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Page  1 ï~~)AY -MORNLN&,OCTOBId R 1,11.2. A '. Y As i I;te it or is e neoiL r must, i to Mate 1el14 Nq - 2d-city' 0 It In tak g+ ferlng Ifim pd as I un. elpated n w month. AN IT. WV..1asf w sodwQh i '. ta',all ~et t.. lol Itsa fTrasua es O W ashington, Oct..1.-The army casualty list issued today contained 380 namies. SL1MMARY TO DATE. Killed in action...() 9.=69 1)led of wounds.,.17 '3,334 'Died~ of accident and ofer causes....... 0 1.:364 Third h( disease.....2*- 2.6541 Totli deabhs...I l1.91 tMiming.......27 5.7"1 Wounded........24A 20,713i Grand total.... 38 49.037 'Including '291 inlst at sea. Ave Mar oInders are on the list: Private John Joseph Pure!, yei.sie. Skilled ink action; $ergt. Jaltif! it. Conway, Cumberland and Corporal 1-irinau 1Y."' Ilnr4h. Cambridge. died of disease; Private John B. Everts. Hancock. ' eve1.el' wountded, aitd iSergt. Francis bWarne tl~e, Madison. aveiiue. Baltimore, V Woundqad gee undeterniloed. Me~rrel t. ilisss It. Jr.. Passac. N. J. 11sher 3, N.,.BnodenS~.Oa.. * l rIttPoks NI.. I1tbblnsk. Tea. 'uffer. 11,.Iaisons. i. itwt wird 5.. ltilesptrg, l's. * lh, 1. Jerser (ity. 3 Ellar M0.. Ptri4. V. 111 "'rlTlla-K. Isan I., Y1. e ss i., 'tekw. AlCe. olinT.. sut tOO 4. 1?il~oes t r!1 ta. a1's.!L lir. tr MesI.7esa al8. ans. 7.1 tttss. a e~ it AM (. Als. " * ihnsjyvlit.1tL 14.N 'Yrk. I.Y. Mot paapy t, 'k 1 y e I, l1e. *11rA. t. '1 "t, r) Neh. N 'lets N. i*lter M. 11 1." V LJ~t t F s4ale rl I'tYlth alas it,, e n~ew. 1nra.. " 1111"i,} R dt s.' IMill "' tm m e p t eL ls a 1N llto s.:l s l Laai.1ne, 'eall ', 'J. 1 Ietaer.., $ J 1) ai. 18* lu hitlAri t. dkewl. ' aiattea, i' Land 'Forces j**5s. PRIVATESGamrey, James J.. Troy N.ths dad t..oler1tr Ie(,Gaby iralliscr. Albert F., anbo.. I. ivlt~r Atlan e. Wautns x. t M5ARINE COI+'P8 SUMmt&RY Kil1led Is 4eena; SF.fl(; (AXTP-- Sudan.on >:oW. R M We' t'l kI.rIi.itzrasaa WC.44 t ['C Vree. 8--. In. I.P ka, AnetlF IL terra, CssItsais Jelanon. ('.a7 N.S. inn Qu i W.S r nd Cl e c e 1. n gtvQe,.Ke PIItAhry. Swra. s.. "s.etiIO MA~rts.H ade I IetetrBnip tlu ler. ioY.J "le Ab', a. Nujtting Feeder t.._, lt] e,.ot " Olslon l'tery3A. (lnad,.in. (Stf. hAry K.. hattlr. (a. iiaa lastItooe I roatt PoeI. Wi. t ai lli.soto t..1'.1nn. lt. Wr iii y~a, CirI....J..reous, TOh o. Ntting Letiter'.. i locta tla o. enhwJon13Ew (OmitAl. tinist Lasideri. 4t 3.)C are holows n5t~9fll aiteV lje....Ot. S 4TS FOR' ISPOOK NIGHT ~he u~kin Fortnpe-Tellei'--Choose a ~ edium-.e pumpkin and cut or paint' al]the lett rs of the alphabet upon its sid es. Set i on a leaf-garlanded tray In th~ center- of a small table. Blindfold th guests. ope at a time aqd give thnenia ha in. Le~d the fortune-seeker to the pi ~pkin aiI let her point out a letter wi1Ib the p1il The first letter chosen is tia Initial of 11r future mate's first namne. n r tie bi folded person three' tmers th,~ a let her point the second initial, wh r4i ja thatof her "fate's" last name. candles of Yate'=-Ist the hostess arra age 'a sina~ candle -for each guestha king each 'p different color. Faaten eacandle t - a card on which a "fortu " is wrtt a: Tie the women'r candi with pink and the men's' With hiue rib a and arrange on separate trayt. Alow each ghest to draw- a,card. and, reai his fortune aloud. Simple rhymes mal > up the "fortunes" as 'lBe careful, you'' who- cho* the pink. Before you mnarry think a(*d think.i't "Lucky maid who chooses Slue shall havo husbands one and two!l" The -Apple 'Feed Fortune -.At. ]0 o'tclock- on ll1 lioween night choose a large apple an4 snap It with the torea.ger while saying, "Apple rosy. apple bright, tell sto fortune true- tonight I"t tat bhe apple a id count the seeds. Two seeds portend n eairly of rriage gate; -three, a legacy or a present; four, trent weulthb; live. a long Jou rde~y; six.,fame; saves,, the gran. g of the dearest wish; eight, a handtsome ohutsbegd; nine, a gifts of wroasoytesa Ihappy-anmariage Eggplant L.oa f. Rogit Ia s-eggplant until tendler, draib,.and maslh, and- to:the ptilp i addi ',i potind of1lea9Mhgooa or Mixed b$@oi ad cld roast. pork or 1itnted ham.,Irat two i stboreu lily and add to the;g.' planm and mnoat mixture with uai - ed, pper rto 106aanid-1 t leg nonulo., I TheSuncdt nS oay A a 44 r mtSun sets...2i".M. 9 Q sqt.....i. lHsm tide........... JA "',M]L~I PUtAS75 Or THY itufN.VOR QCM suw moo..e..4th 'tieba.. Fair; not intch- clam.; In, snmper tight wet'winds, INFLUENZA VACQI!E TO BE U$ED'1I*CI'tC Perfected By -Dr. B. 3wRo 20,000. Personsa C Chicago, Oct. 170-V e.~4i by Dr. R. C. Ifoaeno;,o h clinic, llochtster, ulna ' ill' 1 bktaago's campaign:against 1hu D. isnwtl t ' enza lamer encf Compi si.lo' oI i,erliaenuts with the seccine hv'l he has treated 20,000 per s.. mission at o e namedOA."ol physiciane'to take Ehgr a.,4!g_ fatures ad use of -alt vqceia In Chicago. including t f l u dnai. Aaothir coritgteuS #i1sef udu fo~r Its a v:. a ive day. will h eeaili4 maluuf~cttN oft he vacc bM.vide a supply ubopt for400,00 front his lhtho tpry,t--~tht' The veia~oldo n i Gsp4 t. inunity fro - telfd ' to. losow U. un wilhlugt claims ua to its vsiii. t ~s bil.T 1 4;O ii.

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