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ï~~.RY 27, 1919. MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1919. 51 iere are but 12 new cases repor sieve I am right when I say that I )day. No one can say that leve the majority of the people of iasks were a detriment. If Francisco are against the wearing iasks had been a hindrance the mask. His Honor the Mayor ases would not be reduced to asked for suggestions for the reeiocracy-who is there he ef of soldiers. I would suggest that hether for or against the mask, t ployment agencies be asked to give re not for democracy? We are ference to unemployed soldiers and >r democracy, and we all want rnish jobs without charging fees. et rid of the masks when it is c perisor Gallagher declared that dered safe to do so. I don't cr e problem of employment for the ze the law. When laws are made, urningsoldier was raed much larger;spect and obey them. It is my d that the people erealized The see that they are obeyed. and County of San Francisco, he ayor I represent all the people as cannot do much. It is a ques iust serve all the people, not that calls for the co-operation )ecial class of the people. As Ma ance of the Federal Govern did not appoint this Board of He t He called attention to the gen -iginally. It was appointed by # -unrest manifesting itself in all redecessors, and I have retai s of the world; the threatened tem. They are honorable men; t ead of Bolshevism from Europe to 'e capable men, and they serve wi ~rica, and declared that unless it pay. The Charter of San Fr problem of unemployment is sco prescribes their duties. Do en up vigorously and solved Link I am going to stultify my nptly that this country is facing 're against the wish of 99% per ' the doctors; against the officials ery serious and dangerous situa te army and navy? The people great relief when the masking or i-Mask Resolution Referred to Mayor. ince was put in effect. You d hereupon, the anti-mask petition alize the' misery and death that sented by Supervisor Nelson was llowed this epidemic, nor the for rred to His Honor the Mayor. quired to help these people. Unemployment Meeting. ould give our minds to serious in rs instead of fighting the little His Honor the Mayor requested that nvenience occasioned by the w e h members of the Board meet with g of a mask for the protection himself and several other representa e general public. We should - citizens on Wednesday evening, mething for our returning soldi Juary 27, 1919, at 8 p. m., to dis ho find themselves without jobs. cuss the question of obtaining em e have any money to spend it ployment for returning soldiers. well spent in this direction. '.Reeption to Canon Cabanel, Chaplain of ousand dollars has been subscri the French Blue Devils. r public-spirited citizens for soldie lief and a store has been opene His Honor the Mayor announced 7 Market street for taking subsc that Wednesday afternoon at 4 p. m., ns. I never heard of soldiers c in the chambers of the Board, had aining against wearing the m.een fixed as the time for the ten hy don't you do something for d ing of a reception to Canon G. B. turning soldiers instead of fight (banel. titular chaplain of the so ainst the methods employed by ed "Blue Devils" of France, and yard of Health to stamp out the sentative of the French Mission tenza epidemic? I tell you, t tdhe United States. The reception ldier problem is a big problem. t. consist of the presentation of a 1 constantly receiving requests f hal to Canon Cabanel conferring on?n i th ary an nay wo h the title of "Honorary Citizen of?n in the army and navy who Fracso He " euse Hll ill held in the service, telling requested all at they are anxious to get out present. e service; that they have jobs W reation of Joint Highway District. g them. Others that have b pervisor Welch presented: scharged are without jobs and I ing all I can to assist them. solution No. -- (New Series), Supervisor Schmitz: I wish to ollows: few words for the purpose of elative to the creation of a Joint - my position clear. I don't bell way District, to be composed of the efficacy of the mask to do w counties of San Francisco, San claimed for it, but I was out-v o, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. d I bow to the will of the major solved. By the Board of Super t as a member of the Board of the City and County of San pervisers while I have a voice h Cisco that, as provided by that ntend to use it when I think I in Act of the Legislature of the:ht. I don't like to see critic of California, entitled "An Act Len criticism is not justified, h ding for the creation, organiza tion and government of Joint Highway Districts composed of two or more counties of the State of California," approved April 5, 1917 (Statutes 1917, page 46), it is hereby declared: (a) That the public interest re quires the construction of a public highway commencing within the County of San Francisco near what is known as Lake Merced and extended in a general southerly and southwest erly direction following the course and direction of the chain of hills and ridges dividing the watersheds of the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco and along or near the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains and pass ing through the counties of San Ma teo and Santa Clara and within the County of Santa Cruz to a convenient point connecting with the State high way leading to the City of Santa Cruz. (b) That the counties interested in and which will be benefited by such highway construction are the City and County of San Francisco, County of San Mateo, County of Santa Clara and County of Santa Cruz. (c) That it is proposed to create a joint highway district composed of the counties herein named, as provided in the said Act of the Legislature; also, Resolved, That the Clerk of this Board cause certified copies of this resolution to be transmitted to the Advisory Board of the State Engineer ing Department and to the County Clerk of each of the counties named herein. RICHARD J. WELCH, E. J. BRANDON, JOS. F. LAHANEY, J. C. KORTICK, JAS. B. McSHEEHY, Street Committee. Privilege of the Floor. Senator [ohnson of San Mateo County was granted the privilege of the floor on motion of Supervisor Welch. He said in part: "This resolution is for the purpose of initiating proceedings for the creation of a county boulevard district. It permits the city to connect up with the country by the joint construction of boulevards through the different counties. Heretofore, due to lack of necessary legislation, San Francisco and the counties to the south of her have been unable to develop a boulevard system. This condition has retarded growth and commerce between the neighboring counties. This will enable us to put through the proposed Skyline boulevard in San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties. Los Angeles has extended her boulevard system for miles in all directions, connecting up the country and numerous small 0

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