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ï~~hat it be that no man or vwoman is past help. the col- No matter how serious the disease may s, eem to be, no matter how many things 1th, the you have tried, no matter how old. you flied in are, I feel, certain. that if you will only various test he merits of my wonderful "Mir: s alwaysiacle itedliciie, as it has been called nd worm-il but which- is known professionally as is on thel Dreeo, you will find that the very.elenanv His n ts:that go to make up this new on to th selscientific medicine are of such nature man and that they cannot be taken into the S. ystem-. wth,.ut their effects being iram1: "It is,-ediately felt, all dis- "Dreco is by no means a cure-all. It f properlisa careful coinbinatibon of roots, tch. Poor herbs, Larks, blowers and extracts ilation is ther-from, all blended together with Sidney the design to relieve malignant ail.-nd trou-[meats arising from defective stomach Sproven and digestive canal by striking directn be of-ly at the cause of the trouble in naing the ture's own way. of iust Dreco is sold by all first class drug as. Mygists, T Avod so effect- reasonablyosure of diams. Influenza You can do so if you will-snt geta hs; your 25c.boa of Natures R.. (N iiasaaon Tablets) and take one.s nlght ree from for a while. NR Tablets do much more than uthorities. merely, cause pleasant, easy bowel le of action. This medicine actei upthe and digestive as well as elimlntive ne * organs, promotegooddiQulca causes the body to ge the nouraY ishuent from all the:food youeat, gives you' a good-hearty appetite strengthen elviovur and the comes bilouses, regulates kidney a out the and bowel action and ives the whole then the body a thoro ughclenn out. Th;buildunp ompfilsh gret will not hve toak medice day.: An.obelonal ht today NR Tablet wi kep.your body in conget your ditionand4 youcan lwa feel best, ica ri re o intinction) at St. Luke's Episcopal church, corner Charlotte and Elizabeth streets, from 7:30to 8and from I1 to 12 o'clock in the morning. Members of the congregation will be admitted one by one. The, rector requests-that they do not congregate outside -the church. -Members will, of course, read the services in their own homes prior to receiving holy commuiion, the bread being dipped in wine and then administered, It is possibleethat other churches will adopt the same plan, but no other tnnouncements have been made, as yet. Ship's Officer-Oh, there goes eight bells. Excuse me, it's my watch below. oThe Lady-Gracious! Fancy your watch striking as loud as that!-Londoyr Opinion. HOW DOCTORS TREAT COLDS AND GRIPPE Ask any physician or druggist and he will tell you that the best and only effective remedy for a bad cold, sote throat, influenza or la grippe is what he calls '"a brisk calomel purge," which means a big -dose of calomel at bed time. But as the old style calomel has some very unpleasant and dangerous qualities physicians and druggists gre now recommending the improved -nailsealess calomel, called "Calotabs," - which is purified and refined.from the sickening and dangerous effects andwhose medicinal virtues are vastly itsproved. - SOne Calotab on the tongue at bed time with a swallow of water-that's all. No salts, no nausea nor the slight. eat interference with your diet, pleas urea or. work. Next morning your cold has vanished and your entire system is purified and refreshed. Calotabs are sold only in original sealed packages, price thirty-five centsYour druggist guarantees Calotabs by refunding the price if you are not delighted.-Adv. - _ ful Â~ day. That would save one of the two pounds a month for some soldier." IUncle WV iily stirred hisl tea some more, and then he tood up at his chair, reached back on the sideboard for his tall silk hat. and waved it in the air. At the samne time he cried: "Hurray!" "Whkt's that for?" asked Nurse Jane, surprised like. "That," said Uncle Wiggil, "Is to show how glad I am that I can do something for the war, even if it's only to save a little sugar. After this. Nurse Jane, only give me half a level spoonful In my tea. I'll save the rest I for some soldier." Then, Mr. Longears inished his breakfast, and went out in the woods to look for an adventure, as he always did. He had naot gone very far before he met Mrs. Wibblewobble, the duck lady. She looked very sad. "What Is the matter?" aske? Uncle Wiggily. 'Oh, my little girl. Quick-Quack, has wandered off in thewoods and is lost!" said the duck lady. "I left her a minute, while I ran over to see Mrs. Bow Wow, the mother of Jackie and Peetie. the puppy dogs, to ask her how to make corn meal pancakes. When I came bhark, poor little Quick-Quack was gone! - on""Ht! L'll find her for you!" said jolly Uncle Wiggily, as he twinkled his pink nose like a atrawherrv shortcake. "I'll go look fot her. That will be an adventure for me." So, over the fields and through the woods went the bunny uncle gentleman, looking here and there for little Quick-Quack, the baby duck ~girl. But he couldn't seem to find her, and hb was Just going to hunt up a policeman Io. when. all of a sudden, as he passed near a hollow log on the ground, Uncle Wiggily heard a-voice saying: - "Oh. won't we have a dandy dinner?" "That's what we will I" said some one else! "All the sugar - want to eat, aend a little roast duck, too! Oh, this Isn our lucky day! I went around to a lot of grocery stores, and I bought all the sugar I could, making believe I didn't have asnltoh, and alt the while I had a lot. put away. Then I caught this little duck girl, When nO one was looking. and now-oh, what a fine meal we'll- have!" "And as sweet as we like, tool" said the first voice. "My goodness!" exclaimed Uncle Wiggily, "I wonder who these folks can be. and if they know a war is going on?" So he looked in the hollow log And he saw two great, big fat pigs, and in one corner of the room was poor little Quick-Quack, tied by her wings to a chair, s "Oh, my!" thought the bunny uncle gentleman. "No wonder such aniknms wouldn't try to save sugat--they're d lust the kind..too, that would steal gb little duck girl. But I'll fix -thelai" So Uncle Wiggily ran off through li the woods, arid he found a fireman and I a policeman dog, and told therm about the bad pigs, who were no relation at e; all to the nice pigs, Curley and iloppy t 'wlstytail. r1 "f'nvn w tith una r itri" n t 8 AL U S OMEWHERE in France, in beautiful chateau, sits a group from days in the trenches. the accmpaniment of the grandI bitterness of battle and their tired b of music, they are carried in mernor for whom they fight. This is the mission of mulsiC, ir theworld Todelight the mind an cars oftheday. Toyou, in Amf Stands for the Hig Honored by France with the Leg c beginniig of Anerican H stoq by service-the Chickering is uan - AMERICA'S G TPRI(TS - JORDAN Ml.372 KING ST. - PLAYER PIANOS AEOLIAN VOCALION 1' UI >4.,,.. _ _ a _. 1, It I *:....,.. CHA'1'AU."THISD.RY LOUIV and Made wo wound stripes and two other both and I got his tripes indicating a year's service in Within. a -few m 'mrnce. - enlisted he earned notldently e is wearing half a ribbonby helping t o~en- scar from Boche shrapnel and ofI Uncle Sam on a, tllets. - of-San Domingo. SLuke. is the son- of the chief of po- -was next in -order, ce of Georgetown, Pa. He was:liV- another ribbon. ng' at 1707 Arch street, Philadelphia., fIt was at Belleat 'hen a reeruiting,poster caught his earned. the right to ye and he. d6ecided to see the wOrld.with,. palm. A. di hrough the medium.of the:U.. ML- - maries was with ne Corps travel agency. By stretch- at the: time. On a n.4....., se. *hI *.,'n411 1 eft saranfl,.u y h n. A Star in

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