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Hay-Chmielewski, E. M. / [1987] Habitat preferences and movement patterns of the lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in Black Lake, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1949)
Anderson, Leland. / [1976] Halfaday Creek: Leland Anderson.
Rakoczy, G. P. / [1983] Harvest levels for commercially exploited stocks of lake whitefish in Michigan waters of Lake Superior. (Fisheries research report: 1912)
Rakoczy, G. P. / [1991] Harvest, movement, return to the creel, and growth of chinook and coho salmon in Lake Huron, 1985-88 (Fisheries research report: 1983)
Beyerle, George B. / [1980] Hatchery-reared fingerling tiger muskies unharmed by diet change from pellets to spiny-rayed prey fish: George B. Beyerle.