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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ ECUNPmriL ALIL I)J1 JIAih lo a.lS 1:4 V 1! 1 1 17 9 1 FOUJNDED 1850 VDIDY C-llI{2 1S ItF[UEIiIA SIATWS ECOMMENDS 1101 BE American Influenza: SIILL1BAD IIN BUILT BY, K.g's. TllIS~1IY-AT SlATE UNIVERSIT SA 1T1'LAKE "C IT IYV UTAh.____._. S ms0 -By Webster erentce to That at Onec Hundred Ten New' Fort Douglas. Cases and- Five Deabsl Since Tuesday's Report-j.. i. ON i1 Yeld secretary for th All Counties But Twos lumnbue. who baasbe-en meeting with 6 p rominent. officialis of Fosrt Dougian and r ic-s University- of jiah, -eeoc- a telegram last night to c-ho weraern headquarersI Numbr ~ ownsand.corn ~ fat-len1rareisco. recommoending thati Numbr Oftp~a. aid~om- C.but be buitt at the Univeretty 1 muntttiVs-porln. ~ag 13ne 8 of Utah T^ho reasois thif.atE WO pjucsbr counties,.......6 chosen rather than c-e fort site. was "+ tmnher of 05405 50n that it waa thoaugh t che imcen at c-ba t~t............ fort wvould woit down in the unitear reo to tiBu ait ke 6 city. bc-il the univeroity molt tsc-ghtL tI GaseY s rep4 tmnt..,6 be en apt to waik op hillt6-tfl-ic--tort. {titiitd t teported...000sd he other eeoc-on c-can that c-tiefoti cit: nt.pored. "" "...000 atrea-dy ha;3 a Y. lat. A b. uildingi, asid -,c~~tie need of 'ascic-sc-ta ctlsinljwas. c-stre W I7.TII hianedfor, lttZWO5 urgent at he university, lesstic-n c-10it more'stetSthan ever Ibeore uteinc-tattuned thiere. and with 110 new exts e;tod lifr.sO'Neiisis aizlouctly awalic-es reply, after- whicie wonti tl t -c-ui fted deaths ic- the last 14 on the stew buidinig. 1c- wtil:prob~ault coat botwecersaix asnd seven..uascil icours the Spanis~h tInfluenzc-nontintues dotiare, and wilt be eimtter, to other, to bc-e a coorce of danger and' worry in huc-s throughtout the coutitry, which are Thetotl nmbe ofcease but of framte snateriat about.40aih Salt Jake.fTetti ubro ent in dinsiaosn. '-is bouidisg iglln since lbse plaguce began Ito ravages icave a stage at-one end and a catlery ever two- weeks ago now total 1,666 running tic-c full. length -of. each.attic-, upoic- which writing tshies *tttl-: e ii with a. grand total of 00 de-aths -n s-ncaled. Etntertainments and dances witl suiting.-ittoisestirma-ted that per- be featured. A pronnttlvosa~ witl hops tw1ice thin numbher of unreported probtably eoervs- the vitrio~julcr tahtitents or dances ond proper chap.,c-ases exist. erunage for'-dierros-:witi also be sup. - Meeting Called. Plied. -it this way' the K.1 C. difers The mst Imorta teneta develc-ot- from the Y. C. A. in that the women The -ous imortsittare allowedi to take part in,dances, at. menit In the, battle agaesst th~ emalady Art-atarwill salso he ' placed at':oste - 5. 5. ms~ns efld a te antot end of -the- building, as mass Sclit-he I f., -may butte and. Ateacher op!. 01ns. ged Fc C. H. Stevenson ckt of the fight, received by his who was with hi I.The; l etter B

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