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Influenza Encyclopedia

Page  1 ï~~ k The Emergency ThateNLorvConfronts Our City Is Beyond the Facilities:of the Health Department -Tke TiMLED AL-GkQSS has come to the assistance of the Board. Doctors and nurses can not be obtained to ofthe protect afflicted. You must- -wear a mask, yourself but your children and your n influenza, pneumonia and death-.A A GAUZEMASK IS 99% PROOF AGAINST INFLUENZA:-, Doctors wear them.- Those who do not wear them get sick. The man or woman r hild who will not -wear- a mask -now--is-- dangerous-slacker OAKLa. l.avtniz the s!, 'Pm th AHD' 1IICa]i 1 WEAR MASKS GOING TO 'WORK AT W1ORK GOING; HOME AT HOME This statement was authorized at a meeting of the undersigned, who are convinced that it is the way to startp-out the epiaemic. You must do your part Alameda CountyRelief Committee i, I: Couity of Alameda it of Oakland Board of Health of Oakland Oakland Chapter American Red Cross Oakland Clearing House Association Oakland Chamber of Commerce Associated Retail Dry

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