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Laarman, P. W., and J. C. Schneider. / [1972] The food and feeding habits of the bluegill and yellow perch in lakes with good and poor fishing. (Fisheries research report: 1790)
Hunt, B. P., and W. F. Carbine. / [1950] Food and feeding habits of young pike, Esox lucius L., and associated fishes in Peterson's Ditches, Houghton Lake, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1264)
Lagler, K. F. / [1939] The food and habits of the common aquatic turtles of Michigan considered in relation to fish management. (Fisheries research report: 553)
Lagler, K. F., and J. C. Salyer II. / [1945] Food and habits of the common water snake, Natrix x. sipedon, in Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1004)
Latta, W. C., and R. F. Sharkey. / [1963] Food consumption of the American merganser. (Fisheries research report: 1661)
Hannuksela, P. R. / [1969] Food habits of brown trout in the Anna River, Alger County, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1759)
Whalls, M. J., and D. S. Shetter. / [1956] Food habits of burbot (Lota lota lacustris) from the East Branch of the Black River, Montmorency County, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1476)
Wagner, W. C. / [1975] Food habits of coexisting juvenile coho salmon, brown trout, and rainbow trout in Platte River, 1967 and 1972 (Fisheries research report: 1831)
Momot, W. T. / [1964] Food habits of the brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis in West Lost Lake, Otsego County, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1694)
Beeton, A. M. / [1955] Food habits of the burbot (Lota lota lacustris) in the White River, a Michigan trout stream. (Fisheries research report: 1446)
Cooper, G. P. / [1936] Food habits, rate of growth and cannibalism of young "largemouth" black bass (Aplites salmoides) in state-operated rearing ponds in Michigan during 1935 (Fisheries research report: 382)
Hannuksela, P. R. / [1973] Food interrelationships of the mottled sculpin, Cottus bairdi, and juveniles of the rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri, in a tributary of lake Superior. (M.S. thesis) (Fisheries research report: 1801)
Lagler, K. F., and F. V. Hubbs. / [1940] Food of 131 bowfins (Amia calva) from waters in southern Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 582)
Lagler, K. F., and F. V. Hubbs. / [1940] Food of 136 long-nosed gar (Lepisosteus osseus oxyurus) from waters in southern Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 581)
Funk, J. L. / [1942] The food of bluegills, perch, and pumpkinseeds from Wintergreen Lake, Michigan for 1935-1938 (Fisheries research report: 790)
Lagler, K. F., and J. Watts. / [1939] Food of bowfins (Amia calva) from the Muskegon River at Houghton Lake, Roscommon County, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 569)
Lagler, K. F., and B. T. Ostenson. / [1940] Food of otter taken by trappers in Michigan during March and April, 1940 (Fisheries research report: 642)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1932] Food of the mink in Michigan: its relation to fish life. (Fisheries research report: 147)
Eschmeyer, P. H. / [1949] The food of yellow pikeperch in some Michigan waters. (Fisheries research report: 1217)
Merna, J. W. / [1977] Food selection by walleye fry. (Fisheries research report: 1847)
Anonymous. / [1933] The food yield of one acre of water. (Fisheries research report: 190)
Peterson, J. / [1965] Foods eaten by aquatic fish-eating birds. (Fisheries research report: 1708)
Breck, J. E. / [1995] Foraging theory and piscivorous fish: are forage fish just big zooplankton? (Fisheries research report: 1999)
Latta, W. C. / [1963] The fourteenth annual creel census and progress report, Pigeon River Trout Research Station, 1962 (Fisheries research report: 1676)
Patriarche, M. H., and H. Gowing. / [1959] The fourteenth annual report on the Rifle River Area, Ogemaw County, 1958 (Fisheries research report: 1575)
Hazzard, A. S. / [1939] Fourth annual Midwest Wildlife Conference. (Fisheries research report: 508)
Schultz, E. E. / [1956] Fourth progress report on a trout management study of the Pine River, Lake County. (Fisheries research report: 1473)
Gruhn, William H. / [1973] The Fox River: William H. Gruhn.