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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~- S THE DAYTON DAIL~- 9K -,..,_.,-.,..,.t.. AT AL TO FlIJi 1'4.? if iafleeaca re et~ons in tbis &lly are to be improved tn the ntear future -_ the slatg sad agrses of at )llzsbeth i ' " hoapite musat havt more aid. The ait 1-veuirv4d rap only V,-, furnlshed bayt S-oung women who inteed antering the n~urwit profesion and it mIust be forthcoming at ne. j,,.-The reprts of the hospittl for the months of October and November 'furnish cocusty. evidence as to bow t r the infiuessa epidemic baa tunxed the i nursring forges of St. lizabeth's. On Get Oane for Christmas th~t ere 06asea t the hs pitl ati urig tatmonth 288 more ekes drudgery out of sewing 't'ere is no pealing Klee- iere of+ tied prewalen 0dsee Tisit rns he mchie fr a ra tio ofa cnt cn hur. makes a total of 454 cases of influtY run thcahn o rrino ete or oca which were treatedi at St. Elizah nohin to o tiit uid, woan indsit plesur to beth's, alone, during thte two months. ii nthig t do iii gudewoma fids t a leaureto he following extracts from a toller more and rave. The Davis is made in Dayton and pr-iced received from D)r. A. J. Moor-man, who is himself a patient at St. Elizabeth's 39.6. Stp infor ths' present time, 'shoes the ser39.50.~~iosno Ste in for decsrtin *onditions now existing there: "Since I have heen here the extreme e shortage of help has impressed iself j 7,i5'ti7E. on me more than over and unless the THIR ST. sisters and nurses can secure more ~I ~ e t r i cassistance I don't see how the hospitsl e con keep up. There are no sisters l ct ic C. available In other towns for duty here and at present four or fiv-e of these ______________________________________ here are down with Influenza. "~ It is surely an important matter ___________________for the city and the sisters are anxious to co-operate in every possible way in giving the beet possibleo set-vtce to the rpatients. But when you see three isI tore and nurses on the go all the time, from six in the morning until 9 and 10 OALt ig COKE ca heiso ther eiemi atLighyucngesteeImit to human endurance. __________four__foo__ have been given over en. teltothe care of influenza patients adteoperating rooms closed to all iy for surgical emergencies. The sisters 3e ti t e C t o u n c s n usshave worked wonders, but are badly hansdcappedby the lack of Stove, Ba and wilt not be able to conduct Stv s Baseburners5ot e aituionyro ns thep rses 'or prices, see market quotations. schowl - sterest. in the hospital and Its trainng LE~shol wiAEFER GEGNGE CO. accredi ted to the woman between the ages of 1S ani to, having the necessary one-year high - school experience and contemplating ianChplan ighia wih he andia frce. ~eentering the nursing rofeseion is lireChalainfigtisgN Ih te Caadin foces Heurged to apply at once for admission. At Fest Ave Chur~ > rviewed his career from the time y, i patclr can.1._ be a-cure._1._ by ia Wounded, ln i Land-feverish fo stick of gum to him been a matter of i For him and 2,000,000 oth 155,945,000 sticks of the Ad, chswing gum have been sent Please remember this theij can't get your favorite brand o If Adams Black Jack is mist - counter, try Adams California Pepsin or Adams Yucatan. No Man's Land one stick mid worth the price of an empire.

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