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Williams, J. E. / [1951] Homing behavior of the painted and musk turtles in a lake. (Fisheries research report: 1291)
Clapp, David F. / [1986] Hooking mortality of smallmouth bass caught on live minnows and artificial spinners: David F. Clapp and Richard D. Clark, Jr.
Nuhfer, A. J., and G. R. Alexander. / [1989] Hooking mortality of trophy-sized wild brook trout caught on artificial lures. (Fisheries research report: 1963)
Eschmeyer, R. W. / [1936] Houghton Lake creel census winter of 1935-36 (Fisheries research report: 368)
Eschmeyer, R. W. / [1937] Houghton Lake creel census, winter of 1936-1937 (Fisheries research report: 417)
Carbine, W. F. / [1940] Houghton Lake northern pike investigations, 1939, progress report. (Fisheries research report: 583)
Eschmeyer, R. W. / [1938] How good is an expert? Catching fish involves a lot of luck but skill is certainly no handicap. (Fisheries research report: 466)
Anonymous. / [1932] How to identify blue pike, walleyes (yellow pickerel, yellow pike), and saugers. (Fisheries research report: 186)
Krumholz, I. A., and W. R. Crowe. / [1942] How to tell apart the fish that look alike. (Fisheries research report: 729)