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ï~~-~y-- WbEYI - - U h 1 f 44 4-... '1 4.. 1 }: *HO.> -WERE r 'y PR OMO- }i:, Sf,- fTEDIy,,, TI!(- r' " r. $4*$~ ~AkC NDR ~Ht. PRESIENT.'SAYS KU EARNED.FLLOWSII r F Paris, Dec,, 116.-President Wilson, hearts as mu "t U'3 lls in X. speech' at. the city hall today, principles.- - decard tatAmeic ha etabisedwe know, how -.______ _- its right to 'the full fellowship of eies of right these peoples hiere' and throughout hearts moved l~lemonsuruers Only i giu the world who reverence the 4rizht of "Ong, Author Services Be Held During genuine liberty and justice." The "'lu* president said:Yo have SEiei"Your, greeting ha raise d many erous i n what Epidemicemotions, within me. It is with no enough to say ordinary sympathy that the people of beyond my per. tho United States, for whom -I have! have interprete 14 NW CAE, EAH the privilege of speaking, -have viewed motiv'es and rt *the sufferings of the people of France. of the United Many of our own people have been fluence I eserc Theater Owners Face Arrest for themselves' witnesses of those suffer-;I 'speak with, ings. WVe were the more deeply moved know what the: Permitting O1 ildren Under by the wrongs of the war because we what they hay' 16 to Enter knew the manner in which -they were 'have Spoken a"! a./ perpetrated. -... minds. it has 4d.l +" e htyuwl not sdpp6,e- how the cerise' that because a- wide ocean separated, free men every The number of influenza cases 're- us in space, we were not in effect! '"We have Ported to the health department for Eye-witnesses of the shameful ruin I right to. the f, Sunday and Mon day morning, totaledi that was wrought and he cruei and peoples here ati 142, with a. sm l~l huniher. eof pneu- unnecessary sufferings that were who revserence monla canes. Only two deaths were brought upon you. liberty and-Just reported for that period. This recordFol is a' decided decrease compared R'th ( Central-Ilowers WLrowst. the daily reports of last week. I "These sufferings- have tilled our "You have n, No church services, other than the hearts with indignation.- We knorw at, home here. strictly rellgiou', will be allowed after' what they were, not only, but we know: iightfui warmtl today. This order abolishes all Chriset- what- they signified, and our hearts also by the mat mks exercises and social meetings its were touched to- the quick' by themnt, made me* reul: the churches, lour imaginations tilled with the whole intimAte COMMO Â~"dr.A-}httcr Managr. picture of what France and Belgium ideals that chit rap? r tbows a numbecr of Mfichigan boys with Unit Q of e-boepi tol' No, 5, who were recently promote'd.' - g * --8ergt. C(kxli Me,e ur,.Ow se:Se rgi tW il l i an pithe; Sce-gt. Sam ucl Snow, Ludinagton; Scrt Frank {t Clu~e Ser gt. U1 arry Fn nekbhoner, Grand Ranp~ds:; First SVencklarnGr and Rapids; Sergt. Allyn C. Patseh, IDr. Slemons announces that the In partic1ujar ZULUexperltficvU. -whenILIitLi~VF notiosa4., accrding to Diek, were thos fSrt hre management of the theaters wvill be the United States declared war, tee oo o h leutcna icy,. and of Corp). 1William Kire.hgeeemer to Ui c wholly responsible for the admittance fore, they entered it not only because "Yulwlo " (of children under the age of 16 year. they were moved by a conviction thatwasrmnb'.. Yesterday many reports W'ere received, tho purposes of the central empires ad'i ~ ri that children, who falsely represented were wrong and must be resisted by,ad hle1ie their ages, were allowed to enter, If men everywherewoldlbry and i Ingtepol iiiI,0 ET L any more repo-tes of this nature are re- the right, but also because- the illicit Inm pes. cve the management'of the offend- ambitions which they were entertain- cryaa i sad othe practices which shocked our (otn { ussfor the general work of aid -_____ ____ _____ ACIAL QUESTIONS the sick, greatly outnumber those__ for special work. An urgent.plea for i n113flh nurses. including the inexpertenced. isN IIW E li 36.-Miid-Euro- see an approaching crisis between the Saturday totaled three.aid of President Jugo-Slavs and the-Italians. IJ Those who died are: n nIAI sttie--two-vexing " "Both disputes seemn to have pro- I ose Tiesma, 323 Itoby place, (lied11K threatening the! greased beyond bounds of domestic Dec. 15. 'HI-er age was 14 years. MURE R CI HAKII.Gii Lcording to'-au- settlement," a prominenlt entente dip-1(harles 11. K:orwitz, 823 Ilroadwily _______ claclosiires here. lomat admitted. ' avenue, died Dec. 15. His age was 34 Ukiranians and1,-.'It is highly desirable that a basis years.;alIca, and cont- for the solution of these vroblems'lJ. As the result of the request of' -Pr., Claims "John Sheldon" Caused sFrtT J;Uso-Slavs and4 evolved before the'-ass bling of the Slemons to keep soldiers away from at~f the Ad~rti- iiece.confereneew:1.reaet Wilson ~the city, over 400- remained in Camp Frieda We.ha' Mur'der -ca iss; eelntolved. (hstetttat ofdtc of all par- Custer over the week end. The re-? - _ j____ ise Pooes Already tie*.Snvolved, and his. decis~on, woulJ Quest was made to guard ae-aintan%.-n%.bbsee-veis he final J ' -. -.other-flu epidemncein the camp DEATH ENSf WEDDING TRIP'RSUTSS RIE ti IKHNEAE[ A-:FPRrT Men Near Muskegon-> -.1 _________ I - -Muskegon, Dec. 16--Milo 1. Piper, - - I - Sailor Mankiis, - Former -who is tinder arrelt for themurder of, a0, e.1 ota Is 180 Lower U - - IFrieda Weichman, a. Chicago girl, will ten rsdn ota s 10,- owe., t. S. Rates Mecq ns "Ypsel," Gives Important Tea- be arraigned this afternoon or tomorbers I igerRats er in Berger Trial r'ow-m~orning. lie is charged with lemeneahi g timon degree murder. - hdtems a 1.~, ~ - IPiper declares that an unknown theAeicnp - I ~~- - - -~ John Sheldon married the girl under thitrale ONE WEEK NO CHANGE'"ON TOLL LINES Chicago, Dec. 16--Some. socialists Piper's name. - -- h2udrt Icalled, it - a "warx-of profits.' according lie admitted to- Sheriff- Carl A..- twenth w -- - ~~~to testimony in the B~erger trial here Stauffer today that he traveled aroijhd deru. ti nag-So Mayors of Mcigan Cities to todwiiay. V. Iankus: U- S. sailor, ba pntsic iNeed Is a -. mset inDetroit, Discuss formerly a "Ypsel,' testified this de-! - Scysrpino h p a perslenao og follar" H ome {--yulei scptions f te rd byW ia F peri:- -- *laeo a y_____ Kruse, one of the five defendants. inrsltosdafe yWlimF 5i oh niec T!ioi ~ ' --i'- ~h~ ics a7~ resolutions, he said, called on haitc 'dme

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