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Lievense, S. J. / [1946] General creel census and carp seining activities on Lake Macatawa, 1942-1945 (Fisheries research report: 1058)
Fukano, K. G. / [1948] The general creel census of fishing, 1947 (Fisheries research report: 1197)
Fukano, K. G. / [1956] General creel census records for the connecting waters between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, 1953-1955 (Fisheries research report: 1478)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1931] General information on the "worms" and "grubs" of inland lake fish. (Fisheries research report: 105)
Eschmeyer, R. W. / [1939] General management suggestions for lakes surveyed in 1937 in the several national forests of Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 552)
Smith, K. D. / [1981] A general numerical model for evaluating size limit regulations with application to Michigan bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus Rafinesque) (Fisheries research report: 1897)
Leonard, J. W. / [1938] General observations on the condition and effects of stream improvement devices in various upper and lower Michigan rivers. (Fisheries research report: 497)
Leonard, J. W. / [1939] General program of the Hunt Creek Experiment Station of the Institute for Fisheries Research. (Fisheries research report: 559)
Krull, W. H. / [1931] General remarks on hatchery conditions. (Fisheries research report: 64)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1931] General statement regarding use of iron trap filters in maintaining fish. (Fisheries research report: 111)
Anonymous. / [1932] General summary of reports on the lakes of Antrim County. (Fisheries research report: 124)