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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~m orta nt Notice ity Health Officer no goods will be sent:r notice. laving Prices on ining Room Furniture reat Whitney Sales - accomplish even such a saving as will leave a nent not used, if you make full use of the adthese stocks built up in times of vastly lower ABANY HOSPITAL IN fo Asslstacs NE OF NURSI EFortg HMembers of Stalf III With Flu, and Appeal Is Made Despite the fact that the Inflseae epidemic In the city is ost the wane there is urgent need for volunteer workers at the Albay hosptal. In a s tatement, appealing to Albanians for help, Dr. Goodwin, supsrtntendent, says that there ar e 40 nurses eonand t their beds with the disease. Men and women desiring to aid in the work are asked to notify Mrs. Taylor, Mail 400, between 4 and b o'clock thls afternoon, or aftear 7 o'clock to-night at the hospital. Dr. Goodwin says that credit Is due the omen and women who already have helped In the work at the hospital. After being closed tfor two successive Sundays because of the epidemic, Abany churches were open yesterday. Sunday school was omitted I many of the churches, and the services generally were not largely attended. Sline the epidemic started in the city 6,247 eases have been reported to the bureau of health, which means that oe perso noat of every 16 has been a victim. There has been a steady decrease Is the number of new cases the last few days Fewer new cases are being taken to the hospital, and yesterday for the firsat time since the first of the month there were 17 vacant beds e, pavtilion G, Albany hospital. Among yesterday's victims was?svaie" John smath. 10, of 250 irat street, who died In the Albany hospital. He wan the eighbth member of company. stationed at the Washington avenue armory, to succumb to the disease. Mrs. Lucy C. Delaney of 22T Green street, for many years a reaidess of the southern section of the city, died esterdry In the Albany hospital of pneumonia, developed from Influena. Besides her husband she Is survived by three datghtere, a son and two sisters. The funeral will bhe held Wednesday morning from her home and later from SL Ann's church. FUNERAL OF OH. LATNER TO DE EID_10-MORROW Albany Physioian Died From Iuries __Jeoejyed In. Being Rum Down by Auteuhlie. The Rev. Dr. Max Schlesinger,;abblemeritus of Temple Beth Emeth, will officiate Ott the funeral of Dr. Joseph IL Blatner, which bll I.e held at the Blatner residence,,040 Madison avenue, to-morrow morning. Interment will be n the Beth Â~imeth cemetery. Dr. Blather, who was one of Albany's leading physicians, died at 2:11 o'clock yestebNay morning at the Alhany hospital. from injuries received Mail or Phone DOrers. Filled the. D Received'by Experienced Shoppers Jl!F No Time Like the Present to Gathi S Christmas Gifts Lines all around the store offer cottuntleess suggesti ons ra things that fit in with the plan of inexpensive and appropsi ate articles for gifts. It is a request of the Government tha everybody begin assembling gifts early, so that there will b no hustle at the last moment-and that the road and facili ties will be free for war work... lo 'I it. iing Room Set, $239 P-Nine--handsem.e-pieoes, -inelding-64 -extension table with 54 inch top, china rs and arm chair upholstered in blue or lar value $350.00. Sale price $239.00. ing Room Set, $159.00 SING ROOM SEE in mahogany, 48 inch itension table, china cabinet, five side. Regular value $200.00. Sale price -Piece Set, 5319.50 SET!10-O pieces, choite o mahogany or ght Iddtextension table, 54 inch'top. 60,inet, serving table, fiveaside chairs and raluq $395.00. Sale price$819.50... $250.00 Suits, $12500 $200.00 Suits, $119.50 $18.5S- $ -Vi $189.50 Suits,: $y1i: X$185.00: Suits, -s,10.0' 1 12L14,~ A ~ 11/09/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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