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SEI NEW FASHION Seattle Women Wearing Fine Mesh With Chiffon Ward Off Malady. root te otto t' he ffon Isodye b prevailinog matetial. hod cit stylesee iiko-a-mmmocetffect of a thick mtotr wetll, to the Olurry fine-meshed toll 'oct10a cehiffoherder pceed to. back ot tht belt to hoop the teatier ~otion Vlt. appaet ly iaeeaoed to he me eyonaenetahi coeodegee to the loen, c oooptelty tontolady's wordtey ed a dleltintocoad lndividuci locollnig chado oith ice iclleot. 4. t the stet n iaeeattie womeno wer uik to taeheaes00 receu heapod twikthlhifo veilsof cil e n olors froem tce wey ICewch eBetele woet atcre rchasing them.ft,te edet ihey are tbe h eethieg." krespoheeeSoety of-tot"a - cTb tthe.cI cct io m eoehedceil that ctI ol thetvei e- clcbct oh teden womel Icet serttoooboth etoeetthe toce cod ellctwt colythe tye te he sen.The teauty of the oyes Isc 000. trotty eephaolsed ky scoktetmet o0 Hats at Lower PrcesesarYes, Lots- of Them in the Basement Untrimm'ed Velvet Trimmed Hats Tailored and Untrimmed Hats $1.25 Splendid. Values at $5.95 Hats $3.95 - Six doyen Untrimmed Velvet Hats with lots of style as wel. Many nov-,.Smart ready to-wear Hats, also Hats in a good assortment of elty shapes of fine silk velvet, trimmed with untrimmed shapes, of good qualstyles. Sailor shapes, mushroom, ribbon, flowers, chenille, 'leather fancies,. ity -elvet. and s ibelins, in turban, bonnet and soft crown styles, in some with metallic crowns and tassel orna- roil brim, bonnet, mushroom, tas navy, brown, gray, red and black. ' ments. Black and new, Fail shades. and draped turbans. Saturday When You Buy. Shoes--Remember, in theC Basement They Sell for Les CHILDREN'S SCHOOL LITTLE GENTS'SHE$28 N'DRSSOS$4 SSHOESHOS$.8aEeS RS, SOS$. of gunnmetal calf; lace style, with me- Good Roy Scout Shoesofhaytn Apiehtsulyuhtosud diumhij tos ad god,]soid eat" 4athr, ithelk soles, lace style. Fle good to the men who need Shoes for oses SeC i tS4 for school wear..- dress wear. Made "ef Koko brown Sizes l1Y tte12, at $2.75. calfskin. 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Whi~etohio.-D owo phoned fromyeatBecte locotight thtc soseerecOtenrees U MEDu. wife wd11itiwlhInfluenza and he could Tred GC.aeor. Oarmer ehciroco 00f YOJLUTOI. hlb. Friday. ot... nte tt eforoeFridoy sight. The the UReubicoe stote comomttee. who -The ceesiae ot,90toead In to e t. alccii rhoues.,.are operating with eho cohteedeOeoeOertcettofor~etlties willhb ete ded, oo- sn oaeofcrwWa e'l tth etl isa Iofetdino Co MayoreavercooItocommancd wej ndeJoorot ends- titet looincOotoee. wa e red thts of the Boe Gucrds w~hocacode a " h~eris tohbereetngmore oeely ch cefttl intceigi ~ocor the cetr~e raYACOM O e Aco coosTsxsMOOos, hisoopcdtlotiswtcecced to be to - nd e. e rwotff Ierssttioe Thact Tcomoo paetrot soceteein. poed. MenerIoteheeaokbe took a i1.00ae o eeless. teeed o ptobe the seublicohoeColtt eos tean eedNiteprosepe.cs oe -loostew eel 5aq Seasc- hoohes of that odtr to diecover whether digooa to friends. WHIE T UND T~I1K:. teotain coy Bermooo tpoganda -3saw osI MET 59ei woe-to weFridaseOtoo.Atoe-wa oIdicated thioo.moig whec te- Theotcteetttog prooess to errsdo. YAt~Atlc t.O.Aci-qeiie. wore oeceied byheatte scoolet steeeertttles wesietedasdtheci grfrom e roeidtnWlon'sotts~crey hotes f ot Itfoticuearthe_ oret of cc cccident Inaodye wook. to b.1N! it at v at Ihel" r a i w For Sal~ads For Shortening. Jor Frying Wonde ow ofFie. andSUT.0 A. IL, Materials which cannot be!, f rduplicated at less than double the price we paid for theru months ago. We positively save you from $10 to $15 on every IOvercoat and Suit in this great o Upstairs Shop. ". COME SATURDAY and select from these unusual values. - Ourbowingcof $ 5 to$4 Young Men's $40 Overcoats Raincoats of all kinds, in reg lnvltq$p the inspection ulcer and raglan shotiders, spe of the most critical cial" values, $600) to $25.00.e M.ackinaws for amnen and boys. 'Upstairs -we save yo i money on every Coat 6.00 #L e15 ) * Leather,' Wool and Knitted Vests Tailored IReaidyCo) Seattle's Largest tUpstairs' Clothes' Shop. w p. Gra Ph In 1 IDev -VPro. by ObeF 1'RYap ~ou Oil "stffrich faseÂ~ 0 moi with it. Ycauwon't lsed butter hat foi Youir dealer h as, Douga orcm tbtrettertfln cllve ad get It- for yon. W ymmBch l No rkkI n a ab utlbts mmrtsawlt, fny with t,,guaranteedI. DOUOMd sCOMPANY, cedade, Iowa -xfeu.fJ - -. I a u' LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER RM

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