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I..-c-s.aonelyi aif Qsiteai _ __ _ _ _ de -leIIthSn Ietel e r-eslsa Ifromtbl nc.Influenza- lcIbI lca br fec s nseasoe, It Is c~pt hI sew- Fall. 05f, Hadngdl toelnrlDai i t ~nir 4 s - ~itl UTRISAE~EM The thipd death Isoemcris oeuRos. ln.aoolenle b hsbd lsern rm Ifuna Is ceptet shane driven Ilr Allux - caIctlgtll epaoelssea.thio Ass- l - -__T _______ se ss family wtl a sek the oral tweo- blllast saeec Isthe on ule osf oaea eascetlereltll. 101 ~ ~-~-Iee~ ie e War Ises LsatKtBeard Ot-denre f Wets1411lwse du o 10 lueza.. 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(1 8eekley. eea Edd ptelltcjtla.shaved e el alroad"enottundegno cnsessI Rscesesc P...ofEdad coClure nbl~maBlnn-~ ~ or ~lIle -a dts es L! t J (l ip fCtt. lt 0, Ussd uItfthasesoltc tret - E art" 4 0o cos*etfellecsobtsIlwas apt-roe-t hy hc x)-"nitfoeicClumbuesemaBI A eimteclelnee beellIe atatlol bele 111Ir Iasol. ela dIhn I y ",>ltW aett1hoo t t' ol0f fhom he-l est oo lit 'fi, fhtia qied - repsred eseter Geneiral MeAdw., l o isty and hiegrandparesl s de insIsCeo. mu blbutte opron oe amn- in eor lw. lee 1011a e x &n9 y f 't! j thfIA -attd mu e o 1p tee -s Itt cf It hald beeosfeal od-sI. iectlelia.u s eicural arrangemeets wi1lt ttlure.a iosrle tutaloc110tho -14r -sted,011., cepreestttn-te 4 I he aone eltater,. poohbdupedde apsit the British so I eltlqd e ha r 1 6,.. t, lB0 - /a a. 1 IV.,/: S~~. -- I 1 0/31/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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