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Cover PDF (16kb)
Letter from the Director Dash Moore, Deborah PDF (38kb)
Introduction PDF (31kb)
Objectionable Objects: Rabbis and “Idols” Neis, Rachel PDF (425kb)
A Jewish Aphrodite? von Ehrenkrook, Jason PDF (57kb)
A Bear, a Wolf, and a Wedding Dance in an Early Modern German-Jewish Manuscript Feuchtwanger-Sarig, Naomi PDF (445kb)
Jewish Astrolabes: That Obscure Object of Medieval Knowledge Rodriguez-Arribas, Josefina PDF (819kb)
Sounding the Shofar Zehavi, Oded PDF (372kb)
Coming Home? Jews in Postwar Paris Auslander, Leora PDF (960kb)
What Makes Jewish Homes Jewish? Ochs, Vanessa L. PDF (46kb)
Fashion and Self-Fashioning in German-Jewish Culture Reitter, Paul PDF (53kb)
Art as Spiritual Practice in the Jewish Renewal Movement Weissler, Chava PDF (1.1mb)
Jews and Rosaries: Making Intercultural Objects in Contested Spaces Goldstein, Judith L. PDF (48kb)
Subjects and Objects of Belonging: Jewish Materiality in the Giur Process Kravel-Tovi, Michal PDF (56kb)
Materializing the Text: On Early Modern Yiddish Books Berger, Shlomo PDF (444kb)
The Judaization of the Israeli Land Regime, 1948–2008 Kedar, Alexandre (Sandy) PDF (65kb)
Beit Loya: A Jewish Settlement in the Heart of a Pagan Territory Gutfeld, Oren PDF (1.2mb)
In Search of Biblical Elders: Public Space and Rural Elites in Pre-Monarchic Israel Dessel, J.P. PDF (734kb)
The Beginning? Coastal Pre-Israelite Cult Practices: The Case of Tel Nami Artzy, Michal PDF (43kb)
2009–2010 Fellows & Project Abstracts PDF (2.6mb)
Acknowledgements PDF (84kb)