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P helps is a m ~bero itew is a d irst, tlp' ze w s a' V t the Three undred and Twe his to.YorkU otto, where th re a ani o" hi' e Gun ( pany. lI~e is sop of Bret t ate dieW how the 'rn l fak it Ed' ard,1'elp seven-time or+ of.Ptylv ilo h igsoo arl ha 1t66k charge o ' Icertaingr'ouw f the CflT~ itlro and kath a peied to be s C00 R I1 tahoK thenadraa esan d tts'i fo Â~ o% t treat tte a its bej 1 YFteaWeeka meT,se a qt7' e if' 'adi m, and all ask i b 1 niberl d, Did., Nov - le- i bntl 'did~'iot kzaow 11i tthe- King pro o~Al1ean cun oe 90r0_ "4cres..,b rln ntt y after:ae eeksapen t ~due i sh- Irk t ott*t g a plain prick w 1X4-to 4; e in na aepid Ic. A "A ber bD "6 Q 15' r. 2 ma, of only "Mod te of cidition, teachers era a po d Engi sze, i 'yr-shop. or study fo he ' ad eusti ee, f,: a nredt wa;4ay1 eci r *for -teachers "st 'unab e t e - oCa~p~~'1'ju'~l ~ 0 beeau of illness. kindÂ~ _ t1I4 pmtb ne seesrws 'op r e eanicstreet a ool 'as de loi.a:in odeis q:~eai }bu sig h c $l st. L::.: ["A,-1b.1A etf;n:: n.ieat n +![l iL c ol;*et~~ f ti SORM GNOV Tn GR.EETS Gv1o 1t~ a nRaper:Triumaphantly: tern Roelalmed City.; i Slest No'. 10.-King 1i('tor i tm~ ueI f Italy made a triumphal eik ry into Tni t today.. The entire popul ton. I f the! city tur~ed out to welco4 e hin. crovn ontdj all available pits balconi roofs 'ed trees. The Ki io was aecompsaled by Geeral D lat, t ie co sader-i -chief, and other geberat and' Lienten nt-Conmnander II zo i~niv in th hfrbor oathe d ctoyer Au ce -the K11 landed from the "rarship the arose tn the harbor *ncl the Nu updiag! eights cries of]''Viva Ital: " Viva ictor Emanuel! BIata, ha k rhief and flags were waved h7' ten "fly. T e. inug, who atei g tIlY surp Bedlat the 'wart tf' wet. nine, 'wit. showered with l~it's uA ade his' way to the city lb vwit 't hen the King appeared on h b l eon of the itv ball the demo 't atip ass med sti 'greater jproportio.Ar pla es and dirigibles thr'ew ~u rot' mas 'festoess.' ver the ciowil. J lie King made a short exc t'in urn rtant rotas in the city, n a it the his tic towers of th (at' dra of San junto. He.also- is 14 pa ce wide was an Austrian en a' eak Ago,' he Duelhif of Apsta, a coos a f t Kidres = in the uniform o It Cr nurse,- valked through th c w and was ae hued everywhere. npthier utburst of Pen h uip ma Led the lug's return to the Aa "V'i 'a Our i berator!" was th* c which echce over. the harbor l ag a# the warshipd disappeared fr m vie 0 1WPEBPflTUATE Ch i eh Co hell Senads Mo Be7 itish.Councl. Ne rNv 1--e"o hdere to pe etuatei "in the co in' do e of jo0,dxl ldieas," the ti' s b bag bond,;ziericai and- Grel.-Biu togeher "i ufiitt and suff ug f! 'ederal (O cil of Churchies* f Cl"a FOR '12, 1918.____ i 1 1 l s 1 1 { 0 the.' war gnd will ret, "tGo grant that' as of arg, fou~ht togethelt.'"si in conflict for ide! s 01 om, a bour' tur~d lei n so emn I league an hurehes may kee e l niri future task o! bu; oundaitlons now al-lea world which ha*foi teftereo reudiated and con4em torce.""4 Departmelat Of J U foreemt tof L rue Waaiing n.,Npvc issued toda. by e~ tick sin any as tions kove ig in the.04gd tm' guard, aizfst dIalo all meaty Ahrough its the country, plans t 1 Ille, event greater te'im o r particulari' barifti1 enemy ages t in.el Allied solidarity inie Internment of daigem wjll be e9atipiie an eampai will 'be oajlned is 1gned. Authorities Investigation pf aliens pledoi o f.naturaliz~tio enemy statue. $oretgn Lang ui4ei Clturc aAnd asJs "Philadelphia, YN'dist Church will i fu tl as possibeq'fbra from its chu ces'ndf,AitnouncemeIt'to Is' et today's annual" ~ dist $3oard of l on05 'Though oomph itp ecburn,,hes q' onth ir homeneim~gonary }' itssiana ' 1391 s brvo d tefuae to amy'-G r asa eb.t *nerg4 wi 'an' Iwfhenla pr:prt self. R- r i loon. In race soldiers ys the'nesae, tr th land I ecae be aunited c venant, } - ur Be, together, in ildng tpon the t establish'J, of;evlr" secured to au has forever: Bed the right of ar--- t was oa o. t.~ ah tfain, if bssich ness.dgiring l ete, fering p. e eotiatio xs. 6n enegmy mlens,dhose 11 W lp Ill co ptlnue her. pp yl'-ng ti*r:. Io I d;renovIo A ' Iawned Ii d i 5ecboo. L. Th p ll~a lf see e.

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