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ï~~:. 'tPA5EI4FR.With Â~but 19, New Cases Re*cordeLUHealthOfficials -~Are Optimistic. - As ens': Battl s 'Threatened -at Ouray th Wej Town -Has Not reCOIu Been- Affected. they 1herft=gk:ra sh-0222 ififileff flons that 1, an- M#W- mf -- -m -DV"I-dUAAbA, -ilL I the Spanish influensa epidemic has abput- san its -terse- n-Denver, and before the end of the week it will be definitely known that the danger of However, Dt William H. Sharpley. mianage ohealth; idta-er - wrould -be no relaxation in the rles~a or - opening- of-lb. - city-.untl-4t -4s- -certain that all danger was passed. The reports today. tomorrow and Thurhday will be new cases-end-new deaths, and upon the results of these' three days.,. SaimU. sy epecta to.haaa definite statement as to whether the pla.gue baa actually been suppressed. There were twenty-four deaths for the ten 7ur-bor period ending at 4 olokye er cy afternoon, ii U a total of 181-deaths, and 241 new cases were reported, making a total of 2,651. Many of the deaths and new cases were old; that is. extending over several day and they are given offaially because of the applieations for burial permits and the reports of the doctors. Only nineteen of the new cases were reported yesterday. Twenty-Sear Deaths. The victims of the epidemic follow: Ursnla Plait, 60. 4478 Grant street. hqr M N-9A Uinstate: - _ (. ID~a]o reeley-.................25 Rocky Frd.:.....". 7 1 AslUora S... i.18 1 -Caaty.::.:.........20f Q --:.~.~........8 01 -k -tP r Ne erla S 1muchi larger than la ~ftfe Reds. -.. 21 0 ' LaFremot.c.nt..........e3 -0 pima45........:....."...39 o -0: LarS e.............::...38 0 _1i;,i~lV aTsk.:..:.:.:.:b-- Total.........._.....413 7 ---Reports from Ouray statlag that -2~0S hr 100 miners from Telluride and 51i- - -' verton are stampeding toward Ouray.which is free of. Spanish influenza,. Qf a Fourth Lthei'ty'-c and that s" battie between armed subscripts a Of $146,0(00 guards from Ouray A.nd the panic- Woman's Bneftassocial trcemuesiiminttoehr acaea oad'shwith reports received at the office of Ers,: flelle 5 the state board of health of 413 new 17GOPi'aikiusx:street,. s tt hospital; residence 1219 Humboldt A-" r I panes ts MR Rtzra 313M Ed v with many cities unaounted Spanih snidemle sit hation _-d2Lj OOH. G. W. Hirt.,2 county hosp til; residence 2450 Seventeenth street. flerae 3. Sarns, 48. 2226 High street.PhiH, -as.. 88. county hosptaltresidence 4740 Lincoln street. Eather Gsaty. 48. 1747 Hooker:rta state showed co signs of Improve=ment lest night. The climax may not ha reached for several days.Niaese gait iass. The situation In Tilirio e ann -5 verton is the nearest approach to ani tht as etbeen reported. Here Mrs. Hedge. raportex The $1500 nion eoznpaign:started'. w" among the seyhbral at.a -I -E q' i VVF n - TAP-Aln vital: residence 1815 Ilarion street Healy 3.- Hart. 1. 8148 Champs street. Fresk C. Stah. 29. 1515 Washington street.Mary Marris. 18. St. Clara's orphan-..Robert W. WoiberjSO2Kii- -ark Berate Presavweed, 1$, county hospital; residence 1852 Glenarm street Sarah Ptuadeeitn, 26. county hospi-. tail; residence 1532 Glenarm street, ilhaxre s 1" a, 49. county he. T n side mn iuneasned teror, are headed for Ouray, wh ere a strict quaras.Wne has kepW* the town free from, the scourge.- Guards were'sent out to intercept the miners at Red Mountain divide, and late last night a' pitched battle between the guards end-'the-mnera--seemed- imminent-nn the pass. The Highline trail leading from Telluride and all roadi leading Into Ouray-.areaunder guard, and all auto traffic is suspended. The report from the ether..mlijng campa,.sir-_ rounding Ouray are said to be alarm e oshare in time to turn tiona $8.00 here a. a scription before the ba pan to solicit pledges.Teofna sct founded spatriotic fun be affected y the in of this amount. has air, far yarn' to make-albr d ts jabme Miss West's-GOifI Ts patrotic uno a, $21000 giftfrom is = rr7M --- rrTTTf lY M#T.ioii"I W:It.-Z-19I - -- -.-.--------- Theseds ieas. 28. 44 Lincoln screm; _-raance ettovli8. Pa.Deagi. e s2 cu pitl; residence 2838 Blake street. -3ab: Spashas. 1. 844 South Pennsylvania street.. Maly A. Shires, 25. --212 Twentyfo nrth-street. Arthur P. Bteseh. 34. 8242 Curtis sheet.0 Maims ei es, 36, b68 South Gilpin street.,MiaseDears, 46. 1068 Inca street. resesh Erespinaki. 54. 4648 Pennsylvania street - - Fler ege -O'R~tes. nurse. 23. St. Joseph's hospital. Marc. Las. 86, 2058 Lsarlmer street. auest Is passed*! "I am convinced that thes crest of the, plague in Denver has been passed." said Dr. Sharpley. "and that the next few days will see a decided falling of f in the number of deaths - a;w-caes. However. if such should provs to be untrule and there is no falling off, it will show that -the plague is running longer in Den.. vein' than in the average city. Three weeks has seen the virtual end of the epidemic in Eastern cities. This is Denvers third week. The fact that only nineteen new cases was reported today is a most hopeful sign. "~The department of health will not relax iit____ continue the same v gilante tis week that they have for the lest two weeks. That Is a safeguard and mafes thie endIng of the epidemic all the more easy. 1 cannot say until the latter part of the week if schools, --tlers and the like will be allowed T coaging all d~healtd Stcestoublic afire cneinnordaer torportecndipubl tic rmntatwt theirjrddciseaseb. er s tuaKionedswcsoeImpovthe mantin themacental oprtonofthet staterepeciallyhe in Moe ndColorad o tSpringJnthnortherleast ern and otheosecty incndtiosare wostae Grndovalle as escaped tahufar whouta sne casfle astiein n ert ppr to have pboeinromconatrywithitheast. fewt days.eIntaarpwreonupftill tredayprns.ago. theeorwern eases, arepore.sxt-tre veyewcascptody e-epig idtoaloficTapprinid avi alsokepoin getfrwihin he last cases daly, Grover sent in a call to the state board of health.zerjrtng thirty-six cases, with the one local doctor down wi be. disease. The doctor was re-moved to a hospital in Cheyenne yesterday morning, and a doctor - fromt Hudson was sent by tie-sate- board to Grover to care for the. CreesCalls Per Md - Atu nixrca for a docitor and four nurses was received from Creeds GOAL-PEm demie of Sp been partict tog regions Virginia, br in coal prop ended Oct. i t1survey tods; -in-for the bitnuminou~s anthracite. cent and 4-.tetoek $120,0oO L WASHING tional;120,0 4: entirety upon condlteeees t camne indirectly to the local chapter erty thru unfold--In the next few days, One of the Rad Cross, and statesthilt es e thing is.eertain, I don't propose to there were eighty cases In fCreed-. rain- x T

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