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ï~~__________,.W110o"wasec~a on }e main hIi~i 'ot1081to strap the,.colnn nits into the White. Sea by March. The sit- retreat.-" uation, however,. is well in hand.* and ingo. t.dsiein ace Russian troops, trained' In Archangel In the dollf and 10 taays of bard Jghl ing, being added to the allied forces. th frci.,g h thrr~po ~~~ltedpostios lke henurs, 10W-the allied force." were today at Shego*v er, may have to be given up. vani approximately 30!Hfles north of In the flgliting' dear Shenkursk, Rue- Fheflktinsl on -' the Vaga rivPer: 'fle elan troops fought side by side with enemy* apparently iosending patirols to the, Americans, Rr~tish and French follow the retreating- troops, but up to with great bravery. Allied altrplanes, this morning no new attacks had ben derpite the severe cold, flew low over made on tis sector. the roads wherever the slow moving Saturday' the. Bolaheviki attacked- the Bolshevik Waed. transports were seen allied positions at Taresevo, ' a village and, hombb were dropped on them. The some 40 miles east of Shenikursk, In the aviators also, sttaoked the Bolshevik! withmahngnfr. sector between the Vaga River andth Tto Bolshevik offensive began with Vologda railroad. They were repulse small raids and a bmbardment of Ust with heavy losses, the Americans, BritI'adnga whch was he ostsouher-' ih ad Rssin tropsligtin- itb I1v position held by the -allies on- this such valor that the enetmy colurnn,front. The firet attacks were' repulsed, w1ohattacke don the left of.!raresevoj. but the Americans and Russians gar- along. the Icetchmae road, retir~ed in risoning the town were subjected to a congfdet'able disorde',. leaving 20. men rain of approximately 1000 shells daily dead in the snout. Iown down by the for aweek.1 allied niachijie gun1 fire. On the -right On Jan. 9, 1000 Bolshevik Infantry at- of' the village an enemy column was tacked Kibagorski on the Tat-nioriver, spotted by the American artillery and 30 miles west of Shenkursk in the di- retreated under a rain of -shells. rection of the Vologda railway. The On the Dvina River no, infantry at-. Russian Cossacks end allied infantry tacks have yet developed, although. the withdraw about 10 miles to Shlshevo, enemy artillery continues a heavy bornwhich the Bolshevik! occupied on Jaitt. bardmnent at Tulgaa. On the Vologda 30i. The Cossacks counter attacked theI railroad the enemy's aetnored train next clay but were forced to withdraw. continues to shell the aled positions, In the direction of the Dvina river, and recently his patrols, moving over a small outpost 30 miles east of Shen- frdzen trails. in the swamps which leurek was attacked on Jan. 21 by 200I were impassable in the summer, have bolshevik and driven back 15 miles. attempted bombing raids against AmerAllied headquarters here In announc- lcan outposts. ing today that the evacusl'nn of Shen-- kursk on Saturday was to avoid the possibility of a long siege. revealed 1I..n'erican battalion and other' allied forces escaped.. The Bolshevik%, who had already closed in on the town from the south, ON -INCREAS-E east end west, had appeared in consid--_____ erable numbers on the highway north of the town end had cut all telegraph The influenza and pneumonia epIwites. The American troops slipped demlc. now coming to a sharp decline, out of the town along a seldom used trail through the swamps. took a strange turn according to the The Bolyhcviki captured a large store; reports turned in to the health departof provisions which the garrison was 1 n etra.Tenme fdah unable to burn for fear of revealing.netetra.Tenme fdah lh' inenton o wthdaw. Allih. ~due to pneumonia outnumbered those., American guns were either removea or due to lnf uenza.. There were -niuie- df rendered useless.- - the former and- seven of the latter, Dr, in a fight Saturday at Tarasevo (Ta- ffWoodward, health commissioner, de' rasovaka), northwest of Shenkursk, in Gdared that for the. first time -sInce wntch the Boisshevikli'wers defeated. the Septernber, when the epidemic begari American troops captured several'ptis- there have been, more deaths fl'dm oners. a number of machine guns and pneumonia thani from Influenza. other equipment. Snetecue htpouepe The American and allied airplanes't Since the aethat produce'n-. continued active Saturday and 'attarked mounia arthe reuins that wprue-aInwith machine guns enemy columnns aan ntarebing into Shenkursk.,aint the one should now be- continued against the other, Dr. Woodward emphasaized lest night, He said:PRESSING THE ALLIES 'Because the influenza has run down ____as it has. it is, not well to drop-the, Bolaheviki on the Offensive Against curtains and stop taking the- pre~au2 Fou o te eve Clunsintons againt it The same precautions Fourof he evenColmns inshould be kept up In spite of the tact, Sector {that there has been an -actual dimtnuArchangel Sectrto. ARCH-ANGEIL. Jan. 26 (by'.the Associated Pressi.-The Bolshevik are now WOMAN COMMITS SUI110 iE4 on the offensive with Infantry or artillery, or both, against four of the seven BEVERLY. Jan. 27.-Mr-s, John p.. thin 'olumlns of the Allies and Russians I arcoin, who lives on Rome street. a which have penetrated southward well-known Beverly woman, ended her OFF BOAT Q hers H ron -'rAf' ford: Hall 600.i~ -Only splenidid ' eamnanshipeon the part. bf her fficer a'nd fier ' ra in uali' tissveheBitish steamshipT'of. fonwt'iall- froth destruction last Friday, when, at a point about '6b4nmiles -ast of Boston;-she- was a terrific. ~southerly hurricane, *hich laste4.b 3 hours. The:course of the, storm was marked by death and injuiry to the crew and damage. to the, ship, -. (-c(LDREN zWERE BRAVE' Nine chilidren' were among the.48- pastsengers,'.but' the youingstens- lj~eh&ved splendidly at a.time when the' nerves of their eldera were shaken. Throughout' the long- passage. from Calcutta the Weather l-ad. been. 'fairly good.. Pasaengers said that Thursday was.a beautiful day with; nothing to indicate the approach of a storm. At 4 o'clock Friday mornig the tempest broke loose, gradually increasilng In fury until at noon It reached its height, with a wind blowing at nearly 100 miles an hour. The ship eelnl44. tb_, be caught in the vortex of the: gale" asd giant seas were rearing all aroupd- ~her One of the officers said that Ittaa-im-' possible" to 'see. above; the combers- e' trotho 'the bridge,. 'Oue-tremendoun awe- broke ovet -the star) eard --side, the leeaside, caught s life belt box fom thle bridge deck~ipd hurlix8 - it to. the:-promenade. deck'- b=T tow, -stove, In tho-aide "of "a wooden life~ boat,. besides lifting Â~.' steel lifebat from its cbincks. -Continuing its rampage aif, the_ se, vented Its fArMY.,g alpt the.,:stout, wooden flo~r -of the, room 'of.Chief irTp eEgwlo'otigl t "not within at' the ttnm.. The dbor waas riued onf like: so much paper an&-thu& Interior flooded: URGS AS MEMORIAL.S, Mary E. Hall of the Ford Hall Forum spokte strngly for the "opn form" mitting the construction of buildingswhich-may - eused for commercial buildings, - - epreseatative -Charles Symnonds -of Lynn; 'who.was advqcating -a bill present-ed br -him self, stated:ta there- the Commonwealh mnany citieC-and t.*ns-w.hil c annot affoii4-to erect' flttl utmemhorials unl'eik h axe: - loowed tea 44!de Irai - themesoe:, ive-' -sue. of tecs~ nj iteprselltatfv6 YBlwer L, rt~s t -IPlymouth' stgted -that his -Gown voted ls audy:oeet OQQbidu; to comnmenorate the lsan~ing of t l -.:gri,:and the e* Sei' S t t *i all waipfto= 4ep o racer is whl:t will estertrwlolcli call thetsl pt!or;the 1Anleridan a Ay'rk a impostors" *h~nhdii it the-attude,tf.Th too c ' v 54 +opped pl 3l "~h tlre of} te a 'tbatve Thre rd Hai bad i yn b- vl Bwe's am~n easy 'way to asls. YoureVe jrtab~v6 yMh gis a"~~i met g lof niake,ihdge q., 'b3qt 'why thousans2'cffaiii~ote ovu et elThat theyolil' lh lVn goose,thoitd7 At,1r$4tsi pC e past mann~t rild sugar iyrop 55to i jpth se pnt -- o e oti yr baby leaof-ug rs ftberw i ay o, it aites good, }soile. and.giveeyou ta u el bettyor ough renf fied han you- - brov er, f yl gad:e-"or- t d tii! chew ut te ry ~odv towke phadyin: lodr - nuet.eInot=sepitrbote ot'iih evy. of Psige Ioohen: a dry -harse or~ sugr;eyitothepli halsithe spoils,, an - gves'-yo t uli-me bretr -' hrere thn out - t hoarsene-ss cou bo,: ee timead =thCoat-.,-and chest l~gon. d 7*1ufi llta24( h Urs of lss senm *Â~ strafe i~taceptpsuha~ gf o -adp n* h oare.r 4 %445 i e CqH a Wagj~h d.: th been ufe blo rebuil srer and regued bcoel are vts an b imodd s SasapaiIa ohe as edurk ndr ax mund:chest iie stn b lood remedy.with accssofuly.o earyfifto e;ars - -- -- - - easy:ars':rf i~asthse; tqr gi -wi "th delct oz rin o obuse tke, easy toopeated. -Genun BayerTa blets of Aspirin Deitie of UNoele ekaec j Â~'] 'Sur RoIe; -,. writni

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