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ï~~ "";Y,; V.. y' _,U * JC i AUGUST, 1917 No. 8 Monthly Bulletin -OF THE BUREAU OF HEALTH. r. -OF THE City of St Paul, Minn. 1 Number of Deaths,:165 Number of Living Births, 431 Number of Marriages, 307 _ i.. t I L' 4".' 1 -:.', '.;.: - b COMPARATIVE MONTHLY MORTALITY 1913,205 1914; 218 1915, 221 i:.. Iir -1:;,. t f:, T ' 1,'...T;M Mr ' 'il++;.F':. mss;' 1916, 199,. l.". l:J.. ": 1. " r; -...;;..... i,. }... = ' ' -{.. l. iii 1,._... - -.,. y - - -.w. '..i^... =.._" Vii',- J r%. dq1 '.irn I ' at Estimated Population in 1917, 285,000 Death Rate per 1,000 for the Month of Aug., 1917,.58 3ustus iage M.iD.,cr HealtU O. fficer Gustav A. Renz, M. D., Deputy Health Officer:., 1.:f. J:..

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