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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ Maj. Robert Emmet Owen, g720 Chduteet, Camp Oreenleaf, Fort OglethorpeGa. Harry Maunders, Camp MaeArthur, Texas.. - Wn. Bequette, Camp Bruce. Murray, Can'If PA MacArthur,- Tex. MacArthur, Tex. jWe str -Er' AR flH IS OP GLENNON SENDs OUT LETTERS gA isesPastors and Teach s as o Course While. Influeza Lasts. Archbishop Glennon is sending out a letter to all Catholic pastors of the archdiocese as to the conduct of their rpa hes during the present epidemic, and to the principals of parish schools as to the cars of the children. The letter is as follows: 1.-During the period of threatened epldgmic of influenza. while our churches and schools are practically closed, 1 ' respectfully call your at tention to the following:. First,' that now is a proper time to take up a census of the parish. Your visitation at any time should be helpful, but especially in those times when the people are denied the:elp and consolation of public religious service. This1census shoull be p moted in a -way more or less ciei fic, ahd families and Individ. Sia tabulated accoriding to the,a~r WBlstem. These census cards th sr home studies. To this end one or two pupils of each grade should be called in by the,- teacher and asked to assist in sa king these histings known to the other children of the same grade. The teachers also should, from time to time, visit the homes of the children, advising the parehnts con cerning the matters of home sani tation. hygiene, etc. 3. Parents should be *advised to keep the children away from places where the general public congre gatesaeuch as stores. stret cars, etc. places, indeed, which conduce more to spreading disease than chur hes and schools. The absence of thp children from school also gives an opportunity to the parents to promote home training, and that discipline and guidance which pa rents are expected to exercise at all times. but more especially now, when the health of both soul and body Is at stake. UKRAINIAN MINISTRY IS SAID TO HAVE RESIGNED LONDON, October 218.-The British Wireless Press says the enttre Ukrainian ministry has resigned. Civil War Veteran Dies. SEDALIA, MO.. October 23.-Michael Cifford, born in Ireland 84 years ago. and who has lived in America since tbou, died here today.oft general debility He was a. Federal veteran of.he civil war, a retired farmer, and live d in SBedalia with a ni the Misses Curran... ornElectric Zine for St. Paul. B7z, MONT.. October ~ 23.-Local e4ft.St. Paul sgstem announce ctrical trains"will be InoSttle, giving the road SDEATHS ANI)464-neludingsa sto; open at M a. 2 DEATH AND44 90. within.te. NEWCA rict bounded by ive strbeftWash NEW INFLUENZA CASES ington avenue. F urth and Telfttt streets was rescined. Dr. Starkiort said the relief afforded from street car Epidemic at Jefferson Bar- congestion during the' rush hours did not warrant the inconvenience to the re racks Reported Practi- tail fueruhants and the public by the ' iexperiment of two days and that for Cally iecked. such an order to avail much it would Twenty-Ave deathb from inuen and have to be made general., 464 additional cases of the disease -ere Dr. 8tarkloff did not, however, with reported to the Health Department draw his request that the large depart yesterday, making a total death list of ment and 5 agi tu cent stores continue 2511 since October 7 and a total of tiu55 to observe the restricted hours, but cases for the same period.. said that he had been advised by M. LI ' At Jefferson Barracks, where 104 Wilkinson, president of the Associated deaths have occurred since the epi- Retailers. that the Fuel Administration demic started, it was reported by the probably will restrict the hours of the commanding officer that the disease large stores next Monday, by Which has been practically, checked,:,means the purpose of the Health De A conference on the situati n will be 'partment may be served at the same bald at 10 o'clock this morning in the time. office of Health Commissioner Starklorf The civil divisions of the Circuit Court in the Municipal Courts Building, will remain closed next week, as they ' Those invited to the meeting include were this week and last. Col. Freeman, U. S. A.. Jefferson Bar racks; Ma. John Young Brown- U. -SA A.; Maj. L P. H. Bahrenberg, C.. SA.; ST.-LOUIS SALESMAN ROBBED F. G. Pernoud. American Red Crss; OF $600 IN KANSAS CITY Doctors Canby Robinson. dean of the medical department of. Washin ton KANSAS CITY, MV., October!S.-Emi University; James C. Stewart. super- Seible, a traveling salesman for the visor of hygiene. Board of IOduation. Cleveland H. Shutt. hospital commis- Pfeiffer Manufacturing Company of St stoner; G. A. Jordan, assisant hearth Louis, was robbed and thrown out ui commissioner; Elsworth Smith. presi- a motor car on the Kersey Coats dri-.,. dent St. Louis Medical Society, and L C. Woodruff, chief diagnostician of the last night. He entered the car on has Health partment; Mayor Kiel,,tty Twelfth street, believing it to be a Counsel Daues, Director of Public taxicab. He told the driver to ta' Welfare Schmoll, Superintendent of him to the Union Station. The lout Schools ithers, George W. Simmons. other men in the car attacked him. manager of the Southwestern Divis,,n robbed him of =000 worth of jewelry anti of the A inerican Red Cross, and Jack- threw him put. tse was picked up by a son Johnson, president of the thamber passing motor qptr shortly after ano of Commerce.. taken to the Nineteenth Street Pollcr TheOrder utring retail stores, ex- Station bnd from there to the (ienera. cept drug grocery stores, but in- Hospital Valor St.~ij Is Prai~ed~i1 fComm ini Distinguis ied ierviejon the St. itial salien official 'cita on for the and Tw nty-fourth.,e three batteries of whlchle ed and traine in Aast interested 'Are Ea St these ba teri that- onlyK epidemic prevented a:city ' News f the citatIon yesterdays front overseas S. Willb r- of 614 Noftl street, whose husbanZ I, Willbur, is attached- totlhi of -the regment: ls"t credited with organizii ton.t: The citation, contained sued by Ma. Gen. Sumn tember 1.. refers to- "disti luct during the operatiot neny in the St. Mihiel ember 12 and-13; for gre iuty and efficiencyryA a nuady and difficult roe vorst weather conditions it all times, invaluable t.ttadking infantry." The East.St. Louis batt tniized in the summer members are volunteers. was 'k'own as the Ford -s dozen nationalities we 'n its membership. Eas reel cleser to thiesre p ether, as they obs tha.owntown at Springfield an Ir yAL rR 25j 198>_14 y.14->w t L:r+ i~ __ __ _J" t - fY::!;:-:i. 08/23/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M Â~k.

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