Medical inquiries and observations. By Benjamin Rush, M.D. professor of chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania.
Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813., Redman, John, 1722-1808, dedicatee., Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813. Appendix: containing, the new method of inoculating for the small pox.
Page  vii
  • I. AN inquiry into the natural history of medicine among the Indians of North-America, and a compa|rative view of their diseases and remedies with those of civilized nations. Page 9.
  • II. An account of the climate of Pennsylvania, and its influence upon the human body. Page 57.
  • III. An account of the bilious remitting fever, as it ap|peared in Philadelphia, in the summer and autumn of the year 1780. Page 89.
  • IV. An account of the scarlatina anginosa, as it appeared in Philadelphia, in the years 1783 and 1784. Page 101.
  • V. Additional observations upon the scarlatina anginosa. Page 109.
  • VI. An inquiry into the cause and cure of the cholera infantum. Page 112.
  • VII. Observations on the cynanche trachealis. Page 120.
  • VIII. An account of the effects of blisters and bleeding in the cure of obstinate intermitting fevers. Page 126.
  • IX. An account of the disorder occasioned by drinking cold water in warm weather, and the method of cu|ring it. Page 129.
  • X. An account of the efficacy of common salt in the cure of haemoptysis. Page 133.
  • XI. Free thoughts upon the cause and cure of the pul|monary consumption. Page 137.
  • Page  viii XII. Observations upon worms in the alimentary ca|nal, and upon anthelmintic medicines. Page 150.
  • XIII. An account of the external use of arsenic in the cure of cancers. Page 153.
  • XIV. Observations upon the cause and cure of the teta|•••. Page 169.
  • XV. Additional observations on the tetanus and hy|drophobia. Page 177.
  • XVI. The result of observations made upon the diseases which occurred in the military hospitals of the United States, during the late war. Page 180.
  • XVII. An account of the influence of the military and political events of the American revolution upon the human body. Page 186.
  • XVIII. An inquiry into the relation of tastes and ali|ments to each other; and into the influence of this re|lation upon health and pleasure. Page 197.

☞ The Reader is requested to correct the following Errata—In page ••, line 28, instead of its width, read, the width of the river. p. 62, 1. 18 and 19, instead of difference of sensation between youth and old age, with respect to heat and cold, read, the difference of cloathing and sensation be|tween old age and youth in winter and summer. p. 65, l. 29, after till, read, the water, instead of it. p. 94, l. 18. instead of spoonfuls, read, spoonsful p. 110, l. 26, instead of 〈◊〉 few 〈◊〉, read, a few hours. p. 122, l, 11, in|stead of paroxysms, read, continuance. In the same p. l. 12, instead of They are, read, The spasmodic is. p. 130, l. 19, instead of asphyxi, read, as|phyxia. p. 138, l. 9, dele by: and in l. 1, add a comma instead of a pe|riod; after courts, read all, instead of 〈◊〉. p. 192, l. 11, instead of de|stroying, read, distressing; and in l. 16, 〈◊〉occasioned, add, in part 〈…〉, in some of the 〈◊〉, instead of 〈◊〉, read, lie.