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Hubbs, C. L. / [1930] Death of fish in Clark Lake, Tuscola County. (Fisheries research report: 5)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1931] Death of fish in Crooked Lake, Washtenaw County, spring of 1931 (Fisheries research report: 78)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1933] Death of fish in Huntoon Lake and Lake Orion, Oakland County; in Grass Lake, Jackson County; and in Baldwin Lake, Montcalm County. (Fisheries research report: 219)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1933] Death of fish in Huron River at Flat Rock, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 221)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1933] Death of fish in millpond at Fenton. (Fisheries research report: 224)
Trautman, M. B. / [1935] Death of fish in Pine River, Gratiot County, Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 306)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1930] Death of trout in Silver Creek, Allegan County. (Fisheries research report: 15)
Alexander, G. R., and E. A. Hansen. / [1988] Decline and recovery of a brook trout stream following an experimental addition of sand sediment. (Fisheries research report: 1943)
Allison, L. N. / [1950] Delay of spawning in eastern brook trout by artificially prolonged light intervals. (Fisheries research report: 1270)
Crowe, W. R. / [1947] Demonstration netting in Black, Burt, and Mullett lakes, Cheboygan County, Michigan, July 25 to August 2, 1947 (Fisheries research report: 1130)
Carbine, W. F. / [1947] Demonstration netting of Hubbard Lake, Alcona County. (Fisheries research report: 1095)
Carbine, W. F. / [1947] Demonstration netting of Long Lake, Alpena, and Presque Isle counties. (Fisheries research report: 1096)
Schneider, J. C. / [1973] Density dependent growth and mortality of yellow perch in ponds. (Fisheries research report: 1795)
Jester, Douglas B. / [1988] A description of the organization and programs of the Fisheries Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Douglas B. Jester, Jr.
Taube, C. M. / [1974] A descriptive and historical account of the Platte River, its surrounding area, and its salmonid fishes. (Fisheries research report: 1809)
Myers, G. F. / [1951] A design of an electric shocker boat. (Fisheries research report: 1281)
Williams, J. E. / [1955] Determination of age from scales of northern pike (Esox lucius L.) (Ph.D thesis) (Fisheries research report: 1449)
Baker, E. A. and T. G. Coon. / [1995] Development and evaluation of alternative habitat suitability criteria for brook trout salvelinus fontinalis. (Fisheries research report: 2017)
Allison, L. N., and J. R. Hammond. / [1960] The development of a method for testing the stamina of trout. (Fisheries research report: 1610)
Latta, W. C. / [1972] Development of meromixis in two small lakes in Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1784)
Waters, T. F. / [1960] The development of population estimate procedures in small trout lakes. (Fisheries research report: 1593)
Hubbs, C. L. / [1930] The development of smelt runs in Lake Charlevoix with a summary of the smelt situation in Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 11)