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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~t. R. SCORES 14 TERMISa TOWNS BURNED DESPITE PLEAS ALLECIANY LIFTS "FLU" BAN 1~;:::u1r V r i1,h ltlrl iI 4 r' unl --I'rqaa,'b Ilsul Peuh I'uefm i ef Lie'- utmI..ulrlu. ccc hthnt. m14tgl a..I H e;. h-. Hthe.,tlt' lg tot he let,tbtcu tcteuricrl wile Them "Thoroughly'ue'Slun 1%rushlef t 1s e ', -.pme'uce'el eeda. '. erc1 of ele rt. t il.111, luuuee'Leecll lru1(ylt 'li~teelit) vous'" As Peace Basis. I Up f1ite.1 cau~e te d Prie. 1111.itic' N 2. l'h%%-Illec1 I++' e 1e't:.e icc, e nll cc lcegeity cb hlc nieci'c --- - --With lthe ' renit l.1rlni n (.'hulaeecici IccccctrlccccI I lacti l pI Iijrici ccciii tclcy.1 t~ lt eeycl+t udi l iicl uitck~v,ci.,OR~ WAAR A.GA.INSTr TURKCEY c1 eat ii. 1. 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L'; izi:::r ~ 'Lcir entirety uf the l!14 joccta cit the was put t11 every hocuce. The c'illagc' ccas rn i~":r.L'.':, ''.i 'c: e-dn'tidrsectlaset Jaicuaryas utie ' uet brauzier wcenethe'Elreec'h e-;r;.l"".j'a:...";er 'r "i" " '. /1e gabasis for a p'e acecctfae'Iiry taredl it. Mont St, H-emy sharedth ccec '''."e "e-:":v' c the- United Stater. Let us ciletacet~e..;""r;; 'ij r"tR"'. uiee by. the - hazecerlog gt~cnu acid nel o ie hrec:ceyei:ar'fu.I.rc:.esa"''r~ cut about, peace to the ac'tt i pautheieeiu -~adnlnn e xeccethe' crIlar -;'' x ':i.' the clicheg eoftypewriter-s. I. t''1..""::.*i.; "TIlnugeo h 4 onsadof svery -heouse remaining iccla't in this._ v:"' he1norofte1"tipit{adregion' Coder nmost ofiem neinehave I '- "~e~ ceuubseqccee-t statements. explaini ng or bee foucI.Mout e it wlls evcrc~wned'.' c.." ': cc aiyn tec"sieshe arll th at ex plocioce would lilt them with r "" ""': seurd nor plpIn. but if ('ofltrUecJ in its -rock and eart. ': 5 'c' - ''"';" robable ~ ie m tany. and PossiblT most, --r- AT:'r:j' e: ':.4: 'r these 14 points are C orotegt ymis- u ygi ':3 ' " s' cievouce and itfneade the basis of 0 peace ~.w.t'. *;,..,,.;...:;*.;.*;; " ".."";. ish peace wouild rep esent. Rot the ub-," _:r;..:;";"t t.";1';:t 'r; endtioceni surrender of Germs qcybut:Only;;;our"De:"lb.:.Reported::::er:24 - cceo~ditional surrender of the '.";;.'.,t".r;:;"d;..'..ours....; i,. S.t ' Naturally they are eistireely;..'' itidfactar ory-1cG rnany and equally 'Lynchburg,1'Va., Oct,24--Conditionsstut-ally they are in thiec coutntry satis- disturbed here- so seriously by the iin-I; dcory to every pro-Germua and ' eitist finenza epidemic since October 1 are ad Socialist andi anti-Amerccp a so ail eoignraeI h tied internationaiset. bcmn o-tlaI h " The only peace oiler which w'e should 24 hours previous to this b'ejort there cnsidter from Germany At. this time Is aebe u ordah n h e i oer ~ acep sah tl'm ashe Al- ports from the 1cysioisns of new cased et-. without our Ali e hav'e imp e on sho~w that quite a nuher had no new ~ clgarla. WeO oughl to declare vr on calls and that the average wats less than P~ " ~.m e 'e.t aem ctrkey Without an Ihonies delays' Tbe one to the: physician. this indicating less itSieefl F' e ilure to dd so hitherto bas awled the than 30. new cases, the exact figures be- he G o~u t ae fte fettia te ilk:about. making the world safe for ing unobtainable because all have not IrC0 te f lnocriccy to look -unpleasantly 1ilke mere reported. t rWn. ~ ~ *4 r cie oerthetaubct.peole thg wrdis tnrop eing ertinof atth li chces willtende feet8 The O tal is mad fle fo mfrt ay;0.j ~ ft Ia~ Europe. and permitted to trtyan' will not reopen next, 8undi} " and that tne et.T eG ta i"md ~ Y ehoi'ouqhly unsafe for deino icy. be deferred uc'\Jl November~ 4 at least, daylout. Regal concen ted prod~ai n'm tks II~,.Cittfye Wise' La~altie..There are still many- pneumonia pa- p uCltese 'IU Lngare tienta, but. there has been tl kreat. de-' possible' at a.-low price.. in soft black be "Mioreover wie:so fined.what the crease' in the numiber of inefuiaza cases - -;1rsr"c rei{dent me ansa by continuall y.fecriog going into -pne umonia. -'1(id skin, 725; or bla Ie$er (,td this tcountry merely- as the -a soclate Phy"sicians prct''isii nth 'ouutes., ',. stead-of the ally of the Ratio t t ~with.near the city report big Orop in calls Ic hoe troops our own are actuallybrig-frnecifle.,sad.i geea redi"ati Ifb en:ta e mrvmn nt >iwtbdfo tomething -less thanci-ally of -rance;impve enct 4.e~atatbt- i ic~zi,1ta1y BeIlim and,- then'vey apet.- -- INDRREA d yyi. T hie deaths here covered'in theis r- IY S q"

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