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ï~~.. ------, P'. 0 The Evening Herald Grows Just Like Los Angeles 7 77.. MONDAY. JANUARY 27. 1918 TWO CENTS NO;i m S.9 MOR SCHOOLS TO OPE N TOMO RE'0. Z~i~ynotisrvCharged to Get FoglConfesso r FOIL PLOT TO FIX GUILT ON INNOCENT VICTIM District Attorney's Detectives Prevent False Confession in Slaying Case 1, y~ Hypnotic i trfenar cws used in an attempt to tor"' an innocent man to confess the lt"ahcn laeleyniery murder, according to a disclosure by district ettorey'n ' The intendd ' alim t r fthe foraye! b een swinled ot of thattottedn of dolltara by operatora atf the so-t;Alled "spaok trust,' it was tated. ated the attempts to -ompl the mane Io make a ponfession at the ASKED ABOUT CONFESSION Detetctinve Chartlea areena tatyd wihecounter tat hehad been approacthed reently hy y a person mboasknied tnieIt thn chargee againat ane at the mina rbhe fomily rested in coneectiont with the "spook there was a trest" aindles waould be diemlsed ship, hut de- provng anothaibr man panteaeed irrolt or hey slaying Fogel. f ndnuiating A few daycsat hehypncotia inAstor Spur- ftiere attempt was made. The enian $l:. alimony was approasched by a strager, who hnyrneit 0n1i1 said to himt: inst Det~nih You are Lbe man who kild at oetotalmeney-lender In Defner and yea om kt ra illed Fbea." trapiain Thee for two days the hypnotia Inapplication floene was brought to boanean the moay. sea man to make him canteen. ladtat wsom Green stated that tha teteeded vieai te im tisoseptihie to hypntic tatie1 b ada BEFORE GRAND JURY o it betoeged Tite islsueofatthe nontassion med to havs pot wilt prahably he piaced before ossobtie. Tlte the toutty grand jer when it meats ide irered tomorrow to proba tbe "spook trost." )cesure at a lThe detentions ace at the opnona ney. that the "spook artiste' used dregs a formerly a is their vitimisng oatlenets. It is dsal comedy beleved that a dreg was used that rita attethe dotted nit seneofatjudgmoent and a bitter cos- made the "liets"tess auspicioes. e resent Mrs. Y. acaording 6,10;00,O0 Fund )wed that e ' Heids tallow. Asked in Congress I her lit. was the receiving to Open Soldier Jobs terseYs Dan..-.-r--- urnto engaged BIr s~aet ew o ers ee toy. and eslb WASINGIPtTON, Jan. 27.-A ttals the saese day at $00,000,000 for arot poet reads euch ther, and $9,000,000 tar ferret roads and namne a' no- trails In the nstructionl af which teg develo.nischarglssed soldiers. saitors and msahen the tealti- eltes may be engaged is provided tor"! a bill inteoduced in tlm blues this 'afternon by tReprestative I +4ter Flood at Virgina. Ds."I.J Of thes $300;00l,000n,h50,00,00is y' ) preeided tar the remainder of the ft.o U.W clyear ending June 30 neat and $t5,0lo0l'oS e enof atthe tiscal years ino T1en't ending Jute SO.,1100 and Juno SO, Rear Admiral F,"E. ii Hur DOI IlfTI lU Burglar Chadwick, Noted J ISnJ f~f~IJO Tells Pr Navy Author, Dead "Watch" S' rmioaleclNest awveme ff lP I~ l VLeang as NE7W-Ryar Ad Ii D'17I--RearUAd-I scribbled. 'Yoe N, e'tirydd iI ont epor-t, '.1~kurgiar robta lnst nigh, '"" tonadeitno re- tEIfllicRev. A 11 3 1of the av nlnedha otlt}' iy. u u u i. u nAlhambra nO Admral Chadwck srveed through II IIIwamiiinssndcd chief of tt in toRareAdmiral hanop- ____ ____Threesunils snand partiipald In ait the in- seal sepsesta portant rngagyments with thne Nertha Packing Business Growth from Prominent Business and Club es-sloband a sted nomprise Atlantic eleerdron a in 69. He also 50 Cents to $400,000 a Year Man of Los Angeles Suc- teal. The b erns on;atnt',yccn naaimsobjeeth. ported to the hiln wrtte many artlets and Told in Meat Probe cumbs to Pneumonia today ad w-enralhoIo. _ onducted ft Admirat! fthnclwlphkna bare in Mae- areiticlese.Oeee alt "rnne rro heln gyantlwnc. NC. o.. can 'ah. 29, 1044, WAiIINI 'CON. Jan. 27-Haw the"iianwnyoung busiesetamen of Loa and was adutaatd from thenaval geatan,e ne'torris &Cn., Chi- Angecn:an O n tyn ta ido noadcmyln 116i. totorboeCommand- etage ' ale, cgrow tt'm a capital ciltothers-in-lacr ofr'hlatco If. I I ii taanmeoiarsntipsandwa ed cents to n a,, nal n-laine atHeat osAntrle hnk~er. it F: l U tailed in anio',I many important i.hon~oinn-i hiensatae.ta m he, 3R2:,tJ.Vi ilsitsbalevarld. $4UAOOUt1 inshet eneatinrc rtiearly today.FL I vertoatioco tar tilee. a''. litswat eaed tot iday hy Edwaed 'Morrl.itto114'death caoC ihr result ef in retired atIhesonsequasl do Frb, the ti,.: e ba"big fPoe" to testify ottotiaof tnflttetza amplie-ated bIi:6~n, 10afteraoa ericeofnhe1 bfrehe'houcomitteeeoonntrytJnemoniattwhic ettina fewy lbar cae.Shet)tetyotftorncthanage. le hat 'een ct n~c ce a. qr i k co6e yenslo-. lt t Sea tt 'j1 uiiur The committee to conducting lear- ago tast Sunday. Mr. raten at viepeedc or tho A roneete-Galre Rivers and Harbors Iegtone. ho lmy ted Kendrioka bills Cot. a breinrnetr~tr, Bill of $32,702,364 based epon atfedoyal teae:commis- M. rnt CIuII 6' trced aI"a__ topdreprlalyta tsat o an eertdli irldt nCrs DE CI Reported to Senate LitiArmaou and tlft. Monris de- OF 'PROMItNENT FAMILY pied mpatcalytht hee o ny A natieoltarn lan reo n a la 0 r tnasNews s evie cmbinatin,ta restrain eoecpetttioOmeamber of 'ac oft i~t e t. wealili. Inflet'-+t. rc WASIINGTON. Jan. 17-Currying er seg-latts prier nti t lae'eomuch rot ate"t moo mirpa 'aermlrtise d- l;Itoll,,i~ approprations oPf 12702364, tho reg'ulatiooan in proposed le thbe billeI i'ys-y, Mr. Aron~w o o o aLot An- 'thira'wccr- 1.: ethers and harbors bitt was favrablhty gotroesne yeas-e Ijan to mten Ms-c l sreortdn reorird to thesernatp by the cam- wudo lanl nr~teteAmy Idellmtan, sateeyf"f Itlo e tici merescommissinthisfeitnoo. Asnat tothne onaamer. rmat, andlton th ot popar l'y pased hr the hu, tet apprapria- MORRIS BELLIGERENT nielsofntLoe Atter o eiela'. Lat Montdyt tin totaled $26,93.3l.44. Morris pronerd a more bellinerete Tha wedding aite ote of tho mont 0w11h10 drat. Tb-- principat amendments hy the w r hnelabotate tew'rcerleiratedliitt-t1e Ac' Tents-d.ei ebtato 'nmmitara' goon 1300000 feyor tlc ethnritter AymoueiS--hift. Myol theImpeorcatat he ~ht des- "Lgislation such as is prieposed getre. the mproemen ofth hio hves-rAreoneon anct-Ihin slIle malteI1 ticrits we antI $1,700,000 far the improvemsent woetd atoll tie uitimnate rain of the-+n'koa,te, at the Alleghyny, nations genatesi and toalt ainient lbs-Is-honoe in tist a nd,:ttin addi'tIc oo e. Asatetc ytcsnt a-Induetrie." hn' enid. lien in becoming c intflusetiatl fig- nem caeo0ttesttoee thehillt authaorises the serse. "'Then macbet comnmittefee theurinbdeeette.M-AecoItebtitebe toyNational Lione ioo'iiaoinatioe. a c eaena k ntc lanl. l~e was Tecac o. atnofwis- he hea re Orhtinary nTbmerooofrhondanGalollCun eneney for a canal 12 foal dep ds nd doordittg ta Its attos-ny, Waiter L. amleraatsh~ abttC esn' rkhale20 at satible wttb to onenot h ~er. is responstie ftiailanes- try club. tile LoAngees Athlatinc ltna Miami and E-tnta with Lake Erie tigatione," be sail. Thoeat-awed oh- ThJnahnnb n l eeItlieoetl't end Lake Mit~tlean. lest of tie market acmmittee ao to egranrtn onf a tsimilo enaure. revietous Owl eneare tigher psIons to thte atle- SOICAL LEADERS 'cc robs- tos- his stuckes-hict, taturally ";,ei' tn.h e il iem--n Trmn u Dublin Ba1 iNMen on maues 1hgb plcesro te titetled fbotit prominent andtlplpalat'. lnd ii#4kTk et'b la 17 S products. OMe. Fisher enerd toavae lSan Frsanisco.,inhere they Ictts-ec Uninhabited. Islandi anything to do witih the inattee ontil tereennly. otwere hailyd ae prom'-ieheaith trite a udwas collected. Thile'land' to caent mnmbers of the wealty social caro tunecc ow Proclaim Republic:150,00 annually.cileNttdutha eIdnt aharge as- Intitmate that Mr. Aronesen isoeueied tby his ecte e fotoss the fund wao used far any Improite wife and two littlen sans. Herbert and Itt ted nellotne Br t-lsestlssasl Sews!!iveics pus-pe. Boo Its staneold nuake it Marcca. "m so oecution LONDON, Jan. 7-Going in a rather dangerous if It beps-need toa ]Mrs. Ar-onsen is proetraerd oer her Ouaaeontiine reguit [snuli, uninhabited intand near Dub- get Into any improper cannel. hueband's death and his rohcr-Ic- in the mtareddI in Hany, a few promins-st residents TELLS OF FUND law. Mr. Itellnae d the ather s-sla- 'Inrert that oeiy n( Dublin tittydeclar-ed It a republie 'What would he the state at mind] tInes are noereheicoed wih grief. f thboee nelilic a nd prepared an address to the freesofatngress and the country It the Na funerailarrangemoets bone beenlathu neeonots-ol, nations of the werld, ancnrding to federal trade ceomiasseionad dia- made as yot. hat wilt be announced a ditpatch frees Dublin tathay, novered that thekacakars had raised toter. 100, Out 'WhennIishmen ohank lakes sank a lund of $150,000far the purpose at an this it Is ortals that tha poltilcal raisIng the las-teas of the articles they LA. Man Recovern Parade leadars kane tlandes-ed." sore the hans 'tin sole? I charge tllat the a5rn Dally' Mailt, & span the at.- memners of this marketing commit- frm W udse frtea--the aubtle seen-ace alt wealtthy fo WarWon Jobs Der r e'e' eec he made their mosey teem ihn alof lea meat animals. Hnney nt Huge Shipyards Calfris. who conducted thaenn- neko her T1bWll.nn f i ' Tid sdd eea raecmisint.Ceary Wahl of 14501 Henryste, NE I0 atidedatfeeal t rn eadme ed an en-wa owas wounded tenotIon en Oct. Ta f ital A0 '-ccc' at Bel st Ti ofveilatinIafendath e tighbore 1,nehileoigitiog naitt Comnpeny B from traemploIyml y' r of 1aMDentus-he milliofathe of the One Haundred and lrtfty-stlth city taoiay when U byBig Strike stanero r ukoeo h u i okm +mavIng spirits-et the taen-at com- Infantry. is now recuetingi~ at the otttwr ~c 1 1 "- mitte, and Kant was the man wnhe Lettermnan hosptal in San Francisco. eaurs-IlPoaem ortaeana ee eee praoticaliy and actually started theao-igt cw Mped eene an t t e" LONDON. Jile 37--The great ship-'econmission Intoacation. HMeny soughtt dat.Stnofte pteg center at Belfast to tied ep hy to destrop. net to held up or aid, in Tha youtng tsnldior bsoidos bis six- aouot their itatmr a strika of ship workers who are the solutiotofat a prehlem that tee, Miss Lena 'Watl. itas ate aentStetese rnpltytare demanding a 44-heee week, ocedaeima.nma n hldltLas Angelus. Mrs. CaspItanna- tile worde, "tiotTntusnshprprestthstouthedUnedr States"ma 'n c ithieof401 enn'stee tle nsrdrs. ltar, 'sNote., reacherrn rachr o LL I ERIDEfS1 and Pray ou hould waltch A R S M srae"a facetious M 1 R S f.Hunterpastasor *f lIts church neasbil the minister El ingervices tact W O K I of cilthieg. S 1eRKI garments. e gold t cd a care nI teE K arelery was e- W E sea-oh 'sheng I_ _ Is- lhs misiong Seventeen More Educational Institutions Held Sessions Toin; ter o itat's-mm-n l~I ea ord,.., I b to;m,mlt" 1ot n~tl"I,v ei"r ettdeat of t C " 'N E W o ttl n e tll rI..... \\'i Inl ia t li:!, ilt..t~ r. Ic tal '..' hs'ecr Imm 'i tl -I It nt. l.m....t'ml.'Oi~ t eatt tt 1 trt l i m,.. ' ml~'t.\'Ilia~t1 'eTei mt'lol P1n"t~ 1 tmt'tschool. m.r1: amme - alwill ben e.. 11.1,t.1ie'.l:;l "im.m'm.. l tt'octes-Il cite. Ie"te ~.I'''I'm ~ 1 t tew it %c s ni f r~e' n tl"I i' l.o. m,,.;.mt...I 'mt. ito tili 0 rl,11,- ry 1, it.'..1,I!..'aa to'' In ches- w:t ruibe 'l~t ' mintI.....m t 'm. 11:,1a ttts '';l tlt. 1 ltp im' t'm mhmi, t ie. L)4 - 11nt' I e mti I l' t lm.Im. lt1 ' a ll n 'iII ','t " ELtt.t.'.r ii'.. i..1w t to a t ot'm.r rtrtee mni110i I d' ma "i ' 1mm,. Inne. at Im,"t e '' ilm it I'm 11mm, tel 'm m,.rI'm 11mm01 Cm atof 'aesror I f il-r~'.. 11 ic Ilr S7,theIte t w eks II,r"rwt tn1""1' vN I cek1 toal t'tlt..C. tanertai t tlOmt' t n-01toil' lgte tinyied.mio to lie alt'itoil vaitnz:. r Rrr~tl} ncntrt^" GA I:.< i. t.a. Joe. ly-N;.e an feeft t ile U.n11 ted m.ite t 'ert'tm/.1It' l lA t th111,11,.f t] t onlyrho ll r oh. ml t eate101lterha g tdl lp ar." T~ itec 'me otin.ti1. ~tlu",Ie1 nol anne ltheir~at n o 14ttn or 1 rom- ni 011bt o flm i.e nt,"1 at toithe -ds o4 dorc: T d I. 1 A eon1. a1rt nieltig erwooshbi onios oud kep fit, fthepirit'l o h l ee boy eunWo k, itabi-ea lien ttl \ta nrect It pa-~ of Contrac~r~t linhit 41 lruhiietvrkh. -landth elinent;.....rtrd 4 ls enel t St-e }i:i. i 4Nr ' i\ nu'm 0 frli Siga ~eanr a nta l'r tru..ti1' ae t -'--Os \r r r lelI fta -'1ou1it kI4.Oi, lII d;."te

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