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ï~~ * Argentine Rlepublic, who Ii visitng the. B~ay.; Cities, Hie said in part: Te "All supplies and manufactures wie. Std ' Bah-. could not get from Euorope or the ITnlteri Staten nosy conme from. Japan.. To deliver these - godis; Japan has 1!Ia 'u: L ok qlarcedtwvo 'ntew steamship tines ta, \4ak e e +pu etnsive consular and:dlplionaiic andj' Fe 1 Fr sh service in South America;,swlla -"at. iT3tenos 'Aires, The. goods Japan lays a glass of hot water with sehfds us.have a wide range firom tee phosphate before breakfast tiles. to elecitrical appilances.' ~----keps.llnes~aay. 7Aother. Asks:.7Aid "his excellent, comrmon-Sense in Finding Daughter' health measure being 'Yo r father' and I keep stick -all. adopted by millions. the time,. and. we bave not iheard __________trom you1,. Esther, since lost "June," 3. From. i3rcnham. Texas, '160 y ';n }i13sie'lana. the world otver recoin- ap al came to. Sheriff F-irank Biarnet idi the IOnside: ath, claiming tis from Airs. Sophia Foote to findh of vastly nmore inportanme:.than ]sther Le-is, her. daughter. ide Cleanliness, because the akin T!.he-letter pleads for the sh,rtffl isa01.) -not ahsorb impurities ito. in tSodi Es ther and tell her to writie hiboil, cautsing, ill health- while home, that, her, father and mother pores in th ten.. ards of. bowels "letep 'sick all the 'time.: \oi since iTune -17 last. h ag a cord en and woo'len ar e u1ged to drink gone' it'ne fromr~ lJ therto 10 l hi)er! t ootning, before. breakfast,, t waitting mother t. ihe' is titl ci or' a of hot ituter with a teaspoonfull hiappy or, lonely. and 'dreamr. AndI lnicevtone phoisphate tn it, as rt the little home down there- ton 'mw tile's censn of helping to.wash it more atrcar t h~ra lstier. cn ever s:the stOmacht liter, kidneys and ins, for the dattgbt jt1J"'len' anSld.cis the preos days indigestt- silente msakes cheer impossible. material, poisots sour bile and The letter' contains n0 description. ns,' thuts.clearnsing, sw~eetenig of -the missing girl nor. her lgat. adpurifying the entire alimentary dress,. except.thatt it wa.s in Olakland. U-i heftire ptuttintg mone food Intoj- - - 'stomach. hose wvho wakle- tip, wit bad Takes GilsB o cL ith, coated tongure, -nast * taste or sGilsB o c fa- dll' aching hepad, sa FolWastCorw llexion, -acid tomach.; ohr r m as, 'a Sare subject to btilious attacks or tJmtaard 11. f-Thta was:arrested last itipatlon, should obtain; a rillar- igh~tt by Itnspectors J. I. Miuthern and Pound of limestone phosphate at' W. i.. Smniit, charged with having torn drug t;tore. This will cost very, a diameond. bromict from:the. shirt, waist abut is sufficient to 'demonstrate' of Miss Vteima' Toot, cleric in a sbooting value of inside bating--Adver- gallery, 460 Telegraph avenue. nient. According to -the 'poll ce FEnni, eatered _________________________the, place an~d 'when Miss Tout ordered hime e-t, be.matthied the brooch, momtic flfljfl s esape from the place. Siehts Annulment rrn -of Marital Knot N ~v~ TE IIO Alging -that he was threatened -4,TINTaith arrc'sL and. imprisonment unlest he fmarried Mtary G;. 'Itamsdlell, Fran he ll's J'ie-Tnm'.Jfoneoy brinigs cia E." Palmer today tiled suit for peeaiy, easy ru~ler. tn_ annulment..The marriage oc curred October- 2,, since' which- tiiie neuintita find,tutberculois often the plaintiff 'says they have not lived as'. si1tigieciedl iri;; Ii tT-coughs.together as -mnan andi wits. 't neglemct soutrs. 'Take' Dr. Bell's -'- -- i-Tar-Hoaney. faithrfully' according irclosodh P resitdent Is rings quickl rt"Iicttront lingering Influenza Sufferer chs, prtot racteti cold,, grippe, U la rigmust weair masks etnd alt chabli"..;.,, sust be removed from bar rooms. Suits. nowecut and r'hty to gi vs out Tsi was- the order,issuted late yesterto auir liarle$ and Individuals., tl a~ady by Chlef of Polite J. -I-f, -Nesddarman. to:vii -saloons in:Oaklend. hundred oftis tese small navy; e:f rt6 -;ieof soils are ot daily. Oaklandi Chapter pearmitting a frimiter of men. to Itanmg ha: it.lcquota of 0000 stilts 1t0 get. off atround bayroomis at a-time like th si.Citftademn"tda. "s to_ he tnch hil re befoe'.thegathering in saloos I hsad...Crowds of cold weather sets In, 'Please call forr soy kfind 'are against pituic 'policy and this etwing. 'munist not be' tolerated, I have 115 - Iitrlleled lay owtltto break- up all gath + x p/ erings, 'whether inside Or outside, 'unELE~CT I1 BOARD 1ess theseÂ~gatherings are for some. MEMBERS. QUIT tnriasked"_____ O VERFLU SCARE "Youth IsSpared If li1re attitude of the ap- rn ifFhus Pointed. members of the-election ' Judge J.ames t.Qtuinn ioday refused. hoards; Is itcriterion-lthere _will to stamp. 20-year-oid. Harry Wittianas Ite a small attendisnco at the vith the hmand or felony for hiaving geneal eecton Nvembr ~ tel en an automobile for a jOy^ ridesand wealreortditt ovem e 5s'tn,'ent him to Preston School of Industry} wa opreda-today'sc o on iin of the state prison. The districT. itt the bohard of eoperisors that ii oct. offtce. atid the probation of I full 25t per;cent. of the mom it} '-.-,j -a'prtsomn ienn. hters of Cie lommes bhami'phonedil The youuth told the, court that he-anre" tiriwritten tht eir restgnati-ons ' iitititc'Oa:tndtlhttat lie'lied \mtlditiomal personsaire heintg tn t-it tto 'in lte- world tite the. age +.pptointed and the vacancies wi t or ittyirteet t 'aiit lila parelts..died:ite lit tilted, tinder Itie prov Iiononspromitsedlto srute to thQ Judgead:to. o'. the election -lw, hy those reor t-tim him at the. end: of eieveii1 iitiebrs of the difermenL hoards tnmonthis witen:Itoesili-be released.. Pie senit'at,the botoths on elec.__________________ tion mornin"'- sweartag ini suf-! tilient. numbers from the by- fhIR f Itanderg. The resignations 'are- -'I caused hy the -fear of- the" influ- lfl -f ena eptdenmlc. Supervisor Fred. -V.Foss -de m randed that furniture of a suit m siantial -character lie -secured II andi that the- booths be ptoperly Hl The supervisorsa-expressed tlis opintons that the war wvork.oin- - mittee will have, to deal Witti" f the owner of the 'tents.for the If' Mixed With: Sulphur It Prvlgo-usinog the: electionf equipment. In the mar'c wort{ Darkens So. Naturally Nobody Can Tell. Mayor Calls..MeetingThe;old-tine mixtur'e of Sa~e Tea i I I I -_-WOMEN'S- BLACK.,CC HOSE,- white:..sole,_ regtl extr'a sizes; all.hare rei Pole, 'he-el -and toe; clastic Friday. only3. pairs o _...,_._ I DDY 'BLOUSES for' and Misses, slipover siyl. - navy blue sailor collar, 'f with white' braid;:=-our..$1.45 value; Friday -only,' at. -each._..: CHI.LDREN'S SC DRESSES,.good:quality gingham, _new fall mod ages 6 to 12 years; otur $1.59' value;. Friday; -.only, at each....... CHILDREN'S. BATH I heavy. quality,.blanket dark or;light patternis, i lar and -pockeis' and '.or met with cord;' for ages yeare; ou-r,speeiitV"$t2:; 'Friday- only,-- at each. CI-ILDREN'S SLEEP1NC MENTS, white flannelette It-On".hrand,'with -or feet,. for ages uhp to 8 onz fC~le ~p~~ streaked and faded hsair is. grand Mayor Jolhn b. - ase -thth niorning amothersh recipe, and folks. are again aekomi 'tlntnissione's -Morse, I dearda using- it t -keep their hair a good, Scderbeorg aind Jacksnm to mueet h ttueven color,' which is qiito sensible, and discuss, the' final reprt. or theI youthful iappearance,Is of 'the greatirancie Settlement- Conmisisont".p- est-advantage,..-..- -- =-- -__ - pointed by the otayor to stutdy antI re- Nowvadays, though, We don't, have port' on lie meiatter. After a full.dim_ the troublesome taske of gathering ru'flton -,i time 'coimissioners lhe r- no the sage and the nmtssy - ixsing,, at port wiii be fire rentedti o the city cormn-, horme. All dmug: s tores sell' thei for finlttdtspoeitiom. readv--to-use product, improved by. ---. ~ tthe aflition of oather, ingredients, - called "Wyeth's Sage" and Sulphumr-,i Are YouI Fat?-7 -t'citipound.",. It Is. very popular be

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