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ï~~L SAYRES ( W OF FLU VI... an, Sunlit, Admirably Ventilated Store Dr. Morgap Moves t, revent.E f Lll. of Fresh, Desirable Merchandise Overcrowding of H0s, opo tt te- A o heÂ~New Cases Show Gain. The.., t u - Show Gain. Th#new British attack today -weaa Â~,: general one and m dellvprred by strong.,. dren Should Sleep Alone-For,,anSta...a,,. ireen tar line alg whchno the m i li-. deavorngttO. protect the dan ofhs........... gre d re rement lth and Comfort's Sake DEATS TURAY. French Reach Set. Ithr..n...Com fort's.C... 1 11 Northeast of Leon Freh troops have o a n s.............. 11 reascItd the line of the Serr Rever, hey. Good Beds and Bedding are Essential Ai..... made an advance of two to thre. 'b ati y asimle tuchot he oot he'........ 1 Vt5OlOl iad @in dva tii of st o ix At + EAH T AT. miles on an eight-mirlle front.. RIBS, 2 6x4 6, white enameled, equipp with a convenient.......... on anew British attack south of l~rtHasInues..i..... i.. 4 Talencene Bish attc on t h of tlx ' u. Priced $1.1.3$ MI:I.tA and e.hs. l NEW CARES. 1 ikabout a mile along the a tre front. ac t h," ricd $11d5, $1m le t 0 anch.50. ThesienemyopIsuresisting orttlsy. Norho ) MATTRESS. flled with layers of cotton, felt covered with t t...Valencennes he Britsh have captured br i U Fore Hanisoa...h....... 4out two-thds thirdsiofhe Rais. forest. b ng and attractively tufted. Price, $61.50. One covered with Army Schools rthe o rthhey have ls well east An "r Scoos.. ".... Farhe no"t the have e " of5 well eas UNDER TREATMFENT. St. Ameand and% reachA heScet ty ticking, $7.75*. back t city.................... iS.. north of the Be in fros r. ILLOWS, 13x17, M;c and $1.00. rt mvisn......... 166 O t I SLIPS, of soft muslin, 35c, Oc, $1.00. - r...... s BRI'ISH ADVANCE VITAL. match, $1.00, $1.25, $1.716.,tegr. cae w... eye li av re match, $1.0, 1.25, $1.5. eovered or which may have developed it S OS( of heavy double cotton, size 36x50; spectal at $2.50 a pair. paesaeala, but of which the elthii boeard Menaces Hun Line From South of Habit and re -Fifth loor receives ns report. - Valepciennes to Holland. S To prevent an overcrowding of the WITH THE ALLIED AMK S a lmnerlss. r t v" ':0 A? t1 t., t;?:...t o d hospitals during the influenza-pneu- )RANCE AND BELITUM. Oct. iS-(By t real rOm I monla epidemic in Indlanapollis. Dr. the Associated Prees).-The attack of -- --"-.... Herman G. Morgan, secretary of the the British thfrd and fourth armies on HI for eaplc hIm and thug created a complete In- could break. The ltouse, although with city board of health, has asked that a wide front south of Valenclennee to4easure lass between the two ouses which an extremely light vote, stood by John- persons who have contracted the disease day Is of vital strategic importanceh i ould not Iut broken through. Of non and his bill and the Senate adhered arrange to be cared for In their own The allied sallent here menaces the Ger- - lo to It own approval of the Pomeren o. rele S in Rider Creates a Deadlock. bill ost Saturday the House, on m. homes. Dr. Morgan explained that this man lines all the way to Holland, and -o to m Mleantime, the Senate, despairing of lion of Chairman Lever on the com- will not only lessen the burden on the if it is widened It will have a tremen- Cties tm miteo giutr.isse nIsdous effect also on the enemy front tomoergayal s titing after the profiteers by the cu- mlttee of agriculture. Inisted on its hospitals at a time when they are being de sous effect also on the enemy front toh Irstea.....t e.,o igsal.. tahdidsagreemen.t soid sked for a further theiyrafedI csoufo hee t h.....__ 5101 eguwllrb '1 S ud ory ethd of legiolation, attached conference. The speaker thereupon heavily axed in caring for the extraor- Masses of British cannon, moved up o e w. S the I'unerene profiteering bill as it alppointed members of the committee dinary number of patients caused by during the comparative lull of the past If they dontme tOM PAGEONE. ier to t food timulation ill The of agriculture an conferees. Monday the epidemic, but where persons are few dayb early today loosened tons of a t t I Ito Pr wt enate again adhered I e t standsies at tho enemy, sprinkling front and llU "-ce habit n meaure w considered, there- o the Pomerene il and eshed forSan given home attention under proper con rear areas ley. Later all the guns.i tr.. h},onferente committees from further conference with the house. The dlton they are lee susceptible to concentrated in a "crash b rrage" be-e d e t matter of e,.If-r,- the,ommitteesa or agriculture instead tituation now Is that the Itouse confer- crossed infections than they would be hind which the Infantry adviced in an, r e inme, di la t r t n sly i t l, nhrly more fo. s om n th 1u -" s n, w ih a l hargd Its tm of from the committees on the District eeo have declined to confer on the e neces- arly fog, storming the h-w a " from furth.r - t'olumbht. which had prepared the an- rental bill, which they say Is not an where several nree redly con cted enemy defenses..I11 ant tilt l.d te Ii roterin bulls. They agreed upon agricultural matter, while the Senate sarily confined to the same room. The Germans resisted strongly, espe- bloodand lid tot d bth ne itern., Inerltding prohibition except will not change its atttude or confer With the openln yesterday of an dally the machine gunnecrs. The en-.ti to lwth. in te prtioterln i amendment; b and here with chairman Johnson and, hi om- c e emy artillery fire was generally weak,. haier ma Jomneon nths am- emerncy ore forRedCrosen indicating that hl guns had heen 'more dicult--an alut l y to tud Y they reached l deadioct which nothing milttee on the District of Columbia. a y s f ed Cross and i tn a e e h ie Tegtalare.. Ic Hn i leion b o A. F. Bentley, assistant manager Place," This shows tht the German le The oo PRINTING~ ~ ThMAN stainrole itslb Inon thrisheCtosia h o ea a t t thnt ltlmae ofte Lake Division afth lbRIed Cross, command evidently did not have faith S',,, O W... Va t.. a m a. te l y the House must either nurses can be supilled to homes where that the exhausted infantry would be Syield to the Senate on te he priering their services are requred. All women able to hold the positions attacked to- O irreut rityi defeat both prohiitin and food who ae graduate nurses or have re- day. iillorhr a psle blo ot tollved practical exper.ience as nurses The town of tomerlee was takTen alykm d, andthew arte thir e Vstlimulation The reepopsiblilty rests ave been asked to register at the early In the attack, marking an advance e O quOare.nly upon the He fofr theSenate headquart s. f nearly two miles northeast of Boles- a ve tetadCrl. GrudFor ayAtn an ot yedm iston iton wihoute Ne Casres of ne arse.y hoes WAHNTN c.2-the rmans i x v gto wyfradi l erhip or st rp i le to 1 admitting an true the charges ent hadr- uaclew Cases Increame. North of Valenciennes, the Gerne s ed every ouoce of staying power If you expect to man Johnson that it is deliberately New influenza cases reported yestsr-, are resisting the allied advance with In the fiercely competitive days that are sure to defending the rent profiteers of Wash- heavy o ng-range artillery fire all the are through "over there." ington. This I not true, and the day atthe health board offices exceeded hway to Tournal. North of Toure ni, itSenrt never will yield on that point, the previous day's total by two cases. British patrols have crosse d the ee l vote so rthe,l Tn veRToe for the Jon- Islane w aoes b ol e inp t n n t arm time to lay the foundation. This can ously be ac- Every vote r. the ouse for the John- 275 new cases being reporthe a al ae e e i y sending out properly prepared printed matter, fur the Pomerene kill Isto it n pt 'lc ih.O e n ieis rsn r o lc tate a favorable impression and give you a decided cole against wartite prohlbti o Tusday lbs n r e The tuation In avlglim is virtually rthoee who arc flying their flag at half-mast. 4 t e timttlatton bill and its~ oi Twelve dea~ths Jl uncheng and the enemy resistance ntaendment can not,be %*et d a a mahi e unt~ ners tein Gemost ativle.y t5unless agreement is rear t~d nth the dy e of which were ascribed er a s cieneth einms atiey about your printing. You will find it worth while. J anti-profiteering amendmen ',t eni top onla and Influensa. The ii~-t of Valenciennes the Germans Sbe reached readily enough elimi- pneumonia deaths indicated by bpenl~h- on fown.tehe atelast f,W daysanhave h.0 algbr.J anal i.Hne ating this subhject and he Sga it ov been following a tactics of retreating 3. 0. Saittgaber. A. J. Randall. R. J. Henkel 1 tonthe Districths m~cof Col um ~a [rlgomnt "The Star are those to which influenza during the nigh The British have not PO but this can not and wl sot be one win c strbutory. been able to stablish contact with PRIT I G C MPANY by the Sehte whi Job son of Dr. organ saId the City Hospital the enemy rear guards until noon of the YKentucky remains.Hous has an next day. T7 rear guards endeavor 836 MOTOR ROW. Auto. 2-410. It i i picture in t brnc t has been taking care of all influe ikxa to hold the tlsh in check iyntil nightse men opposRAto pro lila yet c patients which could not receive attin- fall, whenhey agin ret pelled to vote for It lthe at jump lion at home. At present there are There pears to be good Indications at the chance of k ll Ib tk it;v indlct about seventy-five cases. Patients In that t r l n on which the Germans.; '.h:. (;' lon. The drye h~ave p'iactir fly thonall the hospital are hemn placed In nojr etn empriyInti r %: &.;.-,, "--".. - "." p their hand, The trealt s Ir-tolated wards. it wa si. Infarms- r on will defendedc tea any _...,.:... lion baa weakened them asd thei, n tion was obtained from the Methodist -eat leqgt of time.. I,-1 by their boast that national ahitin are beh, g cared for in the ho tal ciennes and Tournali s as barren asl 5 sitlons to a depth of more ta he Yu Stnigi Buies Society wl...fet' eoet~ rpr but there ave several Ifes-be- desert as ta as. the peroa... P~ t maile were. penetrated, n...erou5 vii-' o r a v e r,. o r.. l e a s t b e f o r....... e i n p r - n g t r e a t e d a t t h e n u r n o n u s... p - o f t h e F r e n c h i n h a b i t a n ts I s c o n c e r n - l a g s w e re. ta k e a n.. d.. v e. a l t h o s au n d claimed.- The ted stimulation I at oilte the hospital, w 3u. roe or four Liberated civilians say tie retreatng prisoners and many guns were captured., is Influenced greatly by the impression you cmeo too lte to h of muh a-of te nuree r 4wth "the disease. Germans cary so much lot that they The communication follows: Ohoh r p o l. A g o p e r n e th a l tee... asti t i s tru e th at n a i N e w c s re hon g acce.pted, t stage r u g e r thelo s Oap r - nyn I pohilton s nmlR o rpilysa iqI"the allegedi insotructions given th,e:ered,y Anglo-Scottish tq psof the Iseertin.Th oohar hemstpom opoets hyatiiat t ya a h ister Superior at Sl Vincent's man troops to lake the mosi strict Third and Fourth Armies:ltween the moent facial feature, and as huch are an ac- which the administration regards as Hospital reported that about twenty- car~e an regards the proiserty of civilla~ne Sambre Csaflsl and the River Bohldt, are-cter. Sound.bheslthy, god-loking teeth show t results unnecessary and unwise? W..B. five ease ar under cre thsre andarnoobevdtthfot. suhfVancne, welt-rsguiated livi1ng. _they mats a good Impreesion. The ___________ these have been placed in a wing to"A adncwamdevrcoty caeesesadnget hc ooes odi noe R.)tthemselvee. The nursing otafi has not"nadnewamdeorcuty datdby uncared-for teeth. To stand right in the eyes of DUCT tho~ vi4sa ndwodzwhc orough few ofthe turses haeve roe- were an ibmfe ih e anrwshich. Utooth at their beet. Com see... us xamination tI..VI N AILROAD LINE tatdthe disea..e. The only deathweedfndwthmcrsoui. ItG amonD....g the hospital frce.. that hasl oc-Flae Fighting on Verdun FronteayIn tlthe period of ef. asemblyhand the le tet icl, Gond,oe Lentitsni eAlaTNTO. Oct. 13.-The rail- rurred was that of.luster Patrce Ken- Considerol of Sigenificance. artillery displayed great sctivity with lodnyannoncednedy, in charge of the pharmacy, who WSIGO.Ot 3-ute n itepoie n a hls ____________________________________________ 'h inauuraton ata newruhlvperit-gWhhav ofougi wnytfwa rforwrd I inthe tnugrataion of man ltte FeeretFotitrisn dications of ant impending nmajor attack spite of olustinste resinto~ce, especilly - _ routin frmtho-ale transiotto o aua t d erease in t hrof now by the Americas armies on the Verdoin by the enemy's artillery sod mactine _ w' 1 Â~ "l '.... kdÂ~ r- oan~ducby anyilneaandÂ~ eregardhes tnlof the AdresInteumro nwn-front came today In reports of fierce guns. i J. _J Â~ J=. J. ra wic huldthe mnfolah d prod- fluenza patients admitted at Fort Har- fhtn arudVulrweethe - "Advancing with great steadiness ft S P E C IA Ln__... P R ucttto that potlni. Thin aP~i~es to rie was stown for the twqluty-four French are hammering at the flank of penetrated the onemy's defense along which hauled fightigoaroundnVousleve,'hereisomenhours befreddawnnourtInfantr Onhuhgrdga ses hatio gieetranaflour, ander mpryates andr hours ending alat night, only four be- the forest position that appearn to havo the whole of dho front and at an early 5".... " lion af the railroads, the granting of Ing reported. Thirty-s even cases were been holding up the general American hour bud captured the important vi r I.. (o,' ~~ transit privliegee wan based on mmr- dshreanforetsoca datthe Intensity of the fighting aigi admit mories. On the extreme right there was TAK EJ VTOt T TI OUTHIMils so W "tsge Ineintcssi t ries estig ctsinhh the fort during the period. St As ex- advances." There in little doubt that strong resistance at the fortiqed farm at................................. orced the outbound product to nave ported the quarantind will remain in Imntnmthe enemy viewe the sctlon as of great uGimbremont ohaeand therailwa~eey near bY,...... b y wsy of the same railroad that effect for several weeks. 'h"n"erfom alsta qtws'ukyoerm. - ' RI Shandle the raw prodtct into the tran- Maj. J. Dalbey Crawfis, commander of angle with the French forces which "Left of the center the village ef HERS, r " r/a* t.t oint the army vocational training detach- have crossed the Aisne, heading east- Seatt iln, which was ield by the enPepper Hun W s alt p -lni -ea ward through the hilly and wooded emy with great tenacity was to..e. pe Hu With Bombs SIX RUSS ANARCHISTS nest, reported ths death yesterday of region.north of Grand Pre. The Amer- by the h the asstance SIX I!ULSrANARCHISTS Fred pe f ad. Minn. This i and along the base of the tngle, tanks. titi WIT T HEAt CA A RM CONVICTED IN NEW YORK the A t death at the detachment In heading northward Into the same-di- "On the left other English troops nearly a week. Maj. Crawfls's fi ure cult territory and the fighting today in- crossed-h Harpinee River at an early LUE OF N TV sO"VERDUN. 0. 23 CONVICTED IN NEW YORK eshowed that there were no new influ- dlcated a piecer movement to force,the stags of the advance and capturdVerS the Associated Press).-Amerca NI NW YORK. Oct. 23.-Five of the six enza admissions during the day and enemy out of the angle completely, into taln.t Saeil machina R.I nse wo bs ne on ment. Of the 139 men now ill at the If this is accomplished, the left flank over the whole of the front carrying the 0-Lml AL~lL gttanere were buisy today In esking[ Federal Court. on charges of having detachment seventy-two are In the hos- of Gen. Liggetto American first kymy enemy's positIons to a dept o more German troop movemente toward - vilatedhetheSplonege attWerefound pital anjd sixty-seven are in their quar- will be released and observers here feel than three iles, driving him from Ming trano. mAt midday two squad- lrthon toyig t he o'sd- tes. The e ineteen pn na confident that an American drive pe my trongly defended lag; farms lhtng l a tonight The deedns all patients and thirty-four influenza. sibly covering the whole American front woods and othor localities organised for S os s ty avowed anarchist, tried inly to in- No change was hown in the situato on both sides of the Meuse, will short- resistance. Later about 120 ma troduce evidence deigned to discredit at the aviation repair depot at the ly follow. The objective of such a Tevi 16 Beacon avenue, ie ttacked enemy troop - the Sisson revelationo concerning Cer peedway, where there is one influenza thrust would be primarily, it i sod ad ad nghting In the oo Lveque writes tion in the woods in the n man and lhevik dpliity I Rsa. case and one of pneumonia. the smashing of the German left flank but progressed through the wood. ast Renuunvlle.regon o _________________ ___________County troops, advancing to a doeptlb of I it e Remonvllle. between Hts and Sedan. three and a half miles captured oue itho-Laxene Jutst finei The attack niner^%-rver %0......... F%,,,nn.ur,st...., ue....&,, ai,nlph enemy counter at- thrues?). a e without it. It has eponae to a r nTheisI no for three years, itrains were a "The Anglo-Scottishl troops securedI oFree ealth Bokins the woods 0 8/ 16/2 006 LIBRARY OF CON G R E S S N E WS P AP E R R M 1ssing Of th HAW thVe.dBois DeL ee woodHaa captured VendBookai viektentho-Laxene, etc." liarricourt, lee Iwo,W.

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