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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~THE COURIER-JOURNfAL, LOUISVILLE, TUESDAYM~IO 4 Key iI nHci. anal/ EPIDEMIC WANES' EXTRA! ALL ABOUT BGSPECIAL STAKE AT OCLCAMPS Hr "tiizti flu asnecessary;conditions, ucooa ditioral surrende~r: %Non by Uclited 35 Deaths Are Reported, Big by Le rtd ' oht ofan e lcessity (weight? cac't eutt):;"JockeyeWoniDecrease From Previ- row Wilson, bettng oil, out ar.d out; France (Posh) and Great Britain (Hig) tied for place. Time, ous ha. ellow a time. Also cana: The Idahenzollerce Theliapsbturgs,. I-a denburg Ludendor-ffTurkey raid The Potsdam Gacg (breedicg an. printable). SrratChed-Bulgaria. ONLY 131 NEW CASES______ ---e.-.-hntes M. Robertson. A. J. May and R. H. Cooper, for appellant; Charles H. Morris. Attorney General, and I). 11. ftp tHALRI," E. J6dHAiN UOEKE. Hoes-rton, for applle. F'ollowitng the downeward ccrve begu Owens vs. Comnmonwrealth.-Decided ren"-na.. tdays ago Int the admeission of Septemnben 24,1l1I.-Appeal from J tfternew cagey and pneumonia tdevelopments, son Circitltcourt, Criminal IDivision. falltina recalling from influenza at t~%inio of the court by Judge Carronil, ('anal"Zachary Taylor stuanped to a &Friran osian-rmnl nnpr mtachint degree during the twenty-tour ary.-i.paes may e lintd and prosi~unending at 8 o'clock lost nighct. sected for entering Into a conspiracy to imulit tii erid tirt-fle dat s. extort money from another perston or to ntirrnd, the fewest of any day withit. ijueco LCaw-Appeal and Era wrek. Friday the mortality list in- eor-hklarmiese Error.-Where the trial elued ixt-nie nmes Saurdy sx-court Sustainled an opeatinn to eniniudd axaycla nams. tor~aya~xdence. but failed to admontet the jfury tn-sin and Sunday fifty-one, not to ronaider it, the error under the.New canes dropped again yesterday. fastsws atnrea dicial.w. there being 131 as compared with 1n cc Declaration of Co-Conspirtorn- It ise Sunday. Oili hundred patient. were die- not reversible error to permit deni-aracharonlt. of more than 10,0010 patient.slions of. one of the conspiratore tn go oho hane ieeti treated at the base hoe- to the Jury for the purpose of etobilahing the guilt of the other before piitalinelae thme outbreak of the epidemic toe existence of the conspiracy han bett t0 per cint. have been cured and return- shown If Xhe tatter Is established, alntl to their organization quarters. The though the better practice is not to aildeath to ate tgeb~r 132nut dociaralions Ontilithe conspiracy deatc todateateabar 32.has bean proven. Co,. Lewia A. Coetner, Inspector from Fourth-.erminai law-Appeal andi Erthe oficte of the Surgeon G.enera~l at ror-Instructions-.ltion for New Trial. --An error comeuitted by the trial court Weahiengtn. D. C., who was here to in giving Instructions, or in faiiing to investigate the epidemic situation, inft give instructions will not be avaliahig aon yretrday afternoon well pleased with appeal unless the error. Is railed upon In ho manner in which the comtapfnmciaia the motion and grounds for a eteali hone hatndled the tack of comabatting the James P. tiregory atid ilifford &1 iliseace. Hre was favorably Impressed Steinfeid for apellant; C hat'Ib-a it bMorwit hrmeaauretaken by lrig. tlen. tic, Attorney (General, and Onerton iM. ired T. Austin and medical ollcera to Hogan Assistant Attorney tlenerai, for chock the spread of influenza, the treat-epnilaO. mcml cadminisered to the sick under the ~rawer's Atitar. vs. Birewer.-Decidedl gr"eat handicap occacioned by the emerg- SePtember,1 150 Appeal fruotrancsse eony, and the co-operation given by lins i.7rtttit Court. Opinion of the court hy oiicerc tind idge Carroll reversing on original and Coi. Conner del eto every phase reversig on cose appea.l.. of the epidemcic hae. Pe went through First-Descent and Distrlbutlon-Adevery wand and teeeporary quarters of vanoenenl.-Purpoe of Statute.-The the hospital and also locked into to. Purpse of Section 148f, Kentucky Statgnrl sanitary conditions of the recer. utee, relatl s to advancement by a parnation. He has probed into epideenics est to a cii d was to equalize children at other cantonment.In the dietri'buclon of the parnnts estate when he did not dispose of his entire estate by will, and has no apYeternlaye Fit ylc tlzsuc plicatton when the parent baa disposed Yeterilayc Influeza victims were: of his entire estate by wilt.:iecond Lieust. Harold JF. leaver it Second-.Same--Clift.-Where a will year. old,.:dd.Observationi Battery, ll1leid has been made by a parent disposing Artillery e Central Officers' Training of hoe entire estate achild who has School, con of Henry H. Beaver, Temple- received advaceents from his parton, Mass. et tcan only sustain his' right to hold Private Oliver F. Morstellar, 8 yeas the property uon the theory that it oid, Sycamore, 0. was a gift and not an advancement. Private Frank H. Noland,%Ii years oid, Third--Samo. - Advancements - Glifts New btartlnsvttite W. Vs.. -Distilnction -An advancem-ent ase weii Private Clifftord Dunn, 24 yeare old, as a gift must be Irrevocable by the Atianta, tnd.. donor, but an advancement is a gift Private John Alexander, 18 years old, emsde with the intention that i shalt Danville, Ala. be charged to the dodiee in the distriboPrivate E inter K(idd, 22 years old, lion of the donor's estate, while a gift Chance, Ala. ifs made without any purpose that it Private Herbert Davis, 22 years old, Shalt be thereafter accuned for. Somerset, Ky. Fmurth-Ouit. - Inter Vines - tiefiniPrivate Jake C. 10am, 22 years old,.(ton of-.To constitute a gift inter vivos Stanford, Ky. the thing mstt be delivered to the Private Floyd Heckler. 22 years old, donee and be Irrevocable on the part Angola. Ihd. of the donor. Private John Chhlietti, 2K years old, Fifth-Descent and Dlgtribution - AdMulberry, Kan.. vactoemento - Gift. - XVii la-A Parent Private William F. Huffman, Bi years ian his will may control the matter of oid, Grass Creek, Ind., advancements and gifts and although * rvit Harso., Dowty, 32 years athoing may be gihan with the letenoldI~roltsInd Lio ofmaking it an advancement, If -Private 1 arvey H,. Rusehe, 29 years the will thisposes of the entice estate old, Aurora, Ind. the doee can only hold as a gift. Private Lester PK. Hays, 25% years old. Holb~eld a Gardiner G. W. Roark, Carliivlle. Ill. John B. Grader for appellant: fR. E. Private Edward Carpenter, 24 years Johnston, W. H( Wyman, for appeliee. old, Hopewell "IKy. c '.._ Private Clarence F. Carter, 2t years Shpembhai14etcJ,. vs.ApMcltyfr-om eash old, Kiliboclt, 0 etmbrO.5.Apa fo ah!'rivate Evert hÂ~yers, 22 years old.,.mletes Clrcu~t Court- Opinion of thi Xaet Llvgrpool,O. court by Judge Thomas, affirming, Priyae~ete~l.. Smith, '2yecnrs old." First-Atiteai and Xrror--LaW of the DENNY ANTE-' By JEAN KNOT Regstered S. Pstest Office. LADIES' NIGHT. Improper Influences anti that the defend- msaterial actualiy on hand at their lii the insured, who faisely atnt wait not preejudiced thereby. plant. for the purpose of maniufacture, ita ie head not been rejectedb t'ocond-hame. nontemplates manufacture at the tplaceo ther.-.uap:,ty Ift lie ouhet The mere fact that a jurdir wee unit- of taxation; atnd the exemption wilil It toniadtccti ettited. icciliop-ally separated fram his fellows be ailowed In the city where the ran. Fl V. Mei:heont"yand Scontt & fo.r a brief teriod Is not reveraibis error aiertai. consisiting of tobacco,!a cot--lioln for apjieilant; Charies id. If the Commonwealth shunt that the liat.,assorted ond cured preparaiorf N,-ieinit. Rode.. lwie IL. V aepareltion we. inadvertent ad uclotem- in shipping It to other cities for the par- for appeliee. tlonal, and that the juror was not tam- pousc of manufaniuring chewing, amok-- - pered with or mt iueced. leg or other hinds of tobacco. Bailey vs. Comnmonealth. - L Thirdo ame. S econd-Same.-Where a corporatiounictber i, 1010. Apprni from Iam TO.- juror in this race wan absent from engaged In ths mantufacture of plug, null Court. Oipiniatn af the cut his fellows from one to five minutea: chaewing anid smoking tobacco, and tine- Judge Thomas. affirming. saw and stotke to no one except the cut tobacco, with ies chief factqrim itt. First-Criminai Law-geit tie Citunty Judtge and of somse tensoaf other Iltien and Statea. owned a 'tobacco Questione for Jury -If the coedut %t tom be made Inquiry buit not with warehouse in Bowliitg Green, in whit-h defrndant in a criminai proseno reference to the case, held not prejo- it cored tobacco bought from the farro- such an to legally tohe away feo dlcici error, era, by asetorting. ohseslfplng. hangint the right of elif mefenco. it is th C. C. Wiiiiam,. fur appellani. it on sttct redrying and stemminigit, of thc cour t ttlu the jur) Walter B. 1lippin. Cherlee H. Morris. portion of it. preparatory to shippitng ifI properly prepared instrurtion itte for Appeliee- Ito tiiovarious maoufacluting pIntom in -the ace of sclf defenne; pnd wht _______ other ciiies and States, the igush nesao facto arn nutticient to autizneti Craaesoetc., vs. Cravnti,.etc.-U~e- conttoned wxe.n001a0 nxcfaciaclsc to fOn-i thttthe defendat'scnd, sided Sepiemer 2?, Apealfrom establiishment within the meanitng of priven' ilwofi the right oif l Boone Circuit Court. Oplcronp of them h chapter 11 of the Acto of thqii0 icosla- it In not error for the court to court by Judge. Sam poson, ec rmng turn, apeciai cession 1017. etempting fromo, that t tio to the jury. Flrt-WHiEtion by Widow.-A city taxation, mnachinery anti ptodoet..1 Second-( rmlnat tLoo--Seif De Widow can have hot one fieetiod with in course of manufacture or corpora-; vittence.-P~nden-ea examined1 referance to aeceptine or relectin the tiong actuaiiy engaged Int monufat- c-coaeond tottedt be soitineni provisionsaf hewrlofhri husband, ing, and their raw material aciualiy oit hoild the action at the court In r of avn eeted he aylnof he t- hand at their plants for the purpose of fig the right of self defence asI ad a ineeted, shocedmanoI etyh-manufacture,.led above. Second - Same-Renuncint on.- Under HmheCafrMdltng t.Jms ).Mte o Section 1404. KestuchyStatutes, a widow Humphrey J. Joe. Hettinger,.filiittalignt; Chares It. hiorris. Atlorne in to. mode potnted ou may renounce Ptodes & ams for plaintiff; Wiliim T. etai; ilenry F. Turner. Asistant the -will of her, husband and take tinder Basket~ Beta D.Riogo (). 1 Ho{{icr, T. tey Getteral for appellee, the ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ W sttuehbtmaanseune teGuy IH. Itarnman for de-- will n the saue mode presgcribed she may nt te ednt. I. J. Iteynoidse Tonaco4 pomp, withdr-aw her renunciaion thereof even C1ity of,texhengton. Decided O by a paper similarly executed without Stephtens no. Stephens. et i.-iDenidnd tilt. ApgtaI rom Fayette C rcult the consent of a court of equit~ytgivyen October 1, iSIS. Apptltc front Kentot pinion of ate Court' byl Judge uplon proper ehowin Circuit Court. Opinion of the court by a fi-truing.f D.Castleman.r appe annt:a. WWilliam Rogers Clay. Comislsioner, in-, Firct-,Iteee-Prinlea~co LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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