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ï~~//j s.F 4.r f. Y!%" +:-..'.. ', t.-'....., ' I:. t 7 ' ' ':!>: fn.::: M e - noCflH OMen From Front N'OF VILNA to March Today FOR FLU LOSSES Begins at Once on CONCLUDED FROM PAGE ONE. Representative So0uthard Thinks hat Poles Had Of- blnd of that regiment will head the ar- Business Should Be Reimtllerymen of that outfit. I Resistance. At the close of the parade the artil- bursed, When Quarantined. lerymen and officers will be guests at a yvudeville entertainment at the Murat Theater. Star acts from the Various an. 8-(By the Associated pl yhouses in the city will amuse the Reimbursement out of public funds has fallen into the hands st dlers. Governor Goodrich In a brief for business losses sustained ecause speech will welcome home the fighting k army, several thousand men. Mayor Jewett also will speak. Col. of public quarantines, such as that endrove out the Polish Moorehead and Col. Lansing will re- forced in many parts of Indiana in the spond to the welcoming talks. rInfna elllfli oflsctbrw ssacre of civilians began spThe Murat Theater program follows: Infieza epidemic of last (tober, will te Mua Tetrpoamfollows Iln, because the Poles had Circle-MLs. Morrell and Hawailan Trio be proposed in the Legislature as an ice and had arrested or MaJestic-Hushy Bertnard. Mououtoue anrndment to the health laws of the ere f e loal o~shvikand songs. ars of the local Bolshevik. F. Keith's---Mlnettl. lpiano accordistu. state by tRepresentative James E. let. Mary Jane Reid. saonts and Frances Southrd of Michigan City. oope who had no cannon Murat-VllIam Faversham and Missncan t cartridges per rifle and Maxine Elliott. the fall of 1914 the state reimbursed nmand of Gen. Veltko.,. F. Keth'--Florre Millershlp and the owners of live stock that were hnovarova, where they Charles O'Connor, n and danes, klled by order of state or Federal all. by the Germans and sent pa Miss er arker. James Fo. Carm- thorltles." Said Representattive sHot thbtThere ey were robbed andy Andrew..b.e" at esterdy. I feel that the stale t ' sym Sand were started off for tlalto--Muriel Irlnce ladies louart"t. shotld m:ik similar provtision to re- FO a F The Lyric Theater also will be rep- inho)r.. oIr, i. houses In oafe of an:re the Poles are defend- resented. elihlemc like the one of last fall." against the Ruthenians, While no action has been taken to T r the time being. dismiss the public schools for the pa- Text of Amendment. situation at Warsaw is rade. many of the students will wit- The Southard amendment will he a result of Interviews ness the demonstration. Herbert proposed as it proviso in the sections an Paderewski had had Foltz, president of the Indianapolis health sudakl, Pade-ewski ha4 school commissioners, said last night of the halth law empowering a new Cabinet, provide that the matter of dismissing the officers t, l+ lare a quarantine tin epi- Today or Saturday we will deliver this distinctive ow holding places in the schools would be determined by E. U. detnies. It Is as follows: raw from their predom- Graff, superintendent of sechoqgs, to- i'rovttil,..,.., that whnev a law- Styl n. oen. Pilsudaki ex- day. It is expected that many Shildren ful taxotl- tu*ltys,r ent, rprtse Is eS, as not willing to use will view the historical event, as it is dered cin, by tle health board- to stay force the withdrawal the first review of returned troops sn eiililetli- n... I su.. h orier is ci ApElOeL ste. from overseas and the interest in the sta h an A Ep!,tLelA tt tire tly i-hangs ki Makes Appeal. affair touches all ages. abls or triieahio ti such lawful aits taxÂ~able Ibuaineeo,,r,-nt,.rprlse en ordered Iswokig ar ad losed. en i whi,.h inq ('losd b~y reon of A EA is working hard and ARRANGE DEMOBILIZATION. uch order ths at I en that rvent any to patriotism. He de- such lawful and taxa it business r oent - iimself is willing to sac- prIce shall be ent iled tit reiovt-r It bition if only a Cabinet W ork of Mustering Out Men W ill actuai n,eao.rt.t I bys d -cl,olh ortier, Ito ho rer,-,,v,. r..,Iti fro)nt thle ttt. tt. id which the allies can Begin Jan. 17. county or innu Iltitit r.. i..-iivet v iu, 'a1O A Jurlndh'tioi Ilit the a,)ll ioi tn nt an l t,xtend aid to with safe- The schedule for the demobilization ment of th. alarl o of iiit e hea th board d b f l d I p$, as they fear that a, of the additional units of the One lilun- ordering said il.ung ti th ten double-face records (twenty selecCabinet would lead to dyed and Thirty-seventh Regiment of Rtepresentative fotuthard will intro ovism. Field Artillery to reach Fort lenjamin duce a hill to a.nid the health laws lions in all) as listed below: I and other leaders are Harrison was announced yesterday by also to incltde Slnintlsh Influenza among plainly that the allies Maj. H. G Smith, in charge of muster- the diseases in which a qttiarantlne of hen Poland isailnternally Ing out the men. Batteries C and F indlviduals may be orderer d.ary"-o Trot.J h C. mth rchestra e a e and the headquarters supply and ord- r "Mar " i'o h Trot................Joseph C. nith Orchestra a ben a outrea in oursomeof he lrge c]tes f th-sp-agyundriththy" Jae at toobhWhe'.oucomlth O.D o hQuarttt he Saopieha, who led the nance detachments will be mustered BERGER WILL FI OR "- er ares ri to overthrow the gov- out on Jan. 17. The brigade b ad,-. "remng of Nome, nweet Hoe"..('ha r in prison. He was ar- quarters compa.y of the Sixty-third " HIS PLACe ESS The R of o aMarn,an. h..,r'.,oen l t ha personal Red Guard of brigade sand the medical detachett ".ir _e _r',coornn.Mrrp" To".PpI.... - -blly Md urinterior Thugut. who will leave the post Jan. 15."" rig. rthu ieldsp" end..'...........r.... viously been arrested. Col. Robert L. Moorehe of te One 'i- ICAGO Jan. J -. s thl or.i arger "te Shdo' o (i e---rt -lma. eerlin Tarrio Petrograd say that the Hundred and Thirty-ninth ltegoment of Milwaukee. tine o if the s il r'alist " 't (lso o Can Slake So i.. T...r....... He nry Sure if starving people, many of Field Artillery at the lost hah an- leaders found gmillty yesterday tt con- "'od-er Sour i andr". y....a.n....r... ere Quarteite money, but can get no nounced that the regimental band may s been an outbreak in tour some of the larger ciiit.e of the spiraQyv under the etipli)nage itt iii,t- Â~'hthen You ('oe@ Dartk"-----........ ijon Quartette ilation there is comn- state before the men return to private struct the gurernoii'iit war pniogran. Â~'i'll Take Som Stack to Italy"- - --........ Mrray Jonest.nd Esthenians, who for ITe plans lo ight i obtain a seat iti the "ltoind 11cr Neck Mhe Wears a Veilow Rlbhin".s..... are socialistic and oP- The men of the two reginments will be nationai assembly. totulalnt 10 iar,Amerleso Quartette y owning, and the aris- guests at a celebration at the y. M. hhm from Cdngrees as tlsioyvai olrenils "Time Voluntesers"-Marrh----li....Vhter.Mlitar, isand who. are of German C. A., K. of C. huts and Hostess house has been filed by J I'. i'arney, Dent:) "' 5.ornari"-Slarch-......i.Vhtor Military Band - tacitySaturday afternoon and night There crat, whotn Ierger defueated Iti the Nii- "'as Aiways (hosing ttanuoas'".-...........-.Tenor Klev t tha Btwill be a musical entertainment and vember eleition hy J.00 rpi's. "1 Wonder What They're oing "Tonight.......... t not that there is no dancing. Pies, doughnuts and cakes "Wf Congress deiides tiat there niust. Tenor and Quatette left to steal, or land will be served the men. The affair is be a re-election in oy district' satl "ilndustan"'... mphll s.d Burr ob or kill Kiev seems being conducted by the Woman's Auxi- lBerger today. "1 shall run atgain and lie "in the Shkadeow of the lDesert Palm" -..... terilog Moscow. ilary to the Thirty-eighth Division, to elected again. And if they" still refuse "Wates of Venise" Be...........lrnie aed gaker Jp to Ukraine. which the two regiments were attac~hed, to let me take my seat,- then the con- "Gsosi-By-e. Alesander"..........Bernie sad Baler! gressional district will remain unrepre- (Or ytes camt atb~titteÂ~ apeetso~s (or sayl ef tile obes,, the Bolshevik foreign WEST VIRGINIA FINALLY sented in this Congress." '"________________________ are makingr overtures PLACED IN DRY COLUMN SWEDISH SEAMEN STRIKE. - rce of Com iee Outi $9.5 is, saying that they STOCKHOLM, Jan. 9.The strike of turn over the Ukraine CHARLESTON, W. Va., Jan. 9.-The the Swedish Seamen' Union has spread he opposition. Work- West Virginia Legislature today com- to virtually all ports and Is endangering Terms Per Week Shave been formed at pleted its ratification of the Federal the supply of foodstuffs and raw mnafan and the other Rue- prohibition amendment, being the terial. The strikers have rejected govan Congress to entitled twenty-third state to take this action. ernment mediation. The Swedish ArfItert-a and Soldler' Deputies The measure, adopted by the Senate can liner Stockholm on her next voyage the Bolsheviki. Both yesterday, was passed unanimously by Jan. 18. will be manned by American declared that they do the HIouse today. deckhands. uals among their memals among their me DENVIDR, Col., Jan. 9.-The Colo- 1"-- ------ - 28130 North Pennsylvania Street lrtees have been rado LeIs a ure has no yet ratifie d J One Price to Everyb Glribute public lands the Federal prohibition amendment. - '"+OntPrice te rbedg" old from former land- Announcement on Jan. 7 that the Sen- - ate had acted favorably and the House had acted previtously, was an error, IJN(DIANPOLI8 E ENT5CHEN, owing out of the fact that on that an. 9-Polleh).-Ger- day the Senate passed the bill on sec- lOas(ton. Louias Kansas City and reading. The Renate ist. vaster. recaptured the Im- day, ton of Bentschen ouse 8/17/2 0 0 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M av nIHaI eordis-l to 'a dispatch *econd

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