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' ner Brown and Farmer Brown's vent on, but Happy Jack sat where he was, too shocked to of moving. "It's no such thing! o such thing!" he kept saying and over as he looked at the in of first one foot and then er. "The Idea of saying that 'e killed the trees which give living! The ideal The very There isn't a thing on my feet.' y Jack was so upset that he n't do a thing the rest of that ALt think about what he had eard..lN ORt SNOW, HOT OR COL1), AItDLESS OF THE WEATHElt, TO 321) AVE. AND O)ROVER IT AND ASK A SALESMAN SHOW THE NEW ADDITION, RItAY HILL." D)0 NOT WAIT '1l. SPRING TO TIUY YOUR.LEN LAND. S. MARY E. BOWLBY IES AT HOME IN CRETE 11 Diepatch to the Worle,-Herald. -ete, Neb., Nov. 27. -The death Irs. Mary E. Bowlby occurred at family home Monday. Mrs. Bowl ras-the wife of Mr. C. J. Bowlby, oneer newspaper man and for 's a prominent politician of this e. Mr. Bowlby and the six chil. i survive.N i is expected that all two of the children will attend funeral, which is to be held at Congregational church Friday. -rment- will be at Riverside ceme Irs. Bowlby was born near Freet, Ill., January 17, 1947. She was eacher for about sixteen years, tinuing this work until her mare to r. Bowlby, April 4, 1877. 'he children are: Charles E. olby, mayor of Friend and chair' n of the council of defense county; Henry L. Bowlby, onel of engineers, oil duty in mnee; Johp Bowlby, prominent- at. 7be~ein San sego, Cal9; Geoe tioned at Camp Lewis; Virginia, fe of Prof. Harris of the Univery of' Washington; Mary, wife of Ely, editor of the Pilot, now an tpector In the nary and stationed Boston PLANS BE RESIEiD State Board Qi ea'th Urges Precaution Against "lu" Flare-up. Thanksgiving Services Sched, uled in Churches; Many Celebrations Planned. Thanksgiving celebrations should be restricted as far as possible, says a state board of health notice received by City Health Commissioner Manning Wednesday morning. Many celebrations are planned in the city. "See that Thanksgiving celebrations are restricted as much as possible so as to prevent another flare-up (If influehza," read the notice. "I take it that this means football games as well as union meetings in churches," said Dr. Manning. "I hope it will not be necessary to restrain public gatherings as we did, hut if a fare-up of the influenza comes, that will be dons. Seventy New Cases. "We have from fifty to seventy new cases of influenza every day. There are few deaths-three Tuesday and fourteen in the last four days. The number of cases is still serious." Churches have announced many union services today. The day promises to be featured by even a greater spirit of thanks than he seasiin usually brings. Slimpler dinners, with more atten' tion to the spirit of the day, will re. sult since tho war is over and the safety of the boys lu service is as-.ured, in te opinion of ministers who will preach Thanksgiving sermons. The sermons will deal with the coming of peace and the need of reconstruction to follow. 'ubilic services will be held in' churches here and there over the city, various groups of congregations unitling. To each mjpeting the publie generally Is invited. Complying with the request of Lieutenant-Colonel Wuest that army men remain at the post for Thanks giving dinner, arrangements have been made through patriotic clubs, churches and lodges for a variety of entertainments this evenig for sol diers. The army cooks pan some thing special for the boys, and it seemed to the commanding officers a good thing for them to remain at the fort during the day. Parties for Soldiers. Fred C. Williams, executive secre tary of the War Camp Community Service, which has charge of social affairs for men in uniform, announces a game party on. the first floor of Jacobs hall, and a dance on the sec ond floor tonight. A big old-fashioned party for 150 men will be staxn at the First Methodist church, when "eats" will be a special feature. The "D. T. A." club will also give a party t St, Job's church, Twepty'difth aa Browns. ftr, et. The Alny tadi fi e et1 ' h c ~ itn onvenle e o!f ife s acis dTa clubl is a. vary ponular social center. who ask the holP oft the co hiity in entertaining men In unitfor while they are awaiting demobilisation. Baskets Distributed. The annual Thanksgiving- offering from the schools, while gener. one, did nt -qoual that of other years, according to Mrs. teorge Doane, secretary of the Associated Charities. The supplies were sdistributed Tuesday to twenty relief organisations. Distribution of dinners by relief organisations will be confined entirely to "flu" patients and oonvalescents this Thanksgiving day. Mrs. Duane will distribute forty baskets. Meet will not be given. Major McCormick of the Volunteers will also distribute about fifty baskets, with' out meat. This article is so high and the organizations were so severely taxed during the recent "flu" epideinic thatureThanksgiving menu will be somewhat curtailed. The Visiting Nurses will distribute fifty baskets to sick persons, each basket containing a chicken and other delicacies. St. James orphanage will have a nsin-day dinner. This orphanage at tienson now shelters 162 children, twenty of them infants, the largest numher in the history of the institulots. iGeni'ris citizens have doiste n haickens. jeilies. potatoes and ersnherries for the orphans' feast. Services for 'Thanksgiving: Sunrise prayer meeting by the t'hristianF Indeavor union at the Y. M. C. A., 7 a. in., followed by a hike to linwooi park for an outdoor breakfast. Celebrate High Mass. Catholic churches will unite at St. Cecilia's cathedral at 10:80 a. m. when Archbishop IHarty will celebrate lontifical high mass and the Ii'v. W. F. Rohisson. S. J., of St. Louis, will preach the sermon. NonCatholics have been invited. The cathedral choir of forty Voices will sing. Hanscom Park group of churches will unite at the Westminster Presbyterian Street church, Twenty-ninth and Mason streets, the Rev. Mr. Edwards of the First Christian church preaching the sermon. At the First Baptist, Park and Har' ney, 10:30 a. m., services will be held for congregations of the First Pres 5. a, a., Ae, 5 Q t preaching. 55 The Jenings Meho Listcl4 hold an early morning ser; "f o'clock, Kountze Place churces a 10:80 a. m. at the North PreaW els. ian church, Twentyfourth aid. W1t, -the Rev. E. L. Reese preacliin$,; At the Lowe Avenue Preytkann 10:30 an., the Walnut HIll M ho.l dist and Clifton Elil Prde~yieriani will unite, the;Rev. B. U. Vande4Uppe I preaching. Il/theran churches, except where individual congregations will meet; will unite at St. Mark's' church, Twentieth and Burdette, the V y; C. B. Harman preaching. South Side churches unite for services at the Firt Christian church, the Rev.. Wheeler preaching. At the First Methodist church the Olivet Baptist and Central Park conpregational members will hold union' Santa Claus Has Arrived And Will Be at the Union Outfitting Company 16th -and Jackson Sts., \Saturday, November 80, T he.'] The Opening Day BIG TOYLAND NEW -- Andeomember ge Positively Guaran 0b to Save You from 25% to 50%-onYourToy Purchases. Our Big Toyland opens Saturav. Nnvemher o andpda on AXOt ECONOMY SATISFACTION TRE:NC-s H CLEANLIN.; j FLAVOR nl see the big a and Rockit es, Express W Doll Beds, 'd,. etc., etc. le girl to Slk RHosiery.' 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