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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~Are 'YOU Doing Your Part to Check the Influenza Epidemic? Milwaukee is today confronted with another Influenza epidemic. Only the greatest co-operation on the pare of every Milwaukee citizen will prevent drastic action by the health department...Such action would practically halt all industry inMilwaukee for several days and cause a huge monetary loss to both employers and employes. Extreme measures will he taken unless Milwaukeeanle put their shoulder to the wheel and foliowo most rigidly the advice laid dowsn by the health department. Turn t Page8 and read the health departments influenza advertisement. Read every line of it and then follow out the suggestions to the letter. LtITH-E SUNDAY SENTINEL,:3 VOLUME \L1':-NO. 4 31iiw~tiKiiE. Oi.' i )MORtNING. nEilitiro. i8S-O'IFTYESGUT PAGES 'e SkAnKd. PiUE FVE E'rvs'u 'e a I PRESIDENTIAL PARTY RUNS INTO BIG STORM; SIHP DUE TO PA!;s AROUND AZORES SUNDAY M S ' FARMERS WAX WEALTHY OUzNG TasaReSAaSTL CTIV PUJBIC Tre ilonDllr n orPadfo iesokfi.SYIKI ENEMY TRIES YUGTUKNTILATIE M RE YSSELS Three Millin Dollars n HoTr PaidTAr flesflflI Orgaiing MsarsAaisonitan ah ~g me1 S PRHS, Learns From Diplomiatic Souren WIU qol" BE TKAD1 ~(~.... an srra 13 +rhr AID fIUuKEEPc 1 ru. eALLIES TpjLION.. h a onerrRmt" ndo ~ PLACES OCCP N at uN PEN b.~. ui LML~J =,aa..a4. h~~a AS ESCOR HelhCrllslse an.ia.~ -Observer Says Help Must: Von Bernstorff Was DisOats'f puea,'rsuing''a brutal Holds NotForma Closing Ban Will Result A,: Mir, ic eordlue orpmnl refwn1"t! pr C o s erious Re' tied Wish Character ofI eat u&Me ~ae a'L..a..'. of.te cas of"" w:i ajR '. qm,"'bt I Conferences But Hi Unless Influenza Rules c le to fsuitsiWll SooneGermab Prpaganda -creels Plans Appear Well~ Are Obeyed. fie It'he rgs n:a "he mu" ",timcard 'e"'rs i'hFollow. I in America., a: M:::0:. pres...Foemulad.amoh i i.~ T gres a.. asrFnneulated A. r h o. a..cak ahuead m iaente oleof--riclr3 STORES PLEDGE TO......a. n a..~sa. OFITN SNW EAEBD ERS.7 4 ''.a~*i'.~.Ns BARUCH AND DAVISON f &" a iMb h s"n m.W.'we IIRC ilB ODESPEG ASSIST IN FIGHT''a SPLITS CZECH RANKS OF TEUTON ACTIVITYAEIAWl E O~ESP[~ MAY BE SUMMONO Managers of Theaters Ass1 ASQUITII DEMAINDS StIFP#AB RESIGN~S Can Not RemainsUnless They "Fair Play" and "Father-;~RLh~~Oi. jy ~ PR Poincare to Entertain Pral to Co-operate in Checking K A an i Are Assured That Thisi land" Were Expensive NOfSYTOJ ROJYATY EBERI UPR dent and Wile: Gedde SpedbyPeen, TIAI L RA HPDRCO' Country Will As- Periodieals But Did Not ___ -lD TW __arns Against Cheap ins Crowding, slat Them. Do Much Good. Rslers of Allied Nations Willi Msrch to Chancellor's Palace Goods of Germany..(Declares Men Responsible tsr Withdrawal From Emergency -" - Visit United States. Says to Show Loyalty to the, - - - 70 w.l '"++h'hrI War and Atroctiies Must Fleet Corporation Accepted DTCAR'W 'Cf ''A. yeri a ~ol MTi soenialEditor. New Government. '1ii'4 toaThe '.otiair...n O I OW.e,. cre; iar~ k".Cbi. t. The alaa.d The theNe. er lo s e In y r." b I nb!:.rt'e""w..n r ^<' Be Punished, by Wilson by Wireless. New vrb Tnes.. "A'aHINonn. I.c-oe tr~ NH.1l ', I ~."'' ~~7Sva.7..7'.7'.. i~' ~'*'a~.i'a.--"-".*'IS WITHOUT PRECEDENT! TROUBLE WITH RADICALS "i'f'" --N. WILL GIVE HIM UPI PRESIDENT PRAISES HIM 05iFlw"sor.=!1. ma p pra -*-.,n",see ttt a~c~ h.!.tiJi ~rugk he a.4been ifableba.7kll oi0'. ss'staueauoo ofthe a"sly'Kiog to Visit Uncle Sam Eaplosion at Meeting Which a a..o u,. ____________, LnemIt n" '._... llaa,. whic is a. 7a.7N '. 77' 1r u" '~a* 'a 10h But Holland Preters to Interm Returns to Prioate Interestssarra i a..dcsa.a...a cur-.,fore l1a s.4.'.e.. en. Wan Mon hof Sand- Iniured Many Is Laid an, 't ' 7' ''. " s a.. liOA~aOi5CO 55iJE5BOtb Cone-. '...'.4have. o 7.477.o iS, M. 5ioa.4 * 9 moist aln..AtAte heme h k et TO a aauil OANizS Him and Son or He Gave Up atovern-,..makoe.. eroebe..* d..i.. aa44,aod scm Ofe'.. e a.,...a 4'.ai5.lndsgtoI7. a!eni 'a O whorl sa.. a.....a. 5...allmet's Cal. a...ala.a ss In ea an te ag"..Y a s.ia workn.of7t.e o.e..iat'....9 ____ disclosures be maadee i *., aw 5W'ba7oua a.. t ask eW atxivas. I Mr ' lro"' lt "'0a ah.a.sso~a e7opa.. 4.4 -atMRI1s M ora..... ha P:R TOY( kwa,. "4 Sats.4.trd77 rn ad then., mua.. dX&TO" ~ pl. 'a''TM"pMel -. esoa.'oan.a.M"-a....... si* r.' and,W~ ~,, e'rewsw. a avi.aes a t eot aIns..e ai a.oa.TiO 5..aand..4TO. af'r.,a',.. hisja dt s f.77.4 noea.,.fk,r.a..74 a. ' noa"' i.e. a.'a,oo a..10.a. af:T 90i.. 7 7O d- 1'.aNa O...crw).-n.u~ rnpOt ~ htena r fuure resientPoa.a of to.797tiv e my e,' i a.'. a1. rika.''7eOeo'.sicarf..40M.a a...a ew eHT w a..,.e II IT a. a. a. Ia, oto t h aneadaban hehed taut rrr( t::l" M r rnW tla"f tpgs~rln7.4 a. a: yn,.hlpbued ips r A..... a Nil. 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