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ï~~'than 70 vic- oaan been bombed by the British in scr-iptiona to the tr, libert loan. Started fu~tllmett. of the condition. " oches, for every d.Cependent air force '- n'cojuncton icludinig $10 000 worth of the bonds under which she was granted -ati deve~oiosnt' I bu obp drop, Only four J 'wth the -Ainericat operatiou.. Bur- taken by the city sinking fund corn- armistice. The Bulgarian army is bee Is Is, a. worldsa bash. was also attacked.,., One Brts "ml11dion, the total for the city.stands 111K disbanded. -Ana and munitions ft B uTY~~ E m orachine tailed to retuz-n.. at '5 8.145.590, whloh']eaves 1857.169 are being handed over to the allies. With theEriamisn I ________________________to make the full quota of $9,002,969. Entente troops are taking charge-of Ott., 2 C 0:0;a-sx... ___----- -- ---_-- For the county outsilde the city the the rala' " iog. W~ench >ntus ein h total now stands at $464,500. reported Mu bu'defense~k~n~b~ through the county banks, the quo GERMANS: FLEE SOFIA Â~ im -has ~broen ERBE ASS PYSIIAN ~ ~Rome. Oct..-"A general flightofJ A Iacriptions to date are:,and. Constantinople has begun, "ac-Aw ae ImUI( Qauota..n Subscribed cording to advice= received from Swiss 'nlenehst fS.Qet~ Byron Center bank."... w 9204:10.00 p k s o +oC ' i if t Dr1~k~ ~W3I State, Baen~6f Caledbela.. 7191hi ASE 1 E S $'lt tu be; a Uorian coo tat;. 270,2s.,co 0.,301 ER:'RVSHE ct Alrr'ip to Itsu01,31 atwat: fr.From' Washington' Grandvtile 3tI~.. 50. 1 0 ta tG nedaac t t5UtO Kent_ City 'Stae,0 500 's-ta 060 emn.n ttate. Lowell,.... 7'.!0 611154 trL~n troops have arrived at Sotsfro. c R0Cto eI i Lowell State......,117,000, 0,5 lRouriania. Part of those are o re- dcflbnrgsj tt6n'ir ~e~l PAENSTO: HELP FIGHT INFLUENZ Steate.,,.,.... 57,00,70 main ino Sofia, as an argement favor- soo001 to be' ammr.Oe soe btank. Saa L...a3l0c970i.t.l vrho of the Mialinoff gov-onaclesiartth e Sparta ae 53,000 1).0~0-~erfl~ien,'. isuttheal- majority will en- te(-nau 311TIhdP in_" Training Doctors, to Go to Army Oamps Total..............6011.101' $464,600 dheavorietkepteaidtrosfm 3110poib. Americans T wo Weeks, Receive $200 The sinking fund commission' now th retriwywihjoisG I owns 660,000 In liberty loan.bonds of many and Austria:with,.Constant! inches --Will AddresNurses the variousia'seues. -several ye agthoad tshe railed Edwin L.Q tares wll sepeak at the acevem ents o ' the n ral po es liberty loan. at the Empress. J. Ward ac imtomtacntiaoer. NA r o th 16th 'Sanih lnlunre i a ar codKet a t,-Ohum, 3. 3. Smolenaki more serious to Germany as a result. of he12th Spnis Iflenais hrdcodat the Strand and L,. W.'Smith at the of the German,troop withdrawal. was in Grand-scmetimes known as -the.grippe, with Isia thenatens tonight. tnfirof the disease. according to' Teti n on h eCap auure th- -try will either rejoin the allies or - - ______ *having served Dr. Franklin Martin of Washington. ra~no h ca, fetrspon that there will be a rising in that hence F.A uzu'carai hc il"nliyn France. one of the seven-membere of the ad-_ ite.A-Wrbr.caraI country whc ilnliy the l3ucouncilue of pae1.anrsttet'Epe.nd Mris Frank.visory committee of-the coclo na-, Cniudo ae1. -,car. tray. 'so far as It provide. EXp t Â~ ueirS tional defense. When the codstrikes Ifor the revictualing of the central e." - you, he says, prompt care should be' I -powers., -Thirliou n~e~ irned with the taken to prevent the development of I y ~is breast. He pne~umonia., R-S.M T N,SRBA DGEKDM NS 132 American 'At' army camps.':where the cogr GER mUTIAi (non-commis-,ticn is the greatest, the epidemic has--AEf Washington,Oc.2.--erl*'n soldiers are in the grip -of the pneu- um p ru VU.jGreece to day announced their peaCs S IS' 'E S N Ix of the party, mania bug..- Hundreds of deaths have'I (Continued on page 11) Minnesota s.Oe h 1 to the United been.- recorded as a result. _______.- -------- '- - Wes.os Drt. i am Martin arrived In Grand Rapids CoWhgeOtestu era r JSae 10-day fur- tline secretaries of the county volunteer torpedo bo~ats, whose rews -mutinied'fEIl-AeaRpiy cla~ns to help fight the epidemic. Last harbor during-August. were pursued Surprnti adespe.hm1or 00phyicansuTeygoratin eceve hee odiy.T D rceiedatahetresdybuprie. wreisrgenrenealndliesundkyc-uacrcodrsnkiacoringto iInA-UR L ashngon.Oc. 2-t until he sent a we're furnished within 24 hours. This- occurrence is said to have been con- -tefut iet oncm 'k, asking them week het was again asked for 400 and firmed by the' washing ashore of 140 cahe iout hd stuk1trd auto here and they will be' called this week, bodies. " Gnier arey it welovrthd6, Fremont. 'Ills -Michigan "must furbish 50 of the' It is reported that 36 German sail- ConsultinIg E iersand Stat' ej t'l re and met him 400. Grand apids may get an allot- oe were executed at Kiel recently, as' g mark,. pas of Mr. and -ment of two or three. the result of a mutiny against subma- Accountants Testify in G.. Particularyenorai - Exe-at~to Sc- ~e ica ~ rin duty - G ~. & ~ i~t are being- reive fo rthe Stratford 1 Several mutinieMmoccurreddamon R.,G H M. snt west and th.sigfoir- h. ehdbywihehapolievrlmtiisocurd mn rtngfr re Te etodb wic hepys German and Austrian soldiers In the _____ innesota hasarayoclans shall be 'called and when was Ukraine during September. At Khen- rquota, and theMnnstaf wa tpcals Amrhon e Wdedvateuo te hof, 6.000 Austrians are reported to Consulting Engineers James Wal-titrsrews rpre wa croseonf conference of the eecretaries of the have refused to got*h etfot kro T. J.verbr gefan of goinf vet hetp maehmefstate volunteer medical service corpsjg thweton. erfCicoad..Wberf and S countes-iMchg his service.- In Neanly. every county in the state was GERM NAS KILL ofFFICERS day InteUiet ttsdsrc or in aog fcoyep tota odrepresented., in med from, him. '____ ----- in the injunction case brought 'by trolt,phow a-rtoffuro no, more than Doctors -called will receive $201) >< R~otterdam % Oct. 2.-Two German the Grand Rapids, -Grand haven &t pared withte-hr on y meia-mil ot saar ankd -thei xpens oe they officers were kited 'by 100 mutinous Muskegon Railway company to- pro-,clttle,-andilowsnteNu yal' Arincan ilno.eakd.osed oetn soldiers on the Lhttch-German frontier vent tho enforcement of the state-districts, hAve en wr balo n wan e. n two weeks at the camp. Others will, a few days ago. The troops refused to, 2-cent tare law. Their testimony was -'flags=' for overusratos batt a 'i sw en 'then 'be drafted to take their places. go-to the front. Officers ordered them to corroborate the figures of cost of theuta e onr Pag ca p1eh oae s,c ntuto n Hirs as'sed'_ th wrtcmsbelgrttds fired upon. Introediately the mutineers cosrcinadpresent valuation of; (..:_______ Hi g ' ii0 that no one physician will be obliged. shot two officers. the road. The company claims the - -- I to leave his home practice toe, long at -- road has been operated at a losm oflT one time.- - wlIotue KPEND S '$400,000 since 1901. and that it would f'~ ~ 10-The departmentwllotnuo tT HARRY KATY IS now cost over $2,200,000 to replace 1 l A IS the volunteer doctors until the' influ-1 1 the utility poet.50 per cet'n prw es eiei a ensapdOt HryKpeno yo etr -ta h.operia c~ty. pe cen goeA1 Nurs es asrl well 1 a physiia nar meber Lo teast ariley died ion Atre eea rebfor a In-": etocy work. will go in civilian clothes. ideas are';slowly *but aureyr getting / ) -anuacre'bIempa 3d, that. if con-,They will not. be put to. extra -expense across to the Teutons. Pahl- 1a~ M- I-I'O118t CI b vu'e o pedet veetigation, wlU1t for nniforms' and other eoulpment Ad jte sintain- the-re'~e ri C- ' Service,Immediately is what-Dr. War- -FROSTS AND. MUCH,RAIN";becBomes an A utho ar women's the,1nqoairry*a. tin wants. -: m. j. si eltgtote nevtroMartin -s.N the war,. Paul M.Rll-r e~r~a ra!t' tltt~ato,+ ~ ~ t!a September, accesSdng - to' the alh.Hlitr ~ orhsf@L6t 15.~i *bicb i1 de ttentttW" * laed 1@no0;~rmonthly report of the wieather Durancmped wrtgtobm -tseica to- to ~ k U$5 ~ to 4sD.-A - o~.0,a tors as ry tTha'e matemperatutra4for th xont-b'itIJohnPIceae~ok A l,rm /,*f, tb, 40Pittent twi a rb-~w' 1 degroes2 "b. highet tom fir Chains" - whhbat been re-titled 11*'? tezi.>,.sow!'tn'0nfebrs~ wa3 waoe-, oprtumu "was on Sept. 1.' when ibe- 'TIN' n 0 "Yfl fp Syst!n Amera.", 5i es'O of t" hes ~~a~~4& es st 5t504 #t! derees, wh~le the 1' -'MW fons" wbo4'-tvpsiged' hsbs~*3 b aoe de i'IWIt~4Ise.I it reis- ytm- fo' t~eÂ~ gO~yereseut 'way;toq l ed n" it;. usy to re ftfte Als 6ek, assdthe wgrk, 0 5.wb ebrhad''epedtaW '" aw-elguetre.Mi'..dWIee'. -ot; Ima lI-ts' wf 5 * ",S K+;.n -,, 7r"

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