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ï~~ _ s alue of checie in coiupari~)TI with cn'c eof the c itton cttat *-rn v ricultrs. 1\ a~l in~to. 1I c~. -. I )c art~t.~tt ot -\ ricultitri IL tits;.y11 tt'1 1( IT 1 < ttr ilit'( 11115 ---------- ci 0 5' CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLETIN 4rl r CINCINNATI STATEMENT OF MORTALITY Population. July 1. tVile,. 470r u,. WVeek Ending Week Ending July '.9, July "_1i July ",c 1916 1917 1917 I Total deaths, all causes, excluding srill births__ 140 Death rate per annum per 1,000 population-_1.9.5 Measles------------- ---------------- Typhoid Fever-------------------------------- 0 Scarlet Fever---------------------------------- 0 Whooping Cough------------------------------ 0 Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis---------------------- 0 Diphtheria-------------------------------------0 Tuberculosis -----------------------------------923 Pneumonia -~-----------------7----- 2 Diarrhoea (under two years)------------------ 10 Influenza -------------------------------------- 0 Acute Anterior Polio-myelitis------------------ 0 Classified by Age 98 12.45 0 0 0) 0 4 0 0 15 11 44 26 70 74. 155 19.68 126 16.00 0 0 0 0 0 18 2 6 0 0 #'anitarTW9ullrtin Entered at the Cincinati~ Postoff lee at Cincinnati, Ohio, as seaond-iaua matter VOL. 1 AUGUST 9, 1917 No. 14 be clean; we must get away from WAR AND THE VENEREAL that old tradition which regards chastity as a sort of moral aber PROBLEM. ration. For the maintenance of military health, strength and ef Every sanitarian realizes that ficiency, and the future preserva one of the great problems of the tion of the American family and warws~ e heprvetin f e-home, the civil and military war illbe he revetio ofve=authorities must be firm and united nerel jsfe~ionamog tropsand in their efforts to make prostitu industrfal. "forces:. The: problem is to ncesbe essentially:that 'o "a "chronic car- lo ncesbe rier-contact disease..That, not neces Preenton~f he al ofal sary;for.the.contentment. or well bein:;of..the:soldier.jgs; shown fi coaiolzo-beverages-:will hielp enor- rEnrsvryxels oo rn oualy- but cannot he:relied sspoa. p'e absolut ely;The' "application ofgaho:rotttn-inis - moral force by' sex education wi ill lation to;the Army r on 'the If exi " ': ~~can ';Border. *.::n qtie camp.the bringÂ~:=tout "'a pertain:degrce of. commtander.. suppressed prostitu -.self ~restraint -in a "small- percentasge t: ion w ith "ai a r aiid =.apd uaver ol.::cas "'absolute continence rlaedJis if:nc) t s. ivoul1' vontrol athe disease group I rlaxeod or cusnlimoe dr cc pt-t in-- those tinuistial ":cascA. in dentzy - iette -; 'c i pined; K better. - which,i-the i:nfe tion' - il':ptead: throi 4thier v rieties of 1cqntaet..trs:: nr e~~tor *or. Q::..,r mthd S int~loyl l=bd o f 'zr op could.; venilal-- rzJtin~ i~~pnis jei-found ':.aywhere,p:n:".the border: and i "; n en5 p. r ii.- r Fi~termore 'these '.men s were:. ciplin neo=iptlicy tt 1&on-:, of h. i gr me.:a Th puutcs4 ~ canls-haid b'byfar- the =loWest c.i. r..e:.e." Y ' -' set. to one-half::of.. stining ":,h,..:-onit ereny In: other.camps'the a'a'nst.tht-'prost cite. _.." -:" r ' s (A~~iuan- Jural f?b u~t vrie--fronl:3 to. 20.per cent:4 ''_=d pndpgn r-b, fl ort for,sup lic ri.:. -' ralth)..y'-." sion aTi~ttpropoil so en In.:afi - the 4Euiopeazs anrdies:at whio Â~rebels' a 1,restrictive,mesures the preseit timne,$ls:t-was[tkge 4pm aqd 'seek 'prostitution- at -'what= 'vener i -dsae s~es!kp~- -evel ' cbstfi s,.cpmparatively antel:-:_. palling: ' io -measqsabi-- -Dr:Exner;shows that '-the - rac- -=::., hyhistd ti oQ~lds Npeat < tice n=< of' -prostitution is -in irct itself;(The '.4incricAn--x s it- rto~pits-cesblt Under one year ----_--_------- One to five years -------------- Five to ten years --- -- --- ----_ ___ Ten to thirty years ----- ________ Thirty to: sixty. years-------- Over sixty years --------------- 16 T' 0 23 52 42., -Births Reported W hite -male - ---------------- so White- female5..Colored nmale -=--------- --- 3 --- Colored -female ------- --- ------ - --- Totals -l110 f irth rate --=. -- --------=---1411 14 - 3 19 43 80 - 78: 170:. - -4~qCINNATI SAN CINCIN 1, utbiteled Wieldy by Fr..ssgaPrintiag CeAtpesy $.H. Freeman, Prop.-.52 East Third Bt5., Oninnati, 0,. J. 1. -Canais, Editosr -'- Subscription Price, 50e per annum ITARY.BULLETI1N - OPPJCEE5 AND' MEIIBEE5. ISOAIID OF JIHALTE "OP.CINCINNATI:.. George -Pobte a, e3reiet " l rsidet EzOficio. George A. Wshier, H, D, President pro.'.en. Samuel W: Trost A.'O~igord.Shinkie:. E. W. Waelher, M. D. 2i3. inke 'S.H, John IU. Landis, t. D:; health.Oifleer Wi.. L-Petersa,.5M.' D: ChIef.-' Itetilesiluspector snd.-Asst. Heaith Offleer - ---Chief Sanitary -Inspector It. hi. tlumie, Di. V. 5., - Chief- Food Inepeetor Carence Balilmna, B.- A., Chemist Goouis'tarle, W..DnBaterioogist 8t.'Waiter:Evans, - Registrsr of Vital Sttisttiet a. T. O'Neil, -Clerk -CINCINNATI SAN(IT'ARY,;BULLETIN CHEMICAL: LABORATORY REPORT: FOR JULY, 1917 -Chemical:Milk- Examinations Wagon. -isapnples---------12sub-standard - 8; deficient in. fat 1 Shippers samples ___-.:-920;.sub-standard 132'; deficient in fat 20 Miscellaneous -sanmples- -:4;: sub-standard 1; deficient in fat 0..--Cream -Samples Samples tested 17;. below:15 percent: butter fat,- 3. Source Bacteriological Milk. Examinations Sorc.No. -.Average S Samples BatcensaPiece Wagons----------------------------- 158 735,000 Shippers ------------------- --------~ 30 3,290,000 Total-----------------------------1(18t

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