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ï~~N DPEN IN CUtY* TOMOlRROWA All city schools in 1415 Angeles wil be 'opened tomorrow. Tihis %va* nnounced by Surperinlen'.1nt Of ihools Shies today. U -was also annountld that nigtht fchools In the igh 4chools will be opened. next Monday night and the elementary night schools will be opened the following Monday. A grand total of 209 ischools will be r'periltlng -in full force tomnorrow morning at, 9 'clock. Tho that w-1ll be openned for theI Inn Ltime ait- Sanll 1'crunfdo Iiigll lliorllingside, 'lujunga. Angelus Ileki, laomingueaz. Green Aeadows, Griffin avenve 1-amptoa Ileights, ](srbor City, Loankershtm, Linoln elementary, Mission avenue. Nincty-tifth street, Pacoima, Rowan avenue;V San Pedro. Santicoy, Vineland, Zelzah, Fifty-second sitreet, Woodcrwct and PARENT TEACH-ER LEADERS I-AKEll! IEACHMX EtIDEKS will 118NVORfiudlI fVlAn811hAw ta 0eo61onail of %emciiss to 0be Vild It.NO. MORECATARRH A A arLns.atsied Tr.ataneasIt Wht 55se.S4,00 th~Ip T..sw, ljstaerleft CdMntA 1oisefrtkeue 90 o. utl-YatnelCOUMStifut IlWfi n ir and sAtbo11,h I" duie5-...tilax eronjo.-n. woherever' civilization <cirt. Every year the already eorrmotuq salog 'of thIll really rlentile trentant for catarrh growo grtr.aI(nd ie remei year should show all records broken. If you breathte IlyimeliaiilY am dlreced It will end. yourc raurrh or It won't cost you a cant. If YOU have a hard rulbber tHyomel Inhaler sjomewhere around the house get it out aqd start it at once to forever rid yourself of catarrh. The Owl Drug Co. or any otlher good dsvgglst will sellt yolu a bottle of fyorniel (tlquld), start to breathe It and notice -6w quickly it-clears out the- air passagas and anakes the entire head feet 0 tyomel used regilarly shotild end caiarrh cou~hs,_ colds. hrorhItl1-4or isaUcma. AcomPlete otfit, including a herd rubbtfr, poelort Inhaler and boitle ofItyoMel, opats bvAt little. No stomnach doiileg '.Just breathe it. 'goothing a~d healing t he Inflamed membrane-Advertisement. at reasNae Ftd W081 - ~BG SATTLE.1' 'WALKOUT ICONZTINU~r.D.FROM PAGZ GYM) f s-when organized labor Plans to desert every industry in the city. Thirty-six fraternal, busines and Patriotic organizations have joined In a determination preserve law and order at any cost. REFUSE LIGHT REQUJE1TS Special requests that the electrical union exempt workers at the municipat- lighting pl~its have been refused. This means, according to union leaders, that no street or house electric isIlls will be in operation. M\ayor0t1r Hlanson declared if Ihe emplo\yee of the city, who are all under civil servIce regulations, leave their jobs other men will be substituted, and that at any coat street lights will be kept burning. CLAIM QUICK VICTORY 'We shall place the city in such a position the strike will lost hut aI few oay..;' in s tco dlarat iun of labor I:I:)- oz C 11lylH: 3 111(10lit l-C iro (1001naoaelill I0115(11 '.d1.t o M lit Gas*t lon a te~l~m m tol ull~r, tvilg W13MPM THIPOW PU!PP1RD IN i&1DXrNq6 Mtt 1hfqff r4ZN) QIRTLS ATTACKED> DfItntl910alNOC**"c MmnO'l>Jl. 5o.. eb. 5 0 e Pe-Pper, one of the chief weapons used by the strikers In 1912. wnfe tiseil again today to prevetnt men from going to work mnat.. 0(1110. Many wnek~irlo of the Arlington enillo reorted that nppper had been thrown into their eyes by women strike sympathlzers. 6everal girls were among the pepper victims. There were a number of emall disorders in the vicinity 'of thle Arlington mJlls early today. Efforts were madce to wrench lunch pails a"d bamkets from workers. Mirhelanna Nermu.4 a woman strike leader, was arregfsd 0charged With assault on Mary Keegan. who'was on hcr Way to woric at the Pacific mills. Miss Xfeegan claimed that,. MIss 'Kermil trtenpted to tuke her lunch basket. A ight followed. Tacoma Unions Face Spli't Over Walkout. By aietsrstlesal News Seed..s tACOlMA.,ipdb.-5.-tAbor lnionthm, here todsZ toces a serious split as the odtdillagreaunents over the,Prq.oedkaeiii ti tike to be called at 10 a. ro ndtrow. Re aching the very pinnacle.of v Febriary, when the name of Ei o 3M r Every garment at these sale prices is guaranteed to Here. is a stock consisting of close upon $7,000 -wor --for. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM

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