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ï~~opening given- by nunicipal st and I'resbyivienno TH EFT eases of property George aventie; avenue; 'xlngton 6 North hearing e Wes:afterall each wary 9.. t trunk tky was alt mtore In the ad Heruse and he first need M g. Thes 4 of the n hand to the to the to the eander nt.4 of the qo the ).,4 for tore Is sa rentl er tthe )w cart DAY. day of $t4,.1i6 he Cotcenseca, eceipis reneal of the nwner-i 3d term. B3ut ed by.'Ilt get Itt wit rand - been )f the there are of 'ensee. ~M. a ry, tmatde Itatilt, t more ot Its r Ain't.It a Grand and Clorious Feeling-f'= --m-Er-ALL YOUR 0 FAM~ILY HASTHE I?L -Trti. NuRE 1 AWAY? M~D Yct 7Q CN RATULAT'a ' tVR-SELF T.HqKT YOuV AF4 SO WEILL - AND Ytou f N1QR~e'.Fe YO'SLL r-'ESA.JRe -I LtJCI',AND. YOU READ IT - 105 Â~-__.t!!- You Ta y irT THRE t 3 ES EACH P eAD e i4GI105 (istg N m.ByI3RIGS1. SOCITlY FIND - 50 Yo tLAR-' Rabbi ad Mrs. Jacob Singer, of -N71-104KTHE RpiO M MTER IN. Lincoln, Nab., are thne gubsa of Mr. fouI T~ EMP- YouRFtMOUJTHI lo-- - fli_ Gundersheitner at tine ST FOR ~ MiNV 1MMarlborough. Mr, and Mrs. Isaac Meyer, of New York, are the guests of Doctor and Mrs. Lbuis P. Hamburger. Mrs. Ham-s burger will return to New York with 5"" her guests on Sunday. Captain and Mrs. Sidney Soadheiso. " 1 - the ' formner of Camp Sheridan, are - V visiting relatives in thne city. Mr. and Mrs. S. Metzel and family are occupying an apartment at the Marlborough. Mr. Louis Kraus is in Atlantic ji. City. Miss Margaret Osborn is visiting Miss Elsie Croll at her home In New York for the holidays. MIr. and Mrs. Howell Parr have returned from Philadelphia, where 'ti-E ~ ~ g~MM-Bo~ AiT IT they have been visiting relatives. D trAYS 1-4- 114- N'MGR ' oy! 1N A I Mrs. George Morrison Gaither has Rl, -.. R R-RAND A- returned train New Haven, Ct.. RUNS WIusJ4 LOR _R- RIGVsJ FEELt where she has been visiting her son, -.George Morrison Gaither, Jr. TA TA TAMrs. W. H. Irwin Flaming and her TYA twin daughters are visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. William A. j Stewart. Jr.. at their home op West Lanv ale street. I- 6 '~'Lieut. Vergil Lewis has been spending the holidays with Mfrs. Lewis at 4a the home of her mother, Mrs. Andrew Melville Rteid on North Cal/ vert street. ' ~Mrs. Stanley Zell has returned from Atlantic City, where she spent some~ time at the Marlborough-Hteniem / Mir. and Mrs. Lewis M. Hopkins ire spending some time at Hotel MeAlpin. New York. Jeffeg"ies Buck had been mustered r out of the navy and is visiting his parents. iDoctor and Mrs. Winmer ltrinton. before returning to Hart-i 'ioyyrht t hin,Tonuas Aeeitton s \a it Tii(.OiO,f,'rt where he will mnake his home. iuirnin IMr. and Mfrs. William M. Ellicott FU E AL URHRWARNING have returned friltn Pennsylvania, - -.I AGAINST INFLUENZA where they have been spending a few days with relatives. The fiiieral of Frederick Itrnntan. Spread of Disease, Says the spetiding a few days at Hotel thief of the Third Fire Department Hat omsinr cliNwYr.woete r Distric t. wh, was killed Tuesday ItoatCmisine. mo~n.tew Yorknt g eu heytar il autoittotile accvident, will be held Pinting to the weather cotittions aogtercn uss at _ o'clock this afterniootn. it favorable to. the spread of tfub, Miss Helen Whitridge and Miss 'Tine srvkes stlit be conducted by' ats, Healthn Commissioner Blake! Katherine Lee are spending the weei Rev. Dr. Eugette- It. Sniith. of itic yesterday aga'in took occasion to ad- at Lake Placid, where they are enFirst Mithoelist Church. at the hoito tithitish the tpublic to lie on guard,jiyitng the winter sports. 'if Chief B1raiian, 324 West Twenty. atgaitnat the dangers of infer tioo. He' ade -no Bsoi frst street. The Fire Departnnent sad:isMrs. n Ge arenLanerof.Bosn, ins will have conmplete charge of the "Weather conditions, such as we. vstn e aetPo.adMs funeral. The following wili he pail- have had during the test few days, tiasitlt.Gildersleeve, at their home on bearers: Captains Willitam.1. Mc- largely necessitating the overcrowvd- North Calvert street. tottaid Lewis Buehler, Willianm. i ilog of the street tars, contribute not -o Itoigiano, Henry Miller, John H. Dil a little to the spreaid of influenza atnd M.son Ms J cr, Hughn J. Lavery atnd DeputyFits perpetuation. Therefore, it is of', haveeeturnedL. to ateirahomeitnt Chief Lewin H. Biurkhart. Intermnent the greatest 'imiportanice that persotnal frWenshny.L.I.atravito wili lake place int Holy Itedtemer riding on street cars and occupying fredl ee cemetery. potitions Iiipoititc gatherings should:- Howard lice, who has tien visiting ace to it that tropter ventilation is his mother. Mrs. L. M. Lee. on North FUEA FM.. -ETZ- ieing nmaintinited. Weatlier of this Catssrewl eut oaho MALTREATEDBY HUNS- Mr. and Mlrs. Getir N. Numaen THIEF THRICEFRUSTRATED have returned f a visit to eel Ian Who Escsper1& This Coun. the;Marlboro - lenheim, Atlantic try Plans tp Wed. Makes Three Attempts at Home of City. ______ With remarkable vividness; osepin m"a"r CEAT UXON Vraesndert, 43 years old, a Belgian TlireO unsuccessful attempts to rob NEA UTN itow thving at. 1310 North t'harles the home of George:Marshall, 4817 ' and 7si-s. Marry' J. Carroll drave street, described yesterday barbarities West North aveaue, have been mad delightful dance last evening at the of. the - Gernans that are almost int..,teieCuItxofo hi FY OF ONGRESS NEWSPAPER RNtrMsrsoni The clb was decorated with - -- - - litenetel and conmmitted for ecturt. An additionai charge of ca: ryitng cot - eettlei weations was also laid against truck. Te prisonter Is alleged to' have stolen a quantity of miatertal friom the Jackson honeo. POWELL RECITAL TODAY. Paul Powell, the celebrated violinist. wit present. an interesting programn this afternootn at the Eighth Peabody Recital, includinug Mezit's Ailegro Aperto, Carpetnter's Snonata in G mtajor, Altegretto and l~ergttelt from Nardini's sontata in It major, the TambouritiO-- Sutctite in I) major, by Leclair: Scherzi', by Edwiti Grasse: May Night, by Palmgran-Powell and Dance of lit's. by Bazitti. Maud Powell wil he accotnpanied by Axel Skjerate at the pianoc. DANCE FOR SOLDIERS. A tatte utnder the auspkes of the Jewish W Io. B oard will be given otn timirrow night at theineadquarters of tite orgatiinetirt. 112-.JZ~ttaw..ptace...:Tbg. Ii3ostuees whoaw ill, welconte tilt ment in untifirm will lie Mrs. Entil Clarke, Mrs. Solomnii Clarke. Mirs. lrich and Mrs. Judahn MR. LOESCH THE MANAGER. Oscar S. Taylor, son of the late Cot. Johns G. Taylor, is no longer tine mnanager of the Baltimore offis of the iirunswick-Bake-Colemtdor Company, a stated In The Amtericani yesterday. M. W. Loesch holds that tiosition. DIES AFTER FALL, Mrs. Anita Bayer, wife of Jothn Bayer, died at her home, 6 North First street, Brooklyn, at 3 oclock yesterday morining from Injuries sustained December 31. when she tell DEATHS COL. JOHN G. TAYLOR. In accordant-a with his wishes the' funeral services for Cot. J' -ho G. Tay - bnr, a veteran of the (livii War, whn" tiled at his home, 712 Noirth Fltoti avenue, early Wednesday moning. w-ill be simsple, and then' will be iti hotnorary pallbearers utor -o'fficial rep'resentatives tof the i'ttn'-rous p.itriotic societies tstl ratirtnale"rders oft which he was aittitinilar. Coltinit Taylor's last appearatte otn the streets of Baltimore was i-btt four weeks ago, when hte paid at visit tio his friend, Gens. Fells Atotus. Ipuhlisher of the Baltimore Atitericas,0 at his ofiee in The AtiericantsHuilding. Since the death of his wife last \la5 Colonel Taylor, whto was 83 9ears 'old, had been.graiuliy falling inn 1,,enth. Thie services wutilbec uiituted byI of the Grand Armni of thv- Iteptitll-. -at. 3-o'sclock this.aftextuoatu_ Ei jtai will be in Loudon lark (eburet,.ry. CHARLES Y. TURNER. The funeral of (tnarles Yardley Turner, thetanmouts nurai ldeeorator and director itf the Maryiuon-.l Institote who diedlintl New York last Ties2:30 o'clock froon the l-r.ifiids fleeting House, Park Plaieo taid Laurenis street. Dr. 0. E. Jatiney nill officiate. The active pallbearers nwil i, Ephraim Keyser, Charles iliarford Pond. Charles H1. Webb, Hants Schuler. Htenry A. Rotbin alid Chares Iit Walthier, all members of tiih faculty of the Maryland Institute. The board of directors of the itistitute wnill~ attend the funeral in a body as will abeU L I. / - s 1 Tww ^-parro OT; [lEi 40[121Pti 1 1 h - -.] i - - " at + Tor P'otle ingy r hat.tagist tho' trrieot and' a and IJDGE COMIMITTEE c eased wr~s a member. The -Mouici-' CALLED TOGETHER pali ArV Commfision" and the Charcoal; fob- will aliso be rept-e.'utedl. Goeno'Hat O~..... Burial will be in the Friends' ExeCUWV'e Pubi~cMeeting Pla 1 0/ 16/2 0 06 L I BRAF

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