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ï~~ U?" 00-. Iii~ ra er~~~~~~~~an~sor Los Much Tertoy B sie C laim rSos a to 0~t Dea 'En of ar xrsPt f rse nHu nes--Austria to Be Split Up-Turkey I Stripped--New Poland. The meisdcal meibers of the Influenza Records Brbken by Sale of 230,000 Copies ____________________ Comtmnltee will meet at the I ______________ " Board of Health t 10:20 this morning Folllowing Is the first of a series of articles by Prof. Usher: toN~ lahit, l~Mracles In speed, 'accuracy and cormpletenese are so oomnmon n h THT<Ei PROBJABiE TECRMS OF helioe Egl, 5urond ona renewing the s eral four-day ba, oftcr's of iarg newspapers that they rarely excite interest; nqt t a cutdos byon hes epthiitif es whca xirndi uioxt ndt v comment, amo g newspaper makers To work accurately at uubeieb4 B. UHER, fromthe ea. l oler:odrnatio of he pior lmitl ared is the dai y experience of the n~wepaper maker.. However, theped roeeii or ROLN QUHR rmthe sagedrio4ha s reenl banr whoicat d onl schoprorl.ted Possr oLANDtry Washington Un-" TeBga alod shsrcnl awihafc nyshos ha accuracy and jompietenese with which 230,000 copies of the cityf tosiy b aid, utsn le from Berlin t en- churches,~ via shows, pool o-i edition of the 'LoocvDosscCa, containing the official news of the n N~ow 'that the arisUac hasg ban ac o n thead butr fro tier. ThBae tiar parlor. a d all public gather 11h war were edited. printed, sftereoti p, A, roiled off the presses and u signod 4d peace has become an iminme- renewal of any such schemes and prep- lug l,idoofs and o t. heansoradsadnwsgntysedymrigwssornin diats probiem, it certainly is a matter aration talnet a future pressure from Health Cosnoi inner Starkiof! said that veteran members of the edlitoialn and mechanical staffs. accutoe of intedest to m up what we aireadiy Rsaisto be provided by the compilete that today's tout a on deathAs and cases to striking feats in 'newspaper making, could scarcely ciredit thecok know abu the pec asi ilb rearrangement of Asia Minor. will chow con6iu lycly whether,"r nut their eycs or the reclords estabiehed. LtlLett rb the faxe victory elebrationito the io Tectno ia diino h G-BS ';lose-DsOaOCRAa had printed 200A w-n uming that at the time of the Lte ettoTihy clement weather last Thursday'w fir th e iyo ia dto fteG copies of Its city edition aloe h armiatlttm suuilhiitg Ia made known, Ths Turk will be allowed to rest his drove many cro a to saloons, has at- tlesocCAT was ready' to go to prs computation does nut embrace ccls formally or informally, by the allied weary bones, If there are any left, in fectod the infduct situation advt-rotiy. when. at 1-04 a m-, the Ptrot flash of the eiin odotieo h t oi edtossl usd ftego: rrsiiezite of the terms they proposo Anatoia. cooped up between an inde' Figures to date. he haid. have tiot tc aigoiiig of the armistice arrived over circulation none. to ekailt from terutany, some weeks at pendent Armenia and the new Greek shiowni. as title Max htttin a gent-ru dv- Ilt Ac-orciated Press leased wives. That To print arid to sell 2".m cpe least. Or pitrhtaps niotths, must elatt!and Italian colonies, anti with Fret'' elte in tiew fcase sine lii g.:vrai bioo n. at~ 11ha1 the rotice. Raper ac Ii.: 'of a single daily edition prabl 5 before:the ful peace terms caul lic aiti English rose of influence to the becaii. effective Iant Satutday niorntilg. tr' hadl to tic reniade alnmost instantly'. tah~llehrs a rcord in it iu (Wars~ agreed' upon iutl de-clared. Until that cnsuth. In lestine, a new Zionist Jew- The period of inbhitti iy gerno acet-- rtin tw-ite tolnuiri of the limo of- ii. Veteran circulators -aidthyti timic I is uilii,rtv that we shall hate lab slats wili be created, which will quired on lant i7tursiiy etnds-d y rotetr Ishn loho u inn ftenvrae n uhdmn o more eSrnile tnowiedge t-iirn we al- afford ihe Jews what they have e0 day. rooiebgnt orit the (ts--nwppr rrt totoa. Iin Iia tnain, what we Dtgdsrdad lo tt oe.pae Ir. Starkioff td that tlic criobrat 10:. t~cM:ttar rititonial rttom, the usual.Bldfore St. icciseans bad cesetee townitei is based upoti the treailco.a strong community athwart the roads of yesterday. Lei g h+Iii in fair itti-c. rotutine o:f tie drpartment was aban- phoning to ascertain what thyie a reccaifd by the 13lusi-ciki. is Eogypt atit the Sue Canal. During was a boon to t - eticheinlo in the ab- old. aut rh wany edon ofwa to s Te gist of lbes ettleiient Is to t'th w b ar the ttew State of Arabia w settee of whisky whil:h. it ilia th1.;i ined - about ' the cl don othe iay a he btt-akitng up of Austria-Hlungary created to take control of the Alrabiatt on saoone, vas err. ra:iu~biahI-'. 70.000 Papers Printed in Hour. homes. to pieces aid tie -li-ided weake utc. Penitnsula aitd keep it at least out of iHe said that Ii vignt-tui e n-ci- Iditorns luo pepare cupy fur the Before one-fourth of the edito a tf tie many in poulation: and her re- tibe hands of tbs Turh. an that never the open air I-a b eneficial tn ill-.; inr printers quit their usual desks and at- been printed, clihin an huctr th lueolin re. Tu wo il besu-'again should at:y h~uropean power. hby icipante in thta fest{ltice, ttt t ti nmed emergency stations at the eli- il-mbh of surrender came, the tan delon llsids b aserisaCofthe lb ghing of treaties with the 'sick crowdiitg was *atngtius and, rellrx --ows of the inoItype operatoreP. 1s lisliiceAT was almost swam]ndwt )offer statesa brtwr-n thttm and Rtussia tnan," be able ho extend its authority utntil throats hr uate tinierr ani ther- ' oal paarpfa a-mftn teerpl and telp onew dalr to onr oild: and Fran-, and Italy Oi through Aaia Minor. to lbs confines of fore moespt ll nif-ia tlcairieratorws tv as fromth-t- rm oc.a cO heotciler. Tcrrmtury will be added to India and Egy-pt. fetotr tinltae l r n asdt h rve.wQ-nigfrge. ubr fadtoa:ran.e ammd subti-actedi frum Germany. No Ice ba tei o tele ewp01 in that the to silt be iiture nearly cal entities have therefore been already Kodifica on Intimated..c4 It. Art lie psragraph irts oct it I addpieo toI- aprp equal -in sine and tpopulation: that: they specifically outlined to be created a~t is would not dir~ate wat ricit.- was takes frott the' Liotype, placeh ritt adtions ltse aropim e edtf have been. irer-:tury atid populationthe peace Except for Grceat Btritain tions-would be ade iui the hiratihati, upun tihe fioof gmlrtt. a proof takr) an-I other ecuiefauet D ill beo takes from.tuonia aid added and lie rland, there will remain in saying that act on in rrgstc toi- boll: -ncrerci. if tie+recori atil puit n thl- exlsiefetrethal to o Itally. so that time lather, too. alt Europa no political community }towith bans liea In th0e hands of theinom-tli al trinm..a quinchie i a firti ci rpa a-- o om R printed tepemnr oe ir-"upi" physically ioward other Euro- preelsely- the sames boundary lines as imembers of t it Ati-ory.n neut-. was liltedi it was fouked tgbt and shot -rrn.tebginn ftec teat: ftes a ituch irt e:1 arly equal before the war. The old status quo will nomis when the rodificalmuno uli i., - h-i ilt:otehceohyping ccii:, where lb-c0.te eiogo heclbait mooiu n. This is the gist of thet settle- not merely be disturbed; It al bea.cmeffective. It was mtuimI l1.'at Iairt eattices are no3de. matrixetl -s - ha yeteda wol ed r~etmt us ci-gards Irnies. mtoide Eru- uiihiistrd.. Thu-re will be not merely a:hiurdlies nlay pernmittei t o tumtal 0*i nimade from the smatrices ashd uhie, Exceput for Asia Mitior, nn i-use. mew map of Europe. but a sew Europe, services 4uudit wit a bear~ ttr lr ~u the gn.oat i-c sutring pr-e" mx'uai u holidayan tne aieras wit a eltr ceee-tac thath ol e asidh a -cable chairfce ore cotemplated. The so different front the old as to be celebration In ~rest Park atid that Si 0:00 as th^enctire {taper of t pe- I iace celebration for Missouri nostohliat time allies could hope was scarcely recognizable. Political affilla- theaters atid in viesahows nuay reflow titgrs was comnpletely placed upon thi oinnintain what they already p00- tions a thouantd years oid are to be itp.ralis at ab~ ut the samec tome. No romls tlue thiceasco tarted thundring at - - esse4r The sorhit they could loae to an disrupted with as little regard for their Otis woulti vet e- a guess as 1o she:: in less than an boor more than ni~ti + fundamental imtimvbancq u-f the reta- sanctity as those created in 1875 atnd the echools wood open. as tice elhime hiapers w'-ire in the hands lot dostriho-- sn s.e inchttt.In 1912. - itteBado d ain ilircyturn ready for de-livery. rno ntht aeof1.SAYS SC U G OF Ion Fla~gothoar in tha ae of thce Qwim-rstuon.-y rnign editorial uponi peace "wa 1 SPANISH INFLUENZ Three-Nation Treaty, German Coloniee Gone. l-inures fot eaterday Cviv. \,c' Oui mwiath a new and appropriate car- - ___ mt aico econoically. -- - -n to way, many. cor stance, there doubledir man smaller cities mcmi boImnds -hr reor read ers. Boys. affents utd ofrhe-ely he eun 'itThea soal! tusatrtct~frm tewiii~lie a great deal about our military bravier deat: t uII, than Si. laiuis has and rireulators offered large preinius of perfect health. Theteg v'hmould tsof th from" hee frontier. Even now there are too many had. Ifor early copies. in many instances In fact. wseeks and month a n~uiai tate uner iner~anlnaipeopie who cannot seem to remember B. Nugent & L ro. Dry (roeds Company' islee the actual riuce charged by time eas eoecmlt odhat tethat we are fih iIn France and Bal- asked and was granted permiesion to rcs~-xcnnrtrst h itm ft~ ra usrit titee, politically and commercial- fighting hevitmsoft en~tirely without the German CorbuL glumn in regain control of our own mill- have salesmen ashl flags to celebrants in Whes the presses ceased roiling the malady. It is the part of wao 'hc note of the allied governmenhs to tar benirbtenu n emn.foto hi r esedy n a-"ntt ipneWt orPra er shops will e prue to operate t set-vices' too soon, for intmeh reihn isno oebrbhs What America Gains. today for the c renuhonce of the public. p ' wl sa!avsego lao ~ ~ ~ t mad e p aeiean weido tin We hall have the great satisfaction It was said tat. unless the genera, GERARD D M N IG bidn eiieta i -erany o altnmnt citizens oIn adneutral o o of taking that front!~ out of the hands ban imposed Ia Saturday is litted by - gtOF'ir AIER restoring vigorous digestion adfl me4territory who have suffered any of a nation which we have found to the Medical Ad sort' Subcommittee thus IAJL O axF T AISER nutrition. Physicians and tepb emcn trabie damage from GJermani our cost we could nottrot and of put- morning, the,- since. men who pro-, lie universally recognize th sae eta on the land. onvths sea, or in gi~ It Into the halnds of a nation whose tested -at the n last Friday will he s ane, rejuvenating powerthtle is r. By mmpicatiort, what is known In es-eats in its dfensse are greater Ul~an dvedadgi en -s hearing. Fortnuer Ambassador InsistsIntebtrhrsadbrkuc sa punitive indemnity--ode inflicted out and whoese unsullied honor and: -s Be -. jas Calasaya bark, Palmett rootrhmlae(etayl o aeflSirts ulte aebenH eE taie n Dmaa 1xVmc n not inplated, though the stltement alt the a4miration of thes world and have TUFT LOO FOR TROP *---'-- -. and Phopit tad made by no means foredos-0 i adornM the naura. 05 5.5.u" -.- n tot the in con-mnt f eaatoho-t cer. of several billions oq dolr 08/2 / 006 LIBRAR OF CONGRESS~a~i~ 1NEWSP AER RX M formulaispnt eisysoersonssured. I

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