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ï~~ 'MEN'S AND MISSES' NEW CLOTHI HATS. SfPLETEI LINE OF SILK, SATIN AND HUGE DRESSES. K UNDERWAEAR-BUY IT AND) "SAVE VOOL." rangc Weekly Paymentb that wilt prove our reputatioti as being 'Worcesteras Mst ilelpful Store." District Nursing Society -Iselwcrrrali sues Appeal M tSE. C.- Johnsoi K, Auonblsto carey nuree, Dr. tand Mra. Franin~i'Att~ the Iltnine of the etck are urgentlyj of New York ( ae a isltt,needed by the Worcester Society for the sngagenteht of their 4da~g 11District Nursing. Although theg'e Elizabeth Giddinge. Johnson, tq ll has been a decrease in numbers oh. Aberrotmbie of New 'York, fot ui isi new roses of influenza, the nurs,.' of Worcester.' ae rushed from early..nurning ut~.t Mr. Absrcrombie Is the, #odistlb late at night for their patients Oqw Daniel' W. Abeicroanbie. ptr1ide*~ I nclude those that have been set'v.. emeritus of Worcester Aeade,,sesd intg as nurses. It will be imnpotselttle. Mirs. Abercronib.d, sti abtItepof" for Shein to visit all that reepsjip Mrs. Benjamin Biglow SBoaof J tkerir..eare utniess trunsportation.- IaWorcester, sod Iitw. )tie.itna~ti proidled for them. They now appes! Lockwood of Ifaveltford,. Pa. to persotns that car gg-te he use of~ Dr. Giddings is professor of to-. their automobiles from 8.5 a. ms. ciology and history of eivllteon" at,tuntil non HI", -n 1.30 to 6 p.-nh, I Columbia University,. He is.'th' help them in this itumanitarias. pert on all subjeotd of natloeil so work. { ciology, and, has made an jaiterna There is an imperative need' of1 oat reputatips foe himlself:.'".4volunteer nurses to relieve those that are caring foe the sick and the 5g.. ciety wilt he glad io hear from +Wou for enth th icsp are nerosly O MF, mthat ca. on aparoialtow ho a fr jjWOjf earing fr hesikVrenevosl tired from work and those that sac- IN elliropleasures to wive them a few N ETHE hours' rest wilt help them to avoid,; NEWSlnza"Mn o ~teew simply want someone to sit with The October meeting of Worcester 4their patients while they steep of Council, U. C. T., will 'be.heIA to users iso ourdoors for a few hours, morrow evening in Odd Feltqws' ball. George C. Q. Hadbsrg end Delmar ~.ShoolJTachsers Dexter, who are to feport at. Fort Â~~h5~@ Warren, Boston Harbor[ Monday, were given a surprise partt last -tC nees o night in the bomne of Miss Rose Pot ter, 51 Murray Avenue. Thei's were Duty Tom rro 625guests presnt. Duy o orowfPersons pho have been cnrbt cotiu-ing old kid gloves for aviators' vests I I will be interested to the display of Seliool teachers make tip the staff two or these vests, one in the win registered for service in the Catho- dow of the Denhotm & McKay Coin lie W'omeii's Club canteen tomorrow pany's store and one in the window; and ltey wilt bu assisted by many of the A. S. Lowell Company's store. oilier volunteers. Miss Jennie A. These are made of light gray flannel Quinn will be in charge in the morn- lined with unbleached cotton and in. luag end Msisses Mary A. Daniels, terlined with kid. It is claimed ihat t' ioabeth Is. bit. John. Msarlon I). the air cannot penetrate the kid. i 'ist,, Theresa M. Carroll. Mary T..4 Shearkey, Mary A. Shea. Annie T. Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Kane of Murphy, Anna L. Lee' and Grace Ls 722 Southbridge Street have' an I1 lgglns will wcork with her. Miss nouneed the engagement of their Satrath A. MceCormniek will preside in daughter Kathleen to Arthur 0. LetS lihe afternoon iind her cooks wilt in- heisar of New Haven. The wedding 'elude Miss Carroll, Hisses Harriet will take place tn the Church of She:t. Foley, Julia IE. Courtney, Elisa- Sacred Heart October 28. be- ith (7. Curley, Mary A. Daniels,+++ - ltalerint" A. Kelley. Annnket M.. Ioyle At a meeting of Clan Scott, 0. S. mutd Isle. C. E. Milan. who willi'as- C.. last night, in Fraternity Hall, 806 sluatat thuetiookse. Main Street, it was voted to ha we oiladdnei aeta jI) SAFE OVERSEAS Rail, Day Building, October 26. Mr. soil M's. George F. Moran of ol's 1:, Ellirilge Street have received t+_______________ fimwondthut their inugitlee. Frances tIf S )tael61Jo. ties arvd aeyoverseas. Miss. y 05- Monan sailed with the first utnit of (, Locl. Food. 5)r tuob young women of the ordnance depart- I ca oo oad log mast. Site has been in service of the tart oirdnaneepaelrtment in WVashingtont Prepared by local city mark ting sinice last January. agent of Bureau of. Matketse, 1."8.. PROPER T'( TO SISTERS department of agriculture. Cooperw.' The w ill atfAelaide Goodrich of tors, Massachusetts Apriouitural. Go! 0 aFitchburg ws le f poae to lgs barExt. "8qft'tc&,ass hs~setts me.~ ~~~~~~ 'a le o roaet orfood ai tt i ftloo,6Coustty be- tars, eavitig her property to two s i;- srmBureatut.,4le+ fo rsh Eldiora and Jenntie A. Goodrichi, Audn.Ptt oin eb led. shaee named executrices without bgquah k,o itos, 24 soritics on their bonds.. Nee'mai-Bests, ettuhot6, ~oa er, of,; If yea east a reeam to let or want a o~isry, peppsl'sji,. f jip, api paoh, Re- boarder, dont botear s eret st- grapes.. b-ing thetseaot i. Put as Adv. In the 8osree-TorYnaN ' tans 1 Ot' lo yo-i cassifiedilumatns of5The Post. You'lilub ea as i r ls t~pfr~t roeShthe neat's youwvast is that way. cmes r ' ~l"ay~plyi i (Add 20atd 41hal F tstiea giten price td Oirta) 'odso handling.) LWJ gnuvia UNU Beans, pa en, 50 'sl e 11;.7,5 ile pound.- "' f 4 B g#o,Q b51!, gienune s~4 anIin'x models des ned able for ev, y seasoni an M~dSOall. WMBIIS UN Md.I 318O-WO N N' nJ cut a l ot 'wm t All e e, 18Th TRIMMED H ATS. SHOES unvenient Weekly Payments Gladly Arranged With All RCROMBIE WOMEN CONDUCTORS MISS BJURSTEDT AN DN VACATION WOULD RETAIN JOBS MISS BALLIN AHEA W. Abercrombie, plesl- tLP't It N Ii Ii iiict. S.-Wo- NIA'i '1i~. (Oct t- Missv1.it4 of Vv crester Academy. meiin treel. iii rconqttetors if the Bjuraledlt anthAlive li'otrt~c~ i e Cleveland itallway lonmpatty have rcrombis. of Troswbridge, uenit a petition 446 feet long bearitig yesterday t teilfulis nclianpi, ft Worcester fee a six 3.000 signatures of ear riders to ship of Ihe X7hi'tlPi. Tenil('C Lion. They are in Ne: Secretary oci iulr Wilson, liisngo the invet 1tulle.4court. defetti present andit'iug ii w that their ease be reopened. Federal Miss Etilith While anti Men. lini. ess t dner wer:mediators recently ruled that the PoeInivtrie litsio, a: -.1. 7-5. nt of Elizabeth Olid- twometi should be dlilurecd alter ofNwYork City, to November 1. SURPRIEPART.Iph Abercrombie, WitS GARNETT-GATCHELL Itios biarriet Neu t sean;giver rum' New York they Ambler Garntett and Isiss Dessle surprise party lost tight In her It ' ons-in-law and dough-' H. Galciteli of 10 Davis Street, were 7 Woodford Street, the occasion -Mrp: --bean Putnam married Wednesday in Newton. The log her deturo,shortly, t' Haverford. Pa. Dr. ceremony was ptrfurmei7 by the R5ev. I Fimmons 'College. She was present 10. waSi formerly a pro-, Hdenry H. Crane. a folditig camera. There were tnbla University. is nowI young people ic..enit. A program College. From Maver. If yoe a nt.anteor asneed mney in msiclatid dancing swas givenI I'r.Abercronmbie W11 1iss an ot Putms p lasi.fied" Ad,"'. in rs ns eesr The Pot'ant. et is toocS with th othniers Chet wr ae d by Mrs. R the. Winter mnths. ellose et Newman.

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