A journal, of the captivity and sufferings of John Foss; several years a prisoner at Algiers: together with some account of the treatment of Christian slaves when sick:-- and observations of the manners and customs of the Algerines. : [Eight lines of verse]
Foss, John, d. 1800., Paine, Robert Treat, 1773-1811., Citizen of Newburyport. Algerine slaves., Algeria. Treaties, etc. United States. 1795 Sept. 5.

Copy of a Certificate, which is given to the Algerine Corsairs, by the American Consul.

JOEL BARLOW, Agent and Consul Gen|eral of the United States of America, for the City and Kingdom of Algiers, to all whom it may concern, Greeting.

WHEREAS, RAIS MUSTAFA of said City, being bound on a cruise on board a Frigate of this place, mounting 28 guns, has requested of me my passport, to be used by him as occasion may offer, Therefore, in consequence of the peace and amity subsisting between the said United States, and this City and Kingdom, I have granted to him the same, and hereby re|quest and require all citizens of the said United States, to suffer the said Rais Mustafa, with the said Frigate, and all persons under his com|mand, freely to pass without any seizure, hin|drance or molestation; to give him assistance in case of need, and to use him with that cour|tesy which is due to the good friends of the said United States. But all masters of Mer|chant ships are advised not to suffer their ships to be visited by them, otherwise than by pro|ducing their proper papers, and to allow no more than one boat to approach them, & two Page  173 persons only to come on board their ships. Ac|cording to the articles of Peace between the said United States and this City and Kingdom.

Given under my hand and seal of the Con|sulate of the United States at Algiers, this 15th day of May in the year of our Lord, one thou|sand seven hundred and ninety six.