A journal, of the captivity and sufferings of John Foss; several years a prisoner at Algiers: together with some account of the treatment of Christian slaves when sick:-- and observations of the manners and customs of the Algerines. : [Eight lines of verse]
Foss, John, d. 1800., Paine, Robert Treat, 1773-1811., Citizen of Newburyport. Algerine slaves., Algeria. Treaties, etc. United States. 1795 Sept. 5.

A true and authentic statement of the prime cost of the PEACE with Algiers, concluded September 5th, 1795, between, Joseph Donaldson Esq.and Hassan Bashaw, Dey of Algiers.

Page  170
To be paid to the Dey,180,000
The Dey's Family,60,000
The Treasury,10,000
The Hasnagi, or Prime Minister,8000
Redemption of 100 captives,180,000
The Aga, or geueral commandant,8,000
The Hodge de Cabelles (or inspector of the Dey's stable,)7,000
The Viguelhadge, de la Marina (minis|ter of Marine,)7,000
Cidi Aldrahaman, (the Dey's wife's Brother)3,000
The Hodges de la Divan, (clerk of the Divan,)12,000
Two Moorish Hodges (Clerks)3,000
Two Cantadores (Dey's musicians)2,000
The Dey's Drogerman, (messenger)1,000
The Dey's Viguelhadge, (overseer of the palace)2,000
The Hodges de la port, (Clerks of the palace,)1,000
Two Cooks,2,000
The Hasnidal, (the Dey's Treasurer,)1,000
The Chouxes, (Constables)1,500
The Pettimell, (Administrator on the estates of deceased persons,)1,500
The Novagies, (the Dey's life guard)1,000
The Casaba, (the old palace,)2,500
The Officers of the Marine,3,000
The Hodge of the Rappa, (Clerk of the Dey's wheat,)1,000
Expences allowed,117,000
Whole amount to be paid in Cash,612,500

    MARITIME STORES, To be brought to the Regency in all 1796.
  • 500 Barrels of Gunpowder, was at Mr. Do|naldson's request, changed for the following articles:—
  • 200 Barrels of Rosin.
  • Page  171 10 Cables, of 10 and 11 inches.
  • 10 Spars, of 90 feet length, and 32 inches diameter.
  • 10 do. for yards, 80 feet length, and 20 in|ches diameter.
  • 10 Tons of white Ropeyarn.

N. B. Should the value of the above men|tioned articles, not amount to 75,000 dollars, the remainder is to be brought in white Rope|yarns.

    The following articles was agreed to be paid exclu|sive of the powder.
  • 50 Tons of Pig Lead.
  • 10 Iron guns, twenty-four pounders, with carriages complete.
  • 20,000 Cannon Balls, from twenty four to six pounders.
  • 5,000 Double headed, do. do.
  • 10 Cables, thirteen inches.
  • 25 Tons Cordage, of different sizes.
  • 200 Bolts of Canvas.
  • 200 Barrels of Tar.
  • 10 Barrels of Pitch.
  • 10 Spars for masts, ninety feet long, thirty six inches diameter.
  • 1,500 Pine Plank, forty four feet long, six inches thick.
  • 1,500 Oak, do. do. do.
  • 200 Pieces of pine Scantling.
  • 2,000 Musket Barrels.
  • 100 Spars for yards, eighty feet long, twen|ty inches diameter.

Page  172 It was likewise agreed to pay the value of 12,000 Algerine sequins annually, 〈◊〉 naval and military stores. Wednesday the 10th, 5,000 double headed shott were abated for 5000 single do. from twenty four to six poun|ders.