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Salyer, J. C., II. / [1935] An index to the food habits of the American merganser on Michigan trout streams and other waters. (Fisheries research report: 268)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1934] Preliminary report on the beaver-trout investigation. (Fisheries research report: 259)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1934] Progress report of beaver-trout investigation. (Fisheries research report: 240)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1932] The probable causes of death of fish found dead in natural trout streams (including those lodged against the head screens of rearing stations) (Fisheries research report: 156)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1932] New county records of Michigan amphibians and reptiles. (Fisheries research report: 150)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1932] Food of the mink in Michigan: its relation to fish life. (Fisheries research report: 147)
Salyer, J. C., II. / [1930] Stomach and gullet contents of a great blue heron (Ardea herodias) (Fisheries research report: 29)
Salz, R. J. / [1989] Factors influencing growth and survival of yellow perch from Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron. (Fisheries research report: 1964)