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Ohio.wealthy rattle naytotb.ioteectln lot-tal deaier. former asd writer, who died of-,- When asked eoncerning the.betioo d in- Influrosa early iesteeday morning t of suburban store proprietors to the Â~ peetePlc oe.Srie r oM"Oeigadcoighuslndb h h tpre- held at the chapel of Gus Gtlldehaue, RetailtMecatos' soito r _!l1 Vine street. at I p. m. to-day. tore said: atsAsocaiorD0t5 H0 1 Me. Bryansattracted widepread at-: 'The Boartd of Health has sot Issued"t Ipbrat teottnsesvorrol years ago by copress-" compulsory ciosing ordore esd will sot. ubber lo~~Ig, by meas of nevaspaper tlest meotA. o-hich hr financeti per-nally. before to-morrow. fe. The Health hit iece os trade relations betwen Departmont has so desire to ester late fey 0. the Uoiled States end Germany. a otroversy over the boors. We &pMin. Bryas was proprietor of the -pwit h prtoosb h on earl lue rivPianse Supply Comtpany. 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Physicians IHs was here at- Pert..Intd.MHt becinlsag a rl cc ld it--so-red betors London and ysmpiein that it is almost Impossible a residest "si Csviege sI yearn age. to 4 t -O e ntdo end totobtain ssrsefor- their patesto isentering Ibewrailcoad service en a boy Cl Todri.'utoa a ndthielrten,dot-v he piaehsias ntetlgah eatet fe er-sCai:-edo and o'itnasrgie- MayeqtideWar show. 1ear-ing telegraphy Mr. Stevens he- rq0 t~eee Lnde nd ""hnnesaur, ycamso an agewator en the Cheseake hit Ttotth Africa -- Major Main advised Governeot and Ohio lines. Later- he wan made dis 1Tthe committee n.r-cncieooo the tin. officiate Is charge-gjil i WdTtr-r istat -Tnsin-Diepalehes.-. pa d&.mdaefrai.. pdlbac xoiin o ehl tMscHl r tvnt itpooinwst 5Te.CsT IOu...f the got actoir-rt - ent-ice, coo- beginning nect Satar-day. to pr-oeesd the Superintendency of the division be- CcP toenicotta 00 5 stet aso ni'oder with thersr-r-bnremonre. 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