A journal, of the captivity and sufferings of John Foss; several years a prisoner at Algiers: together with some account of the treatment of Christian slaves when sick:-- and observations of the manners and customs of the Algerines. : [Eight lines of verse]
Foss, John, d. 1800., Paine, Robert Treat, 1773-1811., Citizen of Newburyport. Algerine slaves., Algeria. Treaties, etc. United States. 1795 Sept. 5.

A list of American vessels, and their Crews, captured by the Algerines, in July, 1785, and October and November 1793.

Ship Dophia of Philadelphia, captured July 30th, 1785.

Those with this mark a annexed died in Algiers.

Richard O'Brien, Master, Andrew Montgomery, Mate, Philip Sloan, Peleg Lorain, a James Hull. Charles Caldwell, John Robertson, Wil|liam Patterson, a Peter Smith, a Robert Mc'Gennis, a John Dorin, a William Thasing, a Jacobus Tessener, a Edward O'Riley, a Capt. Zach. Coffin, passenger, a.

Schooner Maria of Boston, Captured July 25th, 1793.

Isaac Stephens, Master, Alexander Forsyth Mate, James L. Catheart, George Smith, James Harnet, a Thomas Greg, illings.

Ship President of Philadelphia, captured 23 October, 1793. William Penrose, Master, Peter Barry, Mate, Nicholo Francisco, Super-Cargo, James Allen, 2d Mate, Nicholas Box, Mariner, a John Thomas, John Higdar, a John 〈◊〉, a John Dix, a Henry Pillon, a Anthony Rus|sl, a Isaac Brooks, a.

Page  161 Brig George of New-Port (R. I.) captured October 11th, '93.

James Taylor, Master, William Prior, Mate, a Stanton Huzard, Gideon Brown, George Tilley, Abraham Flagg, Benjamin Church, Richard Witton, a.

Schooner Jay, of Gloucester, captured October '93.

Samuel Calder, Master, John Walker, Mate, John Edwards, Walter Gib|bins, Abraham Simmonds, a Thomas Manning, Benjamin Ober.

Ship Minerva of Philadelphia, captured October 18, '93.

John M'Shane, Master, a Samuel Millborne, 1st Mate, a John M'Farland, John Sutton, Jean Fogereaux, Abel Willis, Charles Smith, Thomas Bur|ton, William Grafton, Joseph Deitz, Thomas Burgess, Giovani Romeo, Baratami Gazona, Vincent Romes, Juan Segrane, Joseph Rogers, a John Mott, a.

Brig Jane of Haverhill, captured October 11 1793.

Moses Morss, Master, Edward Harwood, Mate, James Peas, Samuel Hendrick, Thomas Fry, Thos. Ximense, Abraham Burril, John Ramsey, a.

Ship Thomas of Boston, captured, October, 1793.

Timothy Newman, Master, George Wells, Mate, Richard Harris, Rosmus Morton, John Woodman, Benjamin Bishop, Barney Mc'Laughton, Peter Lamer, William Dunbar, Antonio Salamer.

Brig Polly, of Newburyport, captured October 25, '93.

Samuel E. Bayley, Master, a Michael smith, 1st. Mate, Benjamin Ed|wards, 2d. Mate, John Foss, Moses Brown, Walbert H. Poel, a Thomas Stafford, a Enoch Rust, a Nicholas Hartford, a.

Ship Hope of New-York, captured October 8, 1793.

John Burnham, master, Wm. Dixon, 1st mate, Peter Ingram, 2d do. James Byrne, James Fox, Benjamin Lunt, Peter Bandie, Harmon Oldstick, Christian Hannes, John P. Peterson, Jacob Skoomaker, Cornelius Tond|roton, Martin Duart, Cornelius Westerdunk, Peter Vantorn, Jno. F. R:-card, Peter C. Bryer, Jno. F. Kickner.

Brig Olive-Branch of Portsmouth, N. H. captured 11th Oct. 1793.

Wm. Furnace, master, Richard Wood, mate, a Nathaniel Keen, Dan|iel Fall, John Earl, George Backanan, Thomas Furnace, a.

Schr. Dispatch of Petersburg, Virg. captured in October, 1793.

Wm. Wallace, master, a Joseph Keith, mate, aPeter Page, James Hughes, Daniel Collings, a George Osborne.

Brig Minerva of New. York, captured November 23, '93.

Joseph Ingraham, master, Edward Smith, mate, John Cooper. John 〈◊〉, Philip New, Charles Polley, Scippio Jackson, a.