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ï~~'y "',. IE TI.i r~2 NÂ~ OXU t A 7 RN Q.n e " 1Z 19 'i i r'=y,:*y;'- " rwr " ''.t -.".rri'' {i' i"r';.: r W&VOMr,TES'/. ttA. 10 IUTIL.EANACTING GO IRUOR IA HA L ve V"A ten to vv& S Yi~a a atoning" -18 inl setre a l newsaeryo- s. AI juss out", sWb old Wdase mmn is e 'e 1t71Bs LOOKEDFOR NOW '1 IN FOOD PRICFS Hoover Says Some Commnodities Will Drop, While Other. Will Rise: Waehlastoo. 1Nov. 1Li-4eemadlate+ dropping of the food Priom as a resultof the conclusion of the armsltieetaunet be oxpacted, said Food Admiletrate? Hoover tonight tn a 5taes0*U and. that prics of some foodstuffs will derease while ethers willI thmaws '.With the war effectually over." maid Mr. Hoover. "wa enter a - ea eeumelO era and Its Immediate effect eo Prioe is dtffolt to anticipate. The price of some tood oommodties may tacreae. bot others will decrese. beoaows with the liherated shlpotag. auolated stocks i0 the soethero bamtelthere aod the Tar Eat will be available. The demnede uoen the United Sttoe will chap fe in character, bet sot in.vol. All activities of the Food Admlnletrallon will he ocetleleed through the arostice period, ata Mr. Hoover,. addlag that "theen will 5e no relaxaion of off orts to keep down proflteeelng to the last easmese." "The muaotenance of the embargo, he ooniuoeod. "wtll prevent depletion of our stoke by hoegry ZErope below our aseoatlee and anyone who 000 -templates speoelatloo 10 food ageinst the seeds of these.People can well he warasd of the prompt aton of the goveramsnt.0 SECRETARY BAKER CANCELS ALL CALLS FOR ENUISTMENTS War Department Has Inductedi 2,700,000 Draftees Into Service. Washlegtoo. Nov. 11.-Almost the flet action of the War Deparetment today Oa nnoncement of the signing of the armititle with Germaony was the oaoelatlea of all army draft calle onlder which more than 3S0,000 men had boen ordered to otrain for camps before INovomber 110. Uirgeot telegramne prepared three days ago at the diroctloe of Prowet Marshal General Crowder wore et to all local draft boards dirocting that the omovemeet of 52,000 men under orders to entrain betweo today end "rday be stopped immediately. The telegoame reached most of the boards to tins. but a few men are known to have started for camps. Secretory Baker said, however. wherever possible their lotmedlats returs to civilian life peld be arranged. 'I hove eospend"d farther salleunoSer the draft aed toentlons," Mr. Baher said:" f'hose will be for the prosent no e~ittlocal moo brooght io 00 -dsr the dalt asd to the etet that we san. we will tore back thome men whoe hawe been soiraled nod have not yet reported to trainIng camps." The provost marohal geners soffmr had noaestmat oef the numer o trains before the dawnnllg order was Issued. All moon assembled for etraleleg now to be considered as hosorably discharged froml the army end paid aorediagly. Until further ootlee. eo Inductions or calls, socept for the navy and Mariee Cerpe. will be permitted.. One call for a few theoad bn fer the navy Ise now in preparatien. not volusteere to Sale hae mole then rilled rsqblremento of te navy end that nothing in the raecellation of the calls shall oetrate is reliee from the consequ'en eof hs ts any reestsrasi who has heretofore becoesdlloqeoet or deoeter. B to~ero ecretary Baker, lbs llrvot mr~lsalger~ltoday directed ocoal heeldltrictse hoarde to "coniuoe teoopletion as sapedittouely as poe. elte the lasifleatloe of all rogitras who ono eptombor 12 bad attatoed their ninetethb *ed bad eel attained their thirty-sveth birthday." Tb. board, aleo were drected at the eartlitas'ptopriate ime toinsenqeos. tpootbe who roetered September 1ll and io ooemle their clasoifloatlon as early as possible. (ltearal Crowdor, however, dirooted Emmanuel GCreet~d&by Enttire Population tof City Yet' cated by Austriana. Triestie.Oustay. Vlov. id.-fBy the Assotated Press).-41log Victer 50" nst of Italy made -a tiutmphel swir Into Trieste today. The entire pspei*tloe of the city turned out to Webooate hims, from all available plerne, Woem, roofe and tress. The king, who was aoeempaned by' General Dian, the commaodeoemn-dhletc ad other generals, sod. Lesteeent Comnder lloeo, arrived to the hers bowr o the destroyer Aedace. The king. who appeared greatly eurpeimed at the warmth of his welvome, was showered,tith flowere as ho mades his way is the city hall with Mayor Valerie. When the kieg appeared ow the haloeny of the city hatt the demostratloe aseoused still greater proportios. Airpiahee and. dirigilesn throw perty manIfeto, over the crowds. The king made a short esiodn.t imeportant points In the city and Visited the histarto tower, of the Cathedal of San Oteeto. Me also visited a palame whisk wasa Austrian rasidense a week at*. The Doohema of Aoeta, a ootn of the king. dreemed te the uniform of a Red Coess nom.e walked through the. orowde And was acclaimed everywheore. DEFYING DOWUNG,WA UDHSLR TO HAVE LUNCHEON Coesmed froms Page One. of haton IRoueosooeed S Ide5. feg o the ceastry wprde bud reported. The sasunt- sabes-Ibed by the ctapiinliene Iaboe leea ethe pariah. Mr. Caede e.d East Batcn Rougewill mor e uhle Its qeota. W. 1.Sr aady o!Roue had enrolled more b LIn the "earnanad five" caimpaign than, the qeota flood. 'All pariehes is this district wIll go ovvr quotas." Mr. garbw said. G.S. Bllhetmner. department director. legrphed Loultesna headquartiersyeetrday that ooasnlfor the U. 8. eteel Corporatien, which ge's6.00lill00 to the United War Work. had decided that oorpootlons may charge sorb cotriholloas to their eoenee acconts In reodering tao rterns to the federal goverotoent. Railroad. mon art urged by W. G. MoAdoo, director geral of railroads, to make the "moot liberal vootrtbotiee poe. tbie" to the untted campaign. "entee the point ot:foreicns thethings that ORDERS MEETING. cTO BE CONIINIJEI Will Not Permit Dr. Domer to Carry Out Threatt jnil Workers. Acting Goveryor Moon Koeday voiced his approval of the plan of the War Finam eBrsagde to meset. at lnoheon and read reports on the iloited War Work drive, eotwttteaodlng the rolling of Dr. Oecar DowSlng. presien~t of the State Shard of MEaldk, that the meetings be eot bold dering the iafloenea epidemic. Acting CGovernor Moeton sald:l"I undoretand Dr. Dowling purposes tSoja0t these patriotlo women end men whe will violate hie nrdor in their endeevot in pay a em"lipert of their debt to our heres abroad. I want to sy meet whom ho propose om ti il ee ib losids door of t neverime flvnvo'M.otons statemsnt follerU: "I cacnse 00mere reason frvsteppin theseonheons than there would rofr cloinlte restaurants or hotels. The work tt aIr bein done by the War Ilenance Brgade is being done ender orders and direction from Washing. ton. The work they are doing I. io tenteeto h elDh elhd perhaps the Ifs of one- soldierSia the front, and Is as neceery as fighting. itseelr and I do not beleve thes luncheons aro any mere dneorwoe to public hsalth thansare the dally eocdIbeien foundlen reetauerants. But even If theyr wore, this work meet he done, and it n to the credit ef those who are doing it that they are wiling to lake the resposiblity even of dteease. in order to carr It on. "I commend, seed heart Iindoree. the Wrork being done by thi War fInueos Brigade. ram not a lawyer, and do set know a thief about law but, am lookin tthis purely and ufmpy as a patretl propositon, and from a oosmon dseseviewpoint. "I understand that Dr. Dowlieg perpo to tl these patriotic women and me who will violate Sin erder in their endeavor, tc pay a deall part of their debt to oev boroes sgored. I want to may meet franily that t it to withie my power as actin g goernor them maen and women whom beoproposes to tail will never see the Mlds door of the eAn stated hbetorS I am not a lawyer and. the law mayce oagainst me betY those 10 authority will acoce my camman moms view of the etoatien the campangn will proceed without toterrupts and to the uanal, suecemfetl conclustoc which has attedod similar. "SoI 6hoered thepatrtico sitssas in charge of the wobh to proeed, and sesure them that while 1 am acting governor, I will give them all the protooton en my power. end Ihope iwhen Governor Pleasant reterdes, he will eontsoe the work which 1 have started.. -THAT NOW RMIS I:OFTHE WORLD WAR No Provision in Armistice to Indicate Cause to Be Taken. washington, Now. 1L-RBtS11, still looked elpen es an anfortunnls friend 9t her Vidtessus former Mls bin spite of B Rblhevlke. has epen her' soilleli that feale>,s of the werld woe. AN"edand Amoriaetroops.Ine on leaion- with the ikeche-Stlovak end. the torss of the all-Reeslan prowlsio al government at Omek. are opmeating 1o lberla and Nforthern Seecs aperient the German-controlledl 8cIhevill,: who have bee denouonced by the wpitd do virtusl ootlaws. A~ln omops first weintoe Itei to preent the stores of munitions at Tlailvmishnsad Murmansk frees falltog Ito the hands of the Germans, hut latin an awoemeet Vss rnaohsd he. woth nue n mdagv-I emente to reader eelltayeand other asesae to the Czeoco-Slovak foreas to Siberia, At about the same timea loint expedhios want itoeNiorthern Roaiin:oprswent the Germane get. tog esnisol thae. Theen in nothing to the conditions of the sdsiloe With Germany that mndlsate. whqt emures the associated governments aspect to takhe In Ruass.ahoyond the. prtodisa that German troeps and agnate be withdrawn within the German bbddef as they existed before the weo, Ofcilsehere made em forpeast today as to the length of tme As ntean toops wautS remain to Ra sin but eome militeatyobsem-versbelieve this wil depend leebely upoa developmeats as the terms of the armietime as they aftest Ra tvtitory aer-~e rind out by the thprmna. Only rionly the all-Rueston pro. vlionel government asked the Alles and America through President Wllso dec further and imnoodatets nsistane in everesming the Boiseotlss and rehabilitatlog the Runyan nation. so far as bee beenasnaoonoed no ection has een takens Oi the appeals. Both here sad in the Allied. capleale It Ia hoped that the removal of Gobman isdidedeea and support wtiLtcaeee a seeody Sellapee of the Bolshevik regime and theeheastes the time when a stable government, with whiah ths aomeciated natiosemay dealin formed. >em s.agsef eseolnaeam WAR SAVINGS: tAMPS Pledge r tao oDA-DiSe clso v-j %WWooadti too g,5 tl Rfsell nl j ttat foo~f a.Mla f en i es eme Osa tlodeyasseles 03 oom 1se2fmDiedd eado t:.., 4.011 42, 7dl I.414e- o a I.mtatstma -.... MI T... sat areered.....!64 105 Al l ise..... 6as6 3o1 s.Bo aL"nAMA Wnd. eeA..d'eewoa.. eeot, l,Dt ll dos.. 'AYW. Ple. t WOS q. Â~tiaw. " li Ala- (tOS 0..A. em it. W. 10.. So p Nh Alt. fA l Dea.a,yeas. M a (Wi oteete. a. nmemldAlew...B.Sw a.' oog. S l. RA K Dres.O l. lodm i. A. f Peota. fehe ss dm Stg.Ige~rm is01eQdP. i ta. 10.. W1 mo a t.. 3F. B~deAdl.IW Westsgie. TA n.. U Fe. L5. I Dstoge. stm P. (WIe L.(3 Deel be.wt.. 5t. to f U. A no ie. dfp. a. F. Slm.,xl Sissobo. T. tt. 5 pin~s. " 0( pbislpege Serwed a.. formWam. (D) nte. geoiL t It Se wor Meow standing -there' of the cleF6gev solve them~l.. AY Aift-O a}.o Coming.'"TheU wlhein the -press In some arII understsod. N lato thea mayor' bin CROd Oa th tln the' party consul genearal ense, Csmm J..LGullsn. navy; Chevalin of the Frond KmilleS. "E60 Francaiso. J. ChevsIIer Andy the consulae; the 14th of "I DolieeosoeA men b ol. l. ubesero, '.Weaver m, alfisted ames Chaliasneoga. rB e, Sonatol more. )Atlanta dy Ridg. N. At CmmlalE 4oa I1 1~~~~ '"d-- I bt nia do without, that those who ors dIare fran corted." ayb "The signing of an armntstbm moust noct detev oar people from contributing on a scale greater than over." said Mr. Scott, state director. "The cord for the work of the seven orgastonclons wilt he treater than before. Every man will want to ooins hoeeoc the net bent; be will be sadly disappointed when be Is kept weliting weeks. months, perhaps a year or more; be will mater flare tempatios and It will requIre all the hot work of ths wlfare organsloatoee to fusrnish wholesome envronmeet which aloca cisnheep him unecathed. They kayo made as happ by for-cng German, tn surrender. *Row we meet do our best to mako them comforteable and contest by giving generously to the United War Work Weoed. RELIGIOUS 3FORCES IHT. CloseCo-Oeltneoiam fe edna Future In thle Prodicties. Out of tho war will develop a yesderful oo-ordlantloo amoag religious foroes. This belief was expresoad. by Dr. 0. K- Whiteouem T. X. C. A. Onerosary tIn Fvaees. who is In Now Orloans direst rom the trenches for the Unitled War Work Campaign,. Dr. Whitehouse wished to be quoted as bet sopreolo a pereal opinons but said It seemed out of the questice to believe thai the acomplishebmts in this directioe during war should cease whsopoacehas coons. It is a lesson to common appreciatio of the ece God over as that cannst be forgotten," he said. Dr. Whtohouesaynos thosgh It is not to be antictpated a sirogte church oould. be thu result. he saye ha feels tight religioue lines will fade and that mon of all or no rret i wll accept a cemmoe understandieg of God. "Well each have our wayp of findicng(God," continued Dr. Wbilebouse. the same as member, of a family have their feelloge of bominess among thsloves, bpt well meset the other family. ae It were, en a more kindly, more openhearted best6 than herofore." Dr. Whteoueeswplaincd that the enificatioc nthItsWar Work Campaign of all se0e0 of threservicessegaged in the trenec and onamp work for toenotSer, -T.X. C. AT. W. C. A..iK. of C.. Jewieh Welfare Board. War Cnmp CommaunitcySrvIce. American tLibrary eroosanod Palvation Army-woe a strikIng manifetation of thie trend of thought and action armo.g tha great bedims that make op (ho religious forces og Amarica and much of the world. Thenco-upeciltion of nil eo-rcs for the ws at tho froet, Dr. Whitehous eplaleoleeisaleodld.anod thore lo 00 trt f a sm displayed. "]en Isth tlnued proesen of death." said Dr. Whitehouss. "look differently upon the question of religion than mauy peceas aceustomed to the rcu-I tine of an unevetful life. It is 1kib soperisameof thesemem an td iheir knowledge sf what Protestanot. Catholic andew hIn omoneodonseforthem~ that will bring about and msanie the change In eentiment." More Street Railway Men May Stop Work The rooks of thoeaemploye who hoeI quit work at the stroot car barno will ho nwelled Monday by maney cocyoc-.i the prodictonspitritos amade by so e.rof sthes mop already "oet" is fulflir The oareors and paltars-do cot 411fe sora, t fee duty soctly Nobody in ANew Orleans. Rejoices More Th CONRAD KO -IN HONOR OF THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FREEDOM'S FIGHT, Kolb's will donate 10 per cent of its, receipts for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week to the great fund for humanity now being raised through the

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