wll,deny to' the prescrlied bo ia ", f the unted t~t e ~ under ohstlais itine equal:protection -of laws; it cs Coutitlto, sal 'te~e in w~l-be':an act "of arbitrary power crop TI E -, -po osiou't lts vsb-it4 ' e ass strkpng. downm -the property rights of a duel ned'$ provdd laus,. Txhe ttwilW eeclat,law assessing stude upot "' ' r- wpr;f 4 pir Lgus4 jn tlns 4tt+e tllctltt -taxes;' It will 'prevent' the ste: f1'JA~eIP~nDI i oe;I hereby; declared to' include' taxatio btO a crlfAin: class of property nsali Il l jbWH nrii o~tes, crediits, bonds, 1stocies, 1n in rspprton- to Its value, without no sein -.-- *~. "~" - fanclseand allmatqis~ tcesccru-hearin, it wil he toppoal" of.,.....,. eronl an tdid) logfor a uniform and equal -rate uf 'th ~ 4 c apablew of private ownership.. tat-oonllppe'ch da>i h h tacadi more.'step to $ehati 3 hsigsaueshalt 'h satt;and for the. just value- or aÂ~.:....: in 'l rnrYeo hteeypr i The food admainistaon r~epeta make or, enforce any law which sand' may avary the rates of excise upon nuon 09tyo.foer adisMM evarious product; It may 'tax,real os- plal: racl o odr n h *udth5 jur tthiops. d tat-stand persional property In.a 'dif- B' ncat modrn methods.sats fc so h utd forgout;-i~snner; it 'may tax visible ofI 1 3Rair b-aIl a w 5sO epatwe!property only. and not 'tax esurlticsee Z. C -'N Is wl~~ee, e~ wan o lie, or payment of mney: It may -allow a I propely"wit-nouta deductionsfor lsdebt es. sor not floes allow thsem. All such.'rerulationas ha tiv m00n~the o O t t- la'l oo deny to smw Pit-son with- and thoseof like'charsdte so long 'ewip at-len is b 5e 501to dm* J ubilee Ito 5 sditl the eqsal piro- they proceed within rea. sonble llits Wilh stay.-uaiese egauasd Ot- l5 1.tatiesof the laws. Od eers usage, e rare Wisthin othes"al "M. u o%"C w Se.t.oll tof At:cle 13. which It osele..of the l sate lf sitting th t~elr

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